Dinner at Chapiteles (Burgos)

Good morning my lovely foodies!!

How are  you today?

I’m here this morning with a different kind of post.

Instead of a recipe, I wanted to show you yesterday’s dinner at this new place my family and I found in my hometown: Burgos.

It’s name is Chapiteles, which is supposed to be the name of the restaurant located in this same place some years ago. It’s been open only for a week now, so I thought it was a good idea to upload a review for those who are thinking about paying it a visit.

We chose two not too-filling options from their menu and we shared them all. Yeah, we don’t eat much for dinner in Spain. Well, at least not my family.

Firstly, we went for a tomato and albacore salad called Ensalada de tomate pata negra con ventresca de Santoña. 

   Ensalada de tomate pata negra con ventresca de Santoña.

As you can see in the pic above, it was nicely presented. It looked so colorful, healthy and fresh and I must say it was not disappointing at all.

The albacore was exquisite, although it’s always a safe bet with me due to my infinite love for this wonderful and superhealthy fish.

However,the tomato was not as tasty as it looked like. It was good enough though.

Finally, I have to say it was a little bit poor when it comes to the dressing but you can always ask the waitress to bring you some extra. Specially if you like to dip in your bread as I do. Best pleasure ever!

All in all, I’ll score the dish with an 8 as I enjoyed it pretty much in the end.

After this fresh first course, we chose a warmer dish given the always-low temperatures in this lovely city. We went classic and traditional this time and asked for a morcilla (kind of a black pudding typical of Burgos) and Piquillo (red peppers typical from Spain as well) scrambled eggs.

Morcilla and Piquillo scrambled eggs.

I must say they were one of the best scrambled eggs of this kind I’ve ever had in Burgos, even though it is a typical dish in the city. So it was not something easy to achieve.

The Piquillo peppers sauce really surprised me. It matched the rest of the flavors perfectly.

This nice mixture of flavors and ingredients in conjunction with its appealing appearance make of it a very outstanding dish, highly recommendable if you ever happen to dine in this lovely place.

Consequently, my score is a 8.5. I must say it’s high one coming from me.

And I think that’s all for today.

I’ll just say once more that I’d recommend everyone to give a go to this new restaurant if you’re ever in town. Furthermore, I encourage you to comment or notify me with some nice foodie pics if you try any of the other options in their menu.

Here you have their Facebook page in case you re interested: Chapiteles cervecería.

And their address: General Santocildes Street,7,Burgos.

I wish you all a great weekend, full of delicious treats!!

And congratulations to all the Jose’s and also to all dads in their special day!


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