Grilled birthday

Happy Sunday everyone!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of loads of food and memorable moments. In fact, I did have a very enjoyable weekend with my squad and, of course, food was involved in it, as always haha.

On Saturday night we celebrated Denya’s birthday. It was actually on the 11th of April but still, it was the perfect day to do it. We met at La Parrilla del Royal in Burgos to have dinner all together before heading to the real party. However, a birthday celebration cannot get started without the perfectly ridiculous costume, at least that’s how we do it here.

As it was Denya’s birthday, we weren’t able to find a better option than dressing her up as Mickey Mouse. What else?haha (She’s the biggest Mickey fan in the entire world). Besides, doesn’t she look cute??

Once we had taken care of the dressing-up it was time for the goodies hehe FOOOD!!

We ate a little bit of this and a little bit of that so that we could try as many different dishes as possible so this is what we went for:

For starters, we chose the cecina croquettes and the calamari. Both were pretty good although the croquettes, OMG!! They were amazing! So tasty and soft they melted in your mouth plus the cecina was so so good quality you were able to tell the difference! Top marks for them!!

For those who don’t know what cecina is you can click in this link to wikipedia but basically is a type of dried meat, usually pork, that comes from the region of Leon in Spain.

As the specialties from this restaurant are different types of grilled meat, we decided to go on and try some of them as well:

Grilled barbacoa chicken wings with fries and green peppers

First thing we went for was these chicken wings with grilled green peppers and fries. All my friends agreed they were one of the best chicken wings we’ve ever tried as they were very tasty, barbacoa wise, but they were not sticky, as they usually are. On top of that, the green peppers also known is Spain as “pimientos del padrón” were unbelievably delicious. Hence, their consensual 10/10 mark.

Grilled pluma ibérica with grilled green peppers and fries

After the perfect chicken wings, it was hard to keep it up with such good reviews. However, this “pluma ibérica” was in the perfect rare (medium I would say) and perfectly salted, meaning it was almost as acclaimed as the chicken wings. Such a pleasure for meat lovers! That’s for sure.

Grilled pig’s snout with chimichurri sauce

The last course we went for was a total failure in my opinion. However, I must say this might not be an objective opinion as I’ve never been a big fun of this type of meat such as pig’s snout, pancetta…They are nothing but unhealthy fat and I detest their jelly consistency. It’s just weird! But this does not mean that it cannot be absolute deliciousness for somebody who’s into these things so…You better go and try it out yourself it that’s the case.

And we were done!!That was it! But only in the restaurant haha Do NOT ever think we are going to go without a cake if it’s a birthday what we are talking about here!!! And it was not just a cake, it was THE cake:


Following the childish theme of Mickey mouse, the Minions were the perfect buddies to sing Denya her well-deserved Happy Birthday!! Plus it’s a chocolate truffle cake. That’s also very important!

Once the cake was gone, we were ready to party!!!

It was a really fun night. We were all together, taking pictures with the Mickey photocall and we laughed and danced a lot!


Friends, lots of laughs and good food, ain’t nothing better than that.

Thank you all for passing by and have a nice week!



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