Mouthwatering Holly Week- Easter-Spring break

Hello my lovely foodies!

I hope you all had an amazing Easter! Here in Spain is about to end but given it was such a good one  for  me and that there was a lot of food involved in it I think it was compulsory to write this new post.

My friends and I went to Leon, a beautiful city in the northwest of Spain, right in the border with Portugal. Holly Week is a very popular holiday in Spain and every year on the Holly Thursday thousands of people travel to Leon to celebrate “San Genarin”.

San Genarin’s Festival in Leon (Spain).

It might sound strange if I say that this tradition comes from an alcoholic man who was killed by a garbage truck back in the XX century in Leon streets. As this accident happened during this famous Thursday and, because Spain is different haha, this has become a very big day for locals and also to citizens from other places closed by like mine, Burgos.

Anyway, the real reason why everyone gathers in Leon streets in San Genarin is, of course, food and drinks. Tapas and “limonada” are a must in Leon this day so let’s go through them right now!

Calamari and chorizo sandwiches with limonada.

Croquettes and nachos with limonadas

Different types of cured meat and white wine in Jamón Jamón.

Spicy chips with white wine in El Flechazo

Cute napkins

Mincemeat roll

Amazing Nutella and cookies crepe

As you can see we tried out different places plus some others that we already knew from last year. The very best ones for me were the spicy crisps or maybe better-put rounded fries from El Flechazo.

You should definitely check them out if you are ever in Leon.

And of course, the crepe! No words needed. Just look at the pic again haha

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to rest a bit before the night and when the right time came, we had to have dinner. Of course! Do not ever skip a meal!

Cheese and sausages pie by Sara Mari

Tuna pie by your favorite gastroblogger

My friend Sara Mari, who is also our official chef in the Gochis Club, and I baked this two absolutely delicious “empanadas”. They are kind of like a big pie or pasty filled with basically whatever you want. They are very popular in Spanish cuisine and one of my favorite food. Although it was my very first time baking one, it come out pretty well so comment down bellow if you are interested in the recipe. I’ll be glad to write a post about it.

And that was basically all for Thrusday.

We spent the night out and had such a great time and on Friday we woke up kind of tired but it’s fine! It was worth it!

Before getting back to Burgos we stopped at KFC. It was my first time at one of this fast-food restaurants and, if I am being honest, I do not have a great review about it.

Hungry Gochis about to devour food hhaha

It was tasty and yummy and I enjoyed it but it’s too greasy in my opinion. I don’t think it’s worth eating such an unhealthy and caloric meal if the quality of it is not good enough.

But it’s ok every once in a while!

And that’s basically all for my Easter holidays although I do wanted to mention these heavenly-made biscuits baked by the Hermanas Clarisas of Soria.

Biscuits by Hermanas Clarisas in Soria

People in my surroundings know them by “my nun-and-aunt-biscuits” because their recipe belongs to the so-called Hermanas Clarisas in Soria and my aunt is one of the many nuns who bake them everyday for a living. As I was there yesterday visiting them I though it was an apropiate time to tell you about them because the world should know about them. They are the best cookies ever!

Hermanas Clarisas Abbey in Soria

Soria is a small town in the middle-north of Spain known for its traditional butter and most of these biscuits are made with it so…just imagine how yummi they are! So if you ever happen to visit this cute city make sure to go and buy one box. You won’t regret it! Plus they are sacred!! Don’t forget about that!

That’s it for today guys!! I really hope you liked it…..oh wait no!! there’s  more!

My mum just surprised met his morning with this typical Easter dessert called Torrijas.

They consist of bread slices soaked with milk which are then egg-coated, pan-fried and sugar-coated. Very light and healthy haha


Torrijas by my lovely mother

Well, that is ALL for today’s post. I really hoped you enjoyed it and that you had a pleasant time reading it.

And thanks a lot to all of you for spending a bit of your time in my blog!!It means a lot!

Bye Bye my foodies!!


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