La Mafia. Best Italian cuisine in Burgos.

Hello my foodies!

Looking for some new restaurants for a special meal? Are you a big fan of the Italian cuisine? If the answer is “Yes” you should keep reading because this post was made for you! Definitely!

You might or might not have heard about this chain of restaurants called “La mafia se sienta a la mesa”, usually most commonly known by the name “La Mafia”. They offered a wide-ranged variety of Italian dishes at a, in my opinion, fair price given the quality of their products and the size of their portions. Having said that, I have to admit I am a regular costumer of their restaurant in Burgos, mainly because there are not many other good Italian restaurants left in Burgos, but also because everything is really yummie. You’ll see!

Your favourite gastroblogger right before a great meal at La Mafia in Burgos

Around a week ago we decided to go to this great restaurant and enjoy a good meal for our stomachs. And Omg! We did enjoy!! Just wait and you’ll see. Please forgive me for my face in the pic, but I was hungry haha which means I didn’t take more pics than this one haha so it had to do! haha

Once inside the restaurant, we were ushered to our seats by a very kind waiter and even before reading the menus, we were taken aback by this little starter which was on the house. Best way ever to getting this lunch started. Thank you!

Spiced tomato sauce and bread to dip in with in La Mafia Burgos

We went through the menus and chose what we wanted to for that day, which you’ll get to see below. Bur first, we cannot forget about one of the most important parts of a meal: the bread! oh yeah! You should know by now that I am a bread lover haha and that’s why I cannot go on without commenting about it. And that’s because…look how nice and cute it was presented to us!! and it tasted even better!! Love it!

Varied bread at La Mafia in Burgos

I found this little bag was such a great idea, such a good way to serve bread. On top of that, I loved the fact that it came as a variety of different types of breads. Among them, it was the focaccia bread, which is a typically Italian bread very spiced and tasty. Definitely my favourite!! (it’s the one on the left) and it was amazing when dipped in the tomato sauce.

Once we’ve gone over this important product, we can get started with the actual lunch.

Firstly, we went for a salad for three as the first course. I know, I know. It seems like such a small portion but I have to warm you that La Mafia is one of those restaurants in which you are going to get full; no doubt of that. That’s why we thought a fresh and little starter would be more than enough if we wanted to finish up the rest of the dishes.

Insalate di Gulas in La Mafia Burgos

Despite its small size, this salad was delicious and tasteful. The cheese and the crispy bacon are the perfect companion to the Gulas and the other fresh ingredients. Such a pleasure for a hungry mouth like ours. And highly recommended! If you like your salad everywhere you go, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

My darlings! It’s here! The time for the main courses has finally arrived! And now you’ll get to understand why the salad was our one and only first course. Be aware of the size of the plates that you are about to see haha

My parents didn’t give it a big thought and went classic and traditional. Because what’s more typical of an Italian restaurant that a lasagna? haha

Lasagna di Carne at La Mafia Burgos

Even though I didn’t choose this lasagna, I have had it so many times before and trust me when I say it’s absolutely amazing. It tastes like Italy! haha. Well, I am not very sure about that but I do know it’s perfectly cooked and the ingredients perfectly chosen and combined into one of the best lasagnas in town. And probably the biggest! I don’t know still how they did it, but my parents managed to eat it up! Congrats! haha

As I was feeling like having something different, I took a risk (not really a risk as everything is amazing) and ordered a risotto. And I don’t want to boast about my wise decision but…I did such a great discovery. Look at it! Best risotto ever!

Risotti Mare e Monti at La Mafia Burgos

Seriously, I am not lying when I say it was the best risotto I have ever tried in my entire life. What makes it special is the fact that it combines the flavors of the sea (prawns, mussels) with those of the “earth” (chicken in this case) and also mushrooms and dried tomatoes. And of course, cheese!! That yellowy colour that you can appreciate in the pic it’s due to the amazing cheese that was chosen for this risotto.

I just gotta say you should pay a visit to this restaurant and try it yourselves because I cannot find the words to describe it properly. You gotta taste it!

It was such a delightful experience! However, I couldn’t cope with its huge size. Look at it! It came in an actual pan, and a big one! It was totally unmanageable but I did my best! I promise! I think I was close to eating half of it. That it’s a good job. Come on! haha

Here you have some more pics for you to appreciate its beauty.


Believe me when I say I was more that full when we got to this point of the meal but my father couldn’t stop nagging about how you cannot leave an Italian restaurant without having a piece of Tiramisu cake. And I have to admit that he was right. That’s something I will almost never acknowledge but…you know..every once in a while…you have to. haha

And here you have it. You’ll get it right after you see it. Gorgeous ah!?

Tiramisu at La Mafia Burgos

Once again, it was the best Tiramisu I have ever had the chance to try. I am not an expert on this dessert as I don’t usually like alcohol-soaked cakes but this Tiramisu is the exception. The alcohol flavor was subtle enough to taste the rest of the ingredients and for me, that’s the key to success.

The same way as my father thinks you cannot go without a Tiramisu, I believe having a cappuccino after an Italian lunch is a must. So I had to give it a go.

Cappuccino at La Mafia Burgos

Unfortunately, it was quite a disappointment. Trust me! I have experience in this field and this was not a proper cappuccino. It was short or close to lacking milk, small-sized in my view and I didn’t like the fact that it came with cinnamon on top. I am more of a “chocolate-on-top” girl! haha. But you know what they say: “Perfection is boring”. haha

That was all for this lunch at La Mafia se sienta a la mesa restaurant in Burgos. I think it was more than enough. What do you think? Would you be full after eating all of it? Because I was for the rest of the week! But it was worth it so no worries! haha.

I hope once again that you guys enjoyed this post and that you get something good out of this review and …who knows, you might consider dropping by some time in the near future. Tell me if you do! And if you find any other goodies worth trying!

Have a lovely week and eat loads!


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