Sara Mari’s Birthday!

Hello my beautiful friends!!

I wanted to wish you all a happy Sunday. Well, to everyone but specially to a very very special person. Today is Sara Mari’s birthday and the Gochis Club wanted to wish her a very very Happy Birthday and that’s why we are going to create this post, for her. So we all hope you like it and you had a good laugh reading it.

And some of you might be wondering. Who is that Sara?? Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor to introduce you all to our beloved Sara, Sari or as we like to call her, Sara Mari. She’s this beautiful lady you can see down below:


Well, and also this girl down here haha:


Before you ask: “Yes, impossible as it may seem, it IS the same person” hahaha.

There are so many reasons, apart from her cheerful personality, that make us love her so much:


Among all these reasons, we could mention for example that she is our favorite camera girl, always willing to make all kind of efforts for everyone and always with a smile on her face. And just recently, exactly the past carnival, she also became our official designer in the squad because I would say the skirts looked pretty good. Didn’t they.

I could go on for decades telling you more and more and reason but, there is a very specific reason that outstands among the others and that’s particularly relevant for this blog and that it’s her cooking skills.

Omg! We all feel so grateful to have her as our official Gochis chef because that means we had the chance to taste their recipes and…they taste like heaven! Seriously, I hope you all had the chance to experience it!

But apart from eating and enjoying her cuisine, we have learnt a lot from it and that’s what we want to show her today. That’s the way we have chosen this year to tell her we love her and to wish her a happy birthday. And to thank her for all the deliciousness!

Let’s get started!

This birthday menu consists of 4 starters, some main courses and the dessert but no spoilers hehe

The first starter are these Sara Mari’s style croquettes that Pily has been patiently cooking at home for this special occasion. For those who don’t know that, Sara’s style means ” spicy, just a little bit of chili”.I’d say she’s been such a good student, right? At least the outcome of it looks pretty good in my opinion. What do you think?


Following these croquettes, we have these pastry rolls by Denya. This recipe is also originally from Sara Mari’s cuisine and I’d say it’s a pretty entertaining one as well because it looks like Denya had such a good time baking them right? We definitely love your recipes Sara! Not only are they yummi but also fun!

Coming right after them we have Maria who’s actually getting very into the cooking world lately and went ahead and prepare a spicy elvers plate, Sara Mari’s style as well. Not many people have seen this girl cooking till the moment so do feel lucky for it haha

And last but not least, Patry has also been baking and she put together this ham and goat cheese pastry that I can tell you was absolutely amazing! I mean, everything with goat’s cheese in it is going to taste amazing, everyone knows that, but if you add to that the fact that it was Patry who made it…OMG!! You cannot even imagine!

Well, I think we had enough starters, don’t you think?

I think it’s time for the main courses. I hope you like rice because we have not one but two main dishes rice-based.

The first one is by Jenni and it’s rice with mushrooms and veggies. It looks pretty juicy and tasty but that’s not the point. The most important thing hidden behind this plate is the fact that Jennifer is actually cooking and eating veggies. Omg! Jenni does love you! I can tell! This is a very big deal! haha. Good job Jenni!

The second rice recipe is in fact by me, yeah! Your favorite gastroblogger haha. It’s such an honor for me to cook the Sara Mari’s risotto because it’s like her best plate, the one that we always ask her for so it feels like such a responsibility. But I think it didn’t come out that badly didn’t it? Of course it’s not as good as hers but…I hope I passed the test!haha

The last main course…NO, is not rice! Don’t worry. In this case is going to be grilled sea bass with sauteed vegetables by Marta. Thank god it’s a light dish because we were starting to feel a bit full hahah. In my view, it looks absolutely instagramy. I bey Marta could have a promising future as a gastroblogger, what do you guys think?

Finally! We got to the dessert. It comes for the very far far country of Czech Republic. It’s actually not that far but I wanted to mention that because even though Bea is enjoying her Erasmus experience at the moment in Brno (no envy there at all ahah) she didn’t want to miss this special ocasion, nor the chance to wish Sara a very happy birthday. That’s why she switched on the oven too and baked this cookies and chocolates cake. It’s a pitty we cannot have a piece 😦


And you might think: “OK, that’s it. We got to the dessert so that was all but…NO, we don’t want you to get hungry during the day so…look what Mery bought you!!

She could not resist and took the chance to drop by in Dunking Donuts to grab a bite! Of course! Because even though our Sara Mari does not have sweet teeth, she likes her Dunkins every once in a while. Who doesnt’t?

Well Sara, I think now it is finally the end. We all hope you liked this little virtual gift that we put together for you. We are happy if it made your day, even if it was just a little bit!

Have a great day today!! Enjoy every single second of it and eat loads!! And don’t forget to report everything to the Squad. That’s essential! hahah


Latest news!!

We have another Gochi who wants to join to this occasion! And look what she bought for Sara’s birthday! Coming right from the Netherlands! Clara you are the best!! Definitely!! Had you ever seen a chocolate stuffed waffle!?? Because I had not! And it’s just amaaaaazing!! Thanks Clara!! You are the best foodie and this is good proof! I’m sure Sara is veeeery grateful hehe




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