Viky’s Pasty

Hello my foodies! How are you feeling today? Are you maybe a bit hungry? Because if that’s the case you’re gonna love this post!! Well, I’m sure you are gonna love it anyway because it’s awesome!! Such a special one! You’ll see!

The recipe I am about to uncover is coming from a very special chef and the lovely mother of my friend Maria: Viky. She’s the sweetest mum in town, always thinking about “her girls”. Not only did she bake one of her pasties for the blog but also she shared with me (and consequently with all of you guys) her personal pasty recipe.

I want to give her a big big thank you for both things. She’s a big fun of the blog as well so I am very grateful about that as well. I’m glad you enjoy it Viki, truly!

Viki and her popular and delicious tuna pasties

Now that you have seen her with her pasties, don’t you wanna find out about how to bake these wonders? I bet you do so let’s get with it.


  • 1 big-sized tuna or albacore can
  • 2 puff pastry sheets
  • 1 egg
  • 1 onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 can of smashed tomato
  • Black pepper powder
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

First things first, we should get started with the filling. It seems logical, right? As the recipe goes, we have to do both, the peppers and the tuna fillings separately.

For the first one, go ahead and chopped both peppers and the onion in small chunks and cook them in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil, black pepper and salt until they go soft and tender. The slower you cook them the better. Once the peppers and onion are ready, pour the tomato over them and stir it until everything mix perfectly together.

I would recommend adding a bit of sugar and salt to the tomato before incorporating it to the pan as it might be a bit sour and you’d want to correct that.

The tuna filling is so much easier. Good! You just need to take a bit of tomato and mix it with all the tuna you have and that’s it. It should look more or less like this one down here. (The lighter one is the tune mixture)


Nice picture, ins’t? I think they have good Instagram skills in the Martinez Saiz family, right?

As you might have spotted in the pic, we also need to take care of the puff pastry sheets, which should be high quality in order to get the best outcome. Be aware of that. When in doubt, go for the Buitoni ones. Highly recommended!

All you have to do is using a rolling pin if you wanna make it thinner and larger and then placing the filling over it. But only over half of it, as you can appreciate in the next pic. That’s very important. Otherwise, you want be able to close the pastry when you need to.


The next step is closing up the pasty and coating it with a layer of scrambled egg to give it that golden glow that make a pastry so a attractive to the eye. Use a kitchen brush if you have one because it will spread it evenly and nicely.

And then, there’s a very last important step you cannot forget: you need to create some holes on the surface with a fork in order to prevent the pasty to explode in the even. Here you have a pic just in case I didn’t explain myself.


And that’s it. The pasty is ready for the oven! Remember you need to preheat it 15 minutes earlier at 200ºC. Bake it until it’s browny and golden. It’ll be perfectly toasted and delicious! Just like this one. Have a look!


Isn’t it the best looking pasty you’ve ever seen?

Omg! it’s making me so hungry just by looking at it. You can’t even imagine! mmmmm so yummi!! Such nice memories when I was eating it ahaha

After baking it I’d recommend letting it cool down but I won’t make you wait if you are very very hungry just like I am right now! haha. Just be careful and don’t burn your tongue haha I don’t wanna be the one to blame for that jaja

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe that was kindly shared by Viki and that you consider giving it a go. It’s actually pretty easy and quite enjoyable as well. You can get together with your friends and have a nice time while you all enjoy the prospect of the last step: eating the pasty!!

Have a nice week and thanks again to Viki for thinking of me while baking these pasties and giving me one of them for me to indulge myself. I’m so so grateful and, by the way, it was delicious!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!!

And thanks again to all my readers for dropping by!




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