Chickpeas with veggies and ham

Hello everyone!!! How are you all doing??

Are you eating properly?? I trust you all are but in case you are not or in case you are looking for new healthy ideas for your meals, I’m here today with a recipe that is loaded with veggies. Therefore, it will help us to make sure we are including enough vegetables and fruits in our diet without almost even realizing it. Sounds good right?

I am a big fun of chickpeas and I am always trying to come up with new combinations or ways to include them in my meals. Apart from hummus, I loooove Hummus. But that’s another story haha.

Funny enough, this morning I opened the fridge and I saw a lot of veggies I needed to use urgently but I didn’t how. And then it hit me!! I got it! Chickpeas!!haha So here I am, with a totally improvised recipe for you guys!!

Chickpeas with loads of veggies and ham

I hope you guys like it and let’s get started!!

Ingredients (3 people):

  • 1 can of cooked chickpeas
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 broccoli
  • 8-10 mushrooms
  • 100 g of spinach
  • 1 can of crushed tomatoes
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Olive oil

First of all, make sure you wash all your veggies. You never know how dirty they might be! After that, go ahead and grab a kitchen knife and a chopping board because you have a lot to dice up! Cut the zucchini and the mushrooms in small dices. Broccoli is a bit different; you don’t want to dice up a broccoli, never!! Just cut it into small little branches and that’s it jeje They should look like tiny trees. It’s easy hehe.

Cut the spinach if it’s fresh (always the best option when possible). I had the frozen version so I didn’t need to but it’s always better to use fresh products as much as possible because they’ll have more vitamisn. The same goes with the chickpeas. I made use of the “already-cooked” version so I washed them properly because I don’t like the liquid they come with.


Now that we have everything nice and ready, it’s time for the real cooking.

Heat up a pan with a bit of olive oil in it and cook, firstly the spinach in case they are frozen, and then the rest of the veggies. Conversely,add the spinach in the last position if they are fresh as they don’t require much time. There’s no specific time for the veggies to be cooked. It will depend on how hard or soft you’d like them to be. It’s up to you! Mine looked like this, in case it helps.


Simultaniously, in a different pan we’re gonna warm up the crushed tomatoes. The main reason for this is that we need to add salt and sugar if we don’t want them to be disgustingly sour. Just a few minutes will do (until it starts boiling) but make sure you taste it, in order to get rid of all that sourness.

As the veggies are ready, and so are the tomatoes, the last step is mixing them all together with the chickpeas. I like to incorporate the chickpeas first but again, it’s up to you to do it the other way around. In any case, this should be the result, or at least this was mine:


It’s starting to look better, isn’t it?? I bet you are beginning to consider making it yourself, or I hope so at least.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, it’s your lucky day because you are done! That’s it! However, if you’d like to add a bit of crispy ham on top, you have one more step to go.

Tear a few slices of ham in small pieces and fry them for less than a minute in a really hot pan with olive oil. It will go crispy in just a few seconds. Do this right before serving your meal and place it on top for a really good looking dish. Look!


It looks cute, doesn’t it!? Plus is quite healthy and good for you and a very balanced meal because you’ll be eating from all types of nutrients in just one course. Wonderful!! Right?hehe So go ahead and DIY because you won’t regret it, that I’m sure of!

That’s all for today’s recipe. I really hope you enjoyed it and that, at least, it goes into your “maybe I’ll do it one day” recipes. That will make me veeery happy! hehe

Lots of kisses and thankyous for those of you who stopped by!!

See you in my next post! And eat loads! 😉




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