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Hello my beautiful foodies!

I’m back in the blog and this time is for very very special reason. When I started up the Cambridge section in the blog one of the post I had in mind was, of course, Jamie Oliver’s restaurants. It’s taken me a while to do this post because I don’t think I am so good a gastroblogger to review Jamie Oliver’s cuisine. He’s such a brilliant chef and I am just a lucky girl who happened to visit his restaurants during my stay in Cambridge.

By saying all that what I mean is that I am not writing this as a review just as a description of this beautiful experience that gave us, me and my tummy haha, such happy moments. Although I will, of course, give you my personal opinion about the dishes.

The first time we decided to go to Jamie’s was kind of on-a-whim-type decision. We didn’t know where to go for lunch and the name came out and we thought:”Why the h*** not?”. I mean, let’s face it! It was going to happen eventually haha. So without further do, we headed to the restaurant he has in Cambridge, next to King’s College.

This first time it was Jamie’s Italian in Cambridge, just in case you are around there any time and you want to drop by, and OMG! It was the best decision we’ve ever made. You’ll agree with me in a bit. You’ll see!

It was kind of late so we ordered quite a lot for a lunch; we were quite hungry.

As the best starter I’ve ever had in my entire live we had this gorgeous bread with olive oil, balsamic and tapenade to dip in. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Real bread!! hahaha

Artisan Breads at Jamie’s Italian (Cambridge)

Just by the presence and appearance of this bread you can probably tell that it was absolutely fresh and delicious. I can’t even describe it!! And that golden treasure, as I like to call it, the olive oil I had been missing so badly! It was like a dream come true!!

Now, if you are from Spain, or a Mediterranean country, you are probably wondering why would you ever had bread as a starter and not as a side and yeah! I thought the same, but it was not such a bad idea, wasn’t it?hehe.

Now that our hunger was a bit calmed down it was time for the main course! I stayed healthy (for now!) and went for this clean and colorful baby that it was, just by chance, so instagram-looking. Don’t you agree?

Super food salad with smoked salmon at Jamie’s Italian (Cambridge)

I think I nailed it with this dish not only because it’s avocado and salmon, which are my favorite ingredients ever, but also because it didn’t fill me too much and I had spare space in my stomach for the dessert. Oh yes!!

But I won’t get to the dessert just yet. I’ll say first that this super food combination is one of the best salads I’ve ever seen. All the textures and flavors matched perfectly and it was such a pleasure to eat. A 12 out of 10!!!. The only thing would be that you have to order the salmon additionally because it doesn’t come with it initially. But it’s so worth it!

Now!! it is dessert’s time!! Get ready for it!

I’ll start saying that the picture does NOT make it justice at all because it was, by far, the best chocolate dessert I’ve ever had and that I will probably ever have. I was speechless!

Molten chocolate praline pudding at Jamie’s Italian (Cambridge)

As it was perfectly described in the menu, it was warm on the inside (which means melted chocolate) and softly crispy on the outside but still warm too and so soooo yummi! I wish you could taste it. Well, I wish I could taste it again too haha.

And do not think I’ve forgotten about the ice-cream. Oh no! That was also unforgettable. It was the best caramel ice-cream that’s ever been in my mouth and if you put it all together with the warm chocolate mini cake, just imagine!! The perfect couple! Please, somebody marry them, now! haha

The aftertaste of this could’t possibly have been better! What a memory!! That’s probably one of the reasons why we went back to Jamie’s during our brief visit to London.

This second time we had lunch at Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden, Central London. Such a magical setting, together with the wintery and Christmasy atmosphere (yeah, it was cold) that surrounded us bring me the nicest memories of this meal.

We didn’t want to end up very full because we had a lot of sightseeing to do that afternoon so I went for a light lunch. Although it doesn’t mean it wasn’t as delicious and memorable as any other. Judge yourselves! I think it looks amazing! So beautiful and nicely-set.

Superfood salad with free-range chicken at Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden (London)

Despite the freezing cold, it felt like the perfect meal and the perfect place to take a break in a wintery touristic day. Besides, the handsome and gentle waiters gave as blankets to keep ourselves so warm so, again, it was a very pleasant experience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into Jamie Oliver’s cuisine. Personally, I feel very lucky and grateful for having the opportunity to try this out and I highly recommend it to everyone. Even thought Jamie’s is more kind of in the pricy side, the service you get and the quality of all the products you’ll be served are totally worth it. I’d say it’s a nice treat we can indulge ourselves with every once in a while.

On top of that, Jamie’s menu is quite varied and you get to choose among many different options: healthy options as my main dishes or “cheat-meals” as the wonderful desserts and so many others. I’m sure you’ll find something you love if you ever drop by. And If you already have, please leave a comment and tell me about your experience or leave a link to the pics if you took any. I’d really enjoy it and appreciate it 🙂

Wooww! That was a long post! I hope it’s an interesting one as well and that you find it useful and, hopefully, it will encourage you to have a go to Jamie’s any time soon. He has restaurants all over the world so I’m pretty sure there’s at least one next to you!!

Thanks for reading and have fun the rest of the week!! And eat loads!! 😉


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