Isla. Burgers place in Burgos.

Good morning everyone and happy Monday-Sunday!! It’s a bank holiday today here in my region in Spain so I though it was the perfect occasion to share with you a brand new review. A quite succulent one I would say.

Yesterday was kind of a different Sunday afternoon given it’s a “Special Monday” today so Maria and I didn’t want to spend it at home. We grabbed our bikes and rode to town in the cold (yes, cold in the 1st of May) night of Burgos.

Maria had done some research and found a new place we had not been before so decides to give it a chance. Yes, that does happens sometimes in this tiny city, surprisingly.

This place is called “Isla” and it’s a burgers place strategically located in one of the most touristic areas in Burgos. Close to the Santa Maria’s Arch, which is right next to our famous gothic Cathedral. You’ll find all the info about it right here.


Anyway, I think we had enough for the introduction. Let’s get into the actual goodies: the hamburgers.

When the ordering moment arrived, Maria and I used “the swapping technique”, which is very popular in our squad lately. We use it in order not to miss out anything we want to taste from the menu and what you have to do is just order as many different places as possible and then share them all so you don’t miss a thing haha. We chose two of the hamburgers that looked more appealing for us and split them up.

The first burger we went for is the american (hamburguesa americana as it said on the menu) and look how stunning it was!

Hamburguesa Americana at Isla restaurant in Burgos

Given its name, it had to be filled with “all the good stuff”, meaning a lot of bacon, a lot of cheese, a lot of BBQ sauce, maybe too much pickle…In other words, it was one of those burgers that sets a challenge for the one who’s eating because it’s not possible to finish without getting the sauce all over haha.

If I was to say something negative or not as good about it, I’d say the meat itself was not cooked exactly the way we asked. We wanted it to be medium rare and it was more on the rare or raw side haha. However, it was not such a big deal in the end because the quality of the beef was quite high. Therefore, the flavor was nice despite this drawback. Although I did had to mention it. That’s something they could work on.

The other burger was more Spanish and less American hehe. I am talking about “la hamburguesa 3 quesos” whose main ingredients are 3 different Spanish cheeses such as Manchego or Idiazabal. On top of that, the beef was perfectly cooked this time so I had nothing negative to say about this hamburger.

Hamburguesa 3 quesos at Isla restaurant in Burgos

I think it looks beautiful and  pretty tempting, doesn’t it? Besides, its size was not too big and it didn’t have too many layers so it’s much easier to eat. I bet you can even do it in a fancy way. Not that I did, but I think it wouldn’t be so hard haha.

After all this been said, I think that’s it for this review. I really hope you found it useful and that you enjoyed it. It’s always nice to read about new places and new ideas for a dinner or a night out and other people’s opinion about them, or so I believe. That’s one of the reason why I keep doing it for you guys.

Have a nice week and thank you all for dropping by again! Honestly.

Stay tuned for more delicious posts. Coming up this week!



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