“HEY DOC”: new favorite music band

Hello everyone!!! I woke up kind of musical today and I decided to do a very different post today about a music band from my home town you should all now about because they are very talented.

They are known by the name “Hey Doc” and last Friday they finally gave their first concert in a the Ram Jam Pub IN Burgos (Spain). Three boys (bass, drums and guitar) and a girl (singer and guitar) with the most genuine and unique voice which became friends in Burgos and decided to start performing and writing songs following their own style. They like to call it “rockneoclasifunkypostmodernmetalflamencofusion” but I guess we could say is kind of an indie-rock type of music.


Anyway, the pub was packed!! And everyone was very excited singing and clapping along with them. They even run out of songs for the encores because we wouldn’t stop asking for another one and another one and…We wanted more! haha.

By this point, you might be curious about what their songs actually sound like and that’s why I’m gonna live here a short video of the concert so that you can watch it and hear it yourselves:

Sound good right?? And the concert was a total success so…we had to celebrate ir right?? In order to do so, we went for a couple of beers and spent the night with the music stars and we actually had a lot of fun. On top of that, there was also food involved in some point of the night, of course haha. I mean, come on! You must be sturving after giving a concert.

Indeed, they were happy and hungry, right Barquin? haha You can tell by this picture that I am not lying.


This sandwich was one of the stars of the night as well. The most desired one I would say. It tasted like heaven and it lasted no more than a couple of minutes!


And I think that’s it for this not so gastronomic blog. I hope you liked this twist that I dared to give to the blog for once. I am of the opinion we need to feed our brain and ears as well as we do it with our stomachs, don’t you think?! And here you have your favourite gastroblogger to help you doing so. 🙂

Have a nice rest of the week and enjoy!


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