Touristic breakfast at La Pepa (Burgos)

Apart from being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is also my favorite moment of it. I enjoy early mornings (too early mornings according to some) next to my fruit, my toast and my coffee or tea. That last one depends on my mood haha, but fruit and coffee are stables in my mornings.

Anyway, I wanted to talked you guys about a breakfast place I recently discovered in my town: La Pepa or Viva La Pepa. It’s quite a touristic one, given its extraordinary location right opposite to our famous cathedral. On top of that, it’s such a cute café, decorated with a very nice and modern style that will make of your breakfast such a memorable experience.

I had never been having breakfast at La Pepa until this morning but I had heard and read wonders about it so I needed to make sure that the rumors where right haha. As a gastroblogger, I mean only for you guys, not because of the food haha.

As I mentioned earlier, toast and coffee are a must for me when it comes to breakfast so it took me less than a minute to make up my mind and decide: “Toasts with olive oil and smashed tomato + a latte please” hehe.


Some people like to call it “Spanish breakfast”. Not sure exactly why, maybe because it’s moooore than delicious and we now how to rock our food down here haha. However, if you like it sweeter in the morning or you just like to keep it classic and have your butter+jam you can also do that at La Pepa. That’s what my mum went for.


You know what they say, taste is a matter of opinion so you can go for the one you like the most. Besides, they had a lot of other yummi options in their menu you might like even better than toast such as croissant, crepes, smoothies, bacon, scrambled eggs, etc. so don’t worry, you’ll find something.

You might have noticed than in the pic of my breakfast there’s a small little cupcake next to the coffee. Well, additionally to the coffees and the huge toasts, we were spoiled with two cute cupcakes stuffed with melted chocolate and with chocolate chips on top. Could they be any better? I seriously doubt that. How nice are they?


Having all these goodies on the table, I could’t be any happier. I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you but breakfast really is my favorite moment. You can tell from my face how excited I was haha


Yeah. I was too excited because I ate that mini cupcake before having the pic taken haha I’m sorry but I could’t wait, everything was looking so good that I just couldn’t help it.

I mean look what my eyes could see in that moment haha It’s understandable right?


At that time I think I was too excited to give an objective review about this café/restaurant and about its breakfast but now that I’ve calmed down a bit I’ll try to do it haha.

Firstly, the cupcakes, which were on the house btw, were just amazing. The chocolate melted in my mouth and they were of such a soft consistency…just perfect! And not too big. Very thoughtful of them because…

The toasts:  I’d say they were too big. I mean, don’t get me wrong;  it’s never too much food but for an average breakfast eater, their size was just huge haha. I’d say you can even share it with someone else and you won’t be any hungry. haha. See I’m saving you same money! haah you are welcome! 😉  But ey! I’m not complaining, better too much than not getting enough toast in the morning. That would be tragic!

If I had to mention something negative about them, I’d highlight the fact that they already come toasted with a small amount of butter. You can’t probably tell from the picture but I bet they used butter to toast them. Consequently, when I was having my toasts with olive oil and tomate I could still taste the butter which, let’s be honest, it’s something that doesn’t much very well but it was not that bad. It was still a pretty good pair of toasts.

Having said that, I would recommend having your toasts with jam rather than Olive oil if you ever go to La Pepa in Burgos. Either that or ask the waitress if you can have yours toasted with some olive oil instead of butter. You won’t know if you don’t try.

Lastly, the coffee. OMG! It was really good and tasty. Perfect size and not too watery. Just how I like it. I also loved the glass it came in. I think it was very cute. It matched the theme of the place: kind of hipster and trendy I dare saying.

Well, guys I hope this post comes useful if you ever come to visit my lovely town.

La Pepa is the perfect spot to enjoy a nice coffee and the perfect view of the landmark of the city: the cathedral. I specially recommend it during the summer. Seating at their terrace you can also enjoy lunch or dinner and experience the summery atmosphere of our small town. But remember to grab a jacket, it might get cold at night; it’s Burgos we are talking about haha.

Have a lovely day and enjoy your day!!




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