Tea Time in Cambridge

I seriously didn’t know where to start to explain my adventure in Cambridge so I randomly chose Tea Time or Five O’clock Tea, however you like it the most, because I think is something everyone is expecting to try when they set foot in England and, to be honest, we did more than just giving it a go.haha. Isn’t that true my lovely Georgia?hehe

This lovely person that you happen to see on this pics is Georgia. I could’t think of a better moment to introduce her than Tea Time because she is The Tea Time Girl.haha. (I hope she forgives me for that).

Anyway, this half-greek/half-swiss girl is not only that, of course. She’s my very first and best friend in Cambridge, my confident, my listener(she’ll get that), my Grey’s Anatomy’s buddy, my Nando’s buddy…this list could go on forever. But, most importantly, and that’s what makes her so special, I was the luckiest girl in Cam because I got to share the same house and host family with her. I’m so so grateful for that! And I miss you Georgi 😦

Back to the Tea, our first English Tea with Scones was actually in a morning trip to Grantchester, a lovely village a few minutes away from Cam. That’s where the pics above where taken and I must say this Tea House (The Orchard Tea Garden) is such a lovely place, specially in a sunny day like we had. So I definitely recommend it if you are ever in Cambridge and you are feeling like going for a stroll or a bike ride and a tea afterwards. That’s because you can easily walk or bike there as it’s really next to the city.


Little did I know about the magic of tea by then, even less about the Scones, which are those kind of big cookies you can see on the pic. OMG! Best “spreadable-over” thing ever!! Soooo yummi! You are supposed to spread that type of butter you see in the plates that is called clotted cream over the scone (cut it in halves first so you can do it twice ahha) and then, over the clotted cream it goes the jam, whatever flavor you prefer.You usually get to choose that as well as the type of tea you wish to have.

I absolutely loved it when I first tried it! It’s so yummi and sweet that…mmmmm!

That’s when I started to understand a little bit more about Tea’s fame and success haha. Although we had some other Tea experiences just to make sure what this success was due to, just to make sure.haha.

For example, another short trip we did and that I definitely recommend doing as well is a one-day visit to Ely where, apart from its huge and outstanding gothic cathedral, it is a must going to its Tea House “Peacocks” and enjoy an afternoon tea inside this typically British and cute place next to the riverside. We had a really good time there during our fist weeks in Cambridge. I have so many nice memories from that day 🙂

Ever since I started having Tea, I gotta admit I haven’t been able to stop. Besides, I like it the English way: with a little bit of milk. It definitely makes the difference even though a lot of people that I know still refuses to try it. Just give it a chance, seriously! hehe

And I think I don’t have much more to say. Just that Tea was in a way  the beginning of this experience for us, but also the end of it, meaning that we all met for a Farewell Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie on our last day in Cambridge. And yes, we went a little crazy with the ordering haha. But we had a good excuse, we were veeery sad 😦 I miss you all girls!

“The Last Tea”

That’s it for The Tea post guys. I hope you guys enjoyed it and that you’re willing to give Tea a chance after it if you’re not already a Teaddict like I am hahah

Stay tuned for more posts about Cambridge. I have such nice places and stories to share with you so just keep visiting this blog hhehe

Thank you guys for reading!! See you in my next yummi post! Byeee!


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