Hi girls! Hi boys!! Hi ladies and gentlemen!! How’ve you been doing?

I hope you’re all doing great and that you’re enjoying a bit of deliciousness every once in a while hehe that’s why we are all here after all isn’t it??haha

Talking about deliciousness, today’s post is going to make you veeery hungry. I just wanted to warm you just in case you haven’t eaten enough today haha

Some of you probably already know about Nando’s, you might even be wondering why anyone wouldn’t, specially if you live in the UK. However, I’m pretty sure some of you haven’t heard about it before. For example, people who live in Spain, because (I’m so angry while I’m saying this) we don’t have Nando’s in Spain! Someone fix that quickly please!haha

Nando’s is a Portuguese chain of dinning restaurants whose specialty is chicken and the Peri Peri sauce, which is a very hot spice that will make your tongue jump out of happiness haha but don’t worry if you don’t like your food very spicy (as I do), you get to choose the level of spiciness using their PERI-ometer. Such a creative idea! I love it!


Lemon & herb used to be my absolute favorite although I did dare to try the mild Peri-Peri once and it wasn’t that bad haha. But it’s not the Peri- Peri the reason why I love these restaurants of course. You’ll get why in a second, yeah, when you get to see some oh their dishes.

Let’s start with the chicken, as it is the base of their menu. You have so many different options in it depending on how hungry you are or which part of the chicken you fancy the most. And, you get to choose one or two sides as well. I usually went for the salad and the garlic bread. OMG! Best bread ever!!hehe

1/4 chicken leg (plain) with salad and garlic bread at Nando’s

Although I sometimes did step out from the healthy path and went for the fries, yes, I confess!haha

1/4 chicken leg (lemon & herb spiciness) with Peri-Peri fries and garlic bread at Nando’s

But, as it is well-known by everyone balance is the key so I did go for a healthier and fresher option in several occasions and  I enjoyed them very much as well. You know how much I love salads, and if you get to choose from all the Nando’s dressings available, even better!!  Look look!

Quinoa salad with chicken (plain) and garlic bread at Nando’s.

It’s probably one of the better looking salads you’ve ever seen, isn’t it?? I chose to add up a bit of chicken but it’s a perfectly vegan option without it. Extra points for Nando’s for that! And they have many  other vegan-friendly options.

You can see Georgia’s cesar salad with chicken in the background, which I’m sure it was pretty delicious as well, and of course, the garlic bread we shared!! Ain’t nothing better than garlic bread with salad. Mmmmm it was so so good!!

I recall it was our first day at Nando’s when we had these salads and I was so excited because I had seen it in so many videos of ThePointlessBlogVlogs and every time it appeared on the screen the food looked so good I could’t wait to go there. In case you’re wondering , thePointlessBlog is one of my favorite youtubers. For those who don’t know him, go and check him out because he’s hilarious and so passionate about his job. He definitely deserves the success he’s getting! But the important thing here is he’s always eating at Nando’s and talking wanders about it so I had to try it! So we have to thank him for this post somehow. Thank you!!! Thank you!! haha

After this brief explanation, I think there’s not much left to say about Nando’s. The only thing left is going and trying it yourself! The lucky ones who live in the UK or any other countries where Nando’s have its restaurants will find it easier and for the not-so-lucky ones like me I will just say I am sorry haha for making you want it so badly I mean haha

Have a nice week foodies!!!

Eat loads!!



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  1. You just made me remember when years ago my host family took me there and how delicious all was! I also remember the garlic bread haha
    what wonderful memories!
    Sara you’re doing great with the blog! congratulations!

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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