Today is 16th of May and that means is a very very special date: it’s Viky’s birthday!!

Some of you might remember her thanks to her pasty :“Viky’s Pasty“(definitely check it out if you didn’t read that post) and I’m sure you all were amazed by how delicious her pasty looked and how kind of her was to share her recipe with us. Thank you again!!

I wanted to thank her in a special and different way and I thought that rather than buying her a present, it would be nicer to surprise her with a birthday post in which Maria (her daughter) and I (her biggest fan) recreated her famous Pasty. (or at least attempted to do so).

We hope you guys, and specially Viky, enjoy this post as much as we enjoyed cooking and actually recording all the process. Oh yes there’s a video guys!! Here you go:

You guys can suscribe to our new youtube channel if you want. We’ll be improvising some videos every now and then. Click here to subscribe.

We also took a few pictures throughout the process so that you guys had more proof that it was us who did it.

We followed the original recipe, which includes the ingredients down bellow, as you all should know by now if you read the previous post (you can go ahead and read it if you did not):


We went on and cooked all the veggies separately from the tuna, which we drained and mixed with a little bit of tomato sauce, exactly as the recipe goes.

While all this was going on, we went ahead and started “playing” with the pastry sheet. We wanted to squash it a little bit to make it thinner and longer. But you know you have to sprinkle a bit of flour over the kitchen counter before you do that and…

I’m sure you all guessed what we were trying to write. Correct! It was meant to say:”Felicidades” which means “happy birthday” in Spanish hehe.

We had a small problem because we couldn’t find a rolling pin but we solved it quickly (yes, it’s the rice canister); we are resourceful girls! I mean chefs! haha

When we were done with the pasty sheets, we went back and checked how the veggies were doing before pouring in the tomato soup over them and get “the mixture”(veggies with the tomato, it’s called “pisto”). Mnmmmmmm that smell!


Once we had all the fillings ready, we just had to close it up, put it in the oven and wait until it was looking this great!!


It says “Feliz día” on top, which basically means “have a happy day” and that’s what this is all about. We just wanted to wish Viky a very very happy birthday and hopefully get a good version of her pasty so that she’s proud of her girls hehe. Although we now she is hehe. We’ll report you on that, but I’ pretty confident about the result.

Anyway, thank you again Viky for being such a lovely person, always thinking about everybody and coming up with new ways to surprise us every single day:


By the way, the pharmacist doll that Viky made me seems to like the pasty as well haha but who doesn’t? It’s the best pasty in the history of pasties haha



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