Stuffed tomatoes

Hello my internet foodies!!! How’ve you been doing?

Hopefully you’re all doing fabulous and you’ve been enjoying delicious meals this past weekend. Nevertheless, we never have enough, don’t we! hehe That’s part of being human I guess, or at least my type of human being haha.

The thing is I have a very special and brand new recipe today that I wanted to be here in my blog for all of you to read because OMG!! It’s so so nice! So good and yummi! It may be my favorite creation so far so keep reading!!

Guys, I want you to meet these beautiful stuffed tomatoes that I came up with a few days ago, when I was feeling a bit more creative than usual haha


They look undeniably appetising. I think I can even hear a voice saying: “Eat me, come on! You know you want me!” And hell I do! haha. So badly! But so do you! Admit it! I bet you’re 50% convinced already hahah  Let’s get into the recipe and you’ll be fully convinced! I’m sure! haha

Ingredients (3 people):

  • 3 medium-large tomatoes
  • 3 medium carrots
  • 1/2  medium red peper
  • 1 medium onion
  • 5 sausages (or any other type of meat you have at home)
  • 2 full spoons of flour (wholemeal flour in my case)
  • 250-350ml of milk (semi skimmed in my case)
  • Salt
  • Black peper
  • Nutmeg
  • Cheese
  • Olive oil

First step is going to be washing and peeling all the veggies that need so such as the carrots or the onions. Don’t peel the tomatoes! That’s important as they need to be hard enough to hold their filling.

Taking all the veggies but the tomatoes, you wanna go ahead and chop them all in small chunks. Do the same with your sausages or whatever meet you went for as it’s going to go in the filling with the all veggies.

Separately, grab a big and sharpened kitchen knife and cut out the top of each tomato. Once we have beheaded all our tomatoes, we are going to empty them. In other words, we are going to scoop out their flesh until we obtain something close to what you can see in the next pic.


It’s easy but you’d better do it gently in order no to tear or break the outer parts. Just saying!hehe Don’t worry about wasting so much tomato, you can always save it for a tomato sauce or even better, a bloody mary. Who knows!!!

Place your emptied tomatoes on a baking sheet previously greased with a bit of olive oil. Use a kitchen brush to help you do that, or a piece of kitchen paper instead.

Back with the veggies! Go ahead and heat up a frying pan with some olive oil. Once it’s hot enough, we’re going to cook all the veggies in it until they are soft and tender and then we are going to fry the meat as well, just during the last five minutes or so until it browns.


When you have something like this in your pan it’s time for the bechamel. Before saying anything I wanna say:”don’t get scared off by this word”. For many people it sounds like something only mothers or grandmothers can do but it’s actually the simplest thing ever. You’ll see!

You’ll only need to add to the same pan where you have all your veggies and meat two full spoons of flour and cook it for around 2-4 minutes. Then, when the flour is well toasted, pour some milk inside the pan little by little while you keep stirring all together. The exact amount of milk needed will depend on the consistency we want to obtain, but it’ll be around one full glass of milk minimum. In any case, here you have a picture you can use to guide you with the bechamel appearance.



Congratulations! If you got ‘til this point you’ve passed the hardest part.

The next step will be filling all the tomatoes with the fabulous bechamel we just made. Fill them up to the fullest and then sprinkle some grated cheese on top just before putting them into the oven. It’s looking promising so far in my view. What do you think?

Stuffed tomatoes right before oven’s time

Preheat the oven for about 15 min (200ºC) and then bake the tomatoes until the cheese we placed on top it’s brown and crispy. It’ll be more or less like 20 minutes long but it can vary a lot from one oven to another so keep an eye on it frequently.

Let me just warn you that after five minutes or less it will start smelling absolutely delicious and your mouth will start watering so be ready for that! haha You’ll need to be patient and wait a bit longer. But it’ll be worth it once you see what you’ve got.


OMG! Just looking at them again makes me reeeeally hungry!! And that’s because they were so so sooo nice and soft. They come about even better than I expected so all is left for me to say is….


Thank you all for passing by again and…enjoy your meal!!



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