My Spanish Omelette

Hello everyone!! How are you guys doing? How is the week going so far?

It’s crazy to think that it’s almost May with this terrible weather. Isn’t it? At least it’s if you live here in Burgos. But as we like to say in Spain: “If the weather is rubbish, give it a nice face” haha which basically means: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” haha. And we are not going to make lemonade but something so much better! We are going to cook a Spanish Omelette instead. Well, not only A Spanish Omelette but THE Omelette haha.


The Omelette is well-known “in the neighborhood” haha. It’s quite popular because it’s my grandma’s recipe and we’ve been cooking it since for ever and almost everyone around me has had the chance to try it or at least has heard about it. I think I could say it’s my most requested recipe and everyone seems to like it and keeps asking me what’s the secret. Disappointing or not, the truth is that I don’t have an answer for that. However, what I can do is sharing with you the steps that I follow and maybe you’ll be able to find the key. Tell me if you do!


  • 4-5 eggs
  • 3-4 medium-sized potatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 1 small piece of chorizo
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

Following a logical order, you wanna start by chopping the onion into small chunks and cooking it in a frying pan with a bit more than a little bit of olive oil. Let’s be generous just for once!! It’s a Spanish Omelette what we’re cooking here. Come on! We’ll need some olive oil to properly fry all the potatoes.

While you are frying the onion, add a pinch of salt because these will help it lose the water a bit faster and therefore, it will cook faster. I always use medium-heat for this step as we don’t want it to stick to the pan.

If you are a fast chopper, grab your potatoes and pill them and chop them while the onions are cooking. That will save you a little bit of time. However, if you are not so sure about your cutting skills, do it before you start cooking to make sure you add everything on time. When chopping the potatoes, what my grandma taught me is that you wanna do it in small and thin chunks. According to her, that’s the key to a good consistency. Maybe that’s the famous secret! haha I hope you can see the shape of the chunks in the picture above.

Add the omelettes to the onion only when the latter is starting to go transparent. That way you’ll know it’s ready. Sprinkle some more salt over the potatoes as they require a lot of salt if you don’t want them to be flavorless and stir it up frequently to prevent it from sticking to the pan. Keep the cooker in medium heat for the same purpose.

While the potatoes are cooking and going softer, hopefully (at least that’s the aim), we can use that time to cut the chorizo. You’ll only need a small portion of it; we don’t want it to be too greasy. For this step, I find it’s better to use the scissors rather than the knife because you get more irregular chunks and that means they’ll release their flavor (their fat) more easily and everything will start turning red. That’s a good sign! Oh yes!


In the meantime, you can also go ahead and scramble the eggs in a big bowl. I’d recommend to add a pinch of salt as well but I guess we can avoid this step if we want to cut down the salt in our diet. Once they are perfectly scrambled, we’ll save them for later.

Right before incorporating the chorizo into the pan, you have to make sure the potatoes are almost smashed. They need to be nice and soft. That’s probably the key in my view. It’s very important for the consistency we are looking for. Anyway, when you get to that exact moment, add in the chorizo and cook it for around 5 extra minutes and keep stirring it up.To make sure you are taking everything out in the right moment, I took this picture just before I did so. That’s what it should look like. Hopefully you can appreciate the texture of the potatoes.


After those 5 minutes, grab a skimmer and take out everything from the pan and transfer it into the bowl where we had the scrambled eggs. Turn down the heat as well and leave in the pan just a small amount of olive oil. We only need a bit of it to make sure the omelette does not stick to the pan when we are flicking it over. 

Mix the eggs with the onion, the potatoes and the chorizo and then pour it back again in the frying pan, which will be at low-heat now. Make sure the whole mixture spreads evenly in the frying pan and wait until it starts going harder, at least from its half to the bottom.

The flipping-over moment it’s closer. Yes! The most terrifying step while cooking a Spanish omelette it’s here!hehe but don’t worry, I’ll give you some tips for it. The first tip will be using a big plate. Big enough to cover the whole surface of the pan. Pour over it a few drops of water. This will help the omelette to slice from the plate when we are putting it back in the pan.

But first, grab the plate and place it over the pan as if it were a lid and push it towards the pan with one of your hands. With your other hand, grab the pan strongly and do it! Flip it 180º quickly. As fast as you can! It’s a bit scary and difficult at first but: “practice makes perfect” so don’t you worry! You’ll get the hang of it after a few times.

And voilá! There you have your first Spanish Omelette. Looking so gorgeous and delicious! And you made it! yes! You! haha. Well not this one down here ahah That’s mine!

Leave it a few more minutes at a low heat and then you can transfer it into a plate and it’ll be ready to devour. Use the previous flipping-over technique to do this. It will be useful. I promise!

And that’s it. Now you know everything about my famous omelette. I would love to see some of you actually copying it or just your own Spanish omelettes so please please, send me some pics if you have any! In the mean time, I’ll leave you mine here.


I seriously hope you guys enjoyed reading this recipe as much as I enjoyed writing it because it’s one of my very first recipes and one of the first dishes I ever cooked back when I was younger so it’s kind of special for me. And now is out here for all of you to enjoy. So please do! And don’t forget to share and comment down bellow.

Have a nice week and thanks for dropping by!!

Eat loads and enjoy!!

OMG!! It looks like somebody stole one piece!! Oh well! At least you can see what it looks like on the inside as well.hehe. You know what they say: “every cloud has a silver lining”.



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