Cesar couscous and the best ice cream in Madrid

After spending a few days in Madrid, I have some nice places to share with you. So read this post carefully if you live in Madrid or you’re planning on visiting us during the summer. This post might interest you.

“Costello Río” restaurant

Going for a run has certainly many benefits. Among them is the fact that you get to discover new places you’d had never reached if you hand’t been running. That’s exactly how I found out about Costello Rio; I was heading to Madrid Rio during my afternoon run when I went past it I thought: “I need to come back here“.

Entrance hall of Costello Río restaurant in Madrid

And so we did; three days after that we were having lunch at one of their cute woody tables and cracking our brains to decide the best option from their menu.

The first of the two courses we chose was this stunning and beautifully served “Tabulé del Tío Cesar”. It’s kind of a Cesar Salad but instead of lettuce it’s made of couscous. It also has cured cheese savings on top and a few crackers on the side. Just perfect!

Tabulé del Tio Cesar at Costello Río in Madrid

We found this dish is such an original spin to the classic Cesar salad and a fresh and healthy option for the summer days to come. Plus it’s pretty easy to make as well so 10 points for this first course!

Our second course consisted of a Mexican Hamburger with french fries. Originally, it comes with Jalapeños but you can ask your waiter to take them out if you don’t like it spicy (like we did). I guess it should be hot if it’s called “Mexican burger” but it was delicious anyway so no worries!

Mexican Hamburger at Costello Río in Madrid

It was actually a very nice burger. Mostly because of the guacamole, which is one of my favorite sauces ever. However, I should mention the burger was a bit too raw but it didn’t reflect on the taste of the meat so we eat everything up!

I have proof in case you don’t believe me (although I dont’ know why you would’t haha) .

Post Mexican burger situation at Costello Rio in Madrid.

All in all it was a great experience. I’m gonna leave their website link here in case you feel like dropping by any time. You can check their menu and some other pics on it.


Mistura. Handcrafted Ice Cream.

I don’t even know how to describe this place. I believe it was love at first at sight. I am definitely in love with their ice cream and coffee. It is for sure one of the cutest places I’ve been to recently but the most outstanding feature of this little corner in Madrid is their handcrafted ice-cream and the way they amazingly put it together.

Mistura. Coffee and handcrafted ice-cream in Madrid.

The first step once you get to Mistura will be choosing which ice-cream flavor or flavors you like the most.I went for hazels and chocolate and I definitely chose wisely. Secondly, you’ll be asked to select one topping for each flavor. They offer a wide variety of suculent toppings but it didn’t take me long to decide: brownie for the hazels and cookies for the chocolate. After this comes the last and most interesting step: using two espatulas and a cold marble board, ice-cream and topping are mixed in front of you right before you are about to enjoy your sweet little treat.

Hazels with brownie and chocolate with cookies ice cream from Mistura in Madrid.

It was, without a doubt, the best ice-cream I’ve ever had in my entire life. And trust me when I say I know what I’m talking about. Ice-creams are MY thing. haha. It’s perfectly creamy and smooth and you could tell by its intense flavor it is handcrafted ice-cream that you are eating. Well done Mistura!

Here you can go into their nice website in case you wanna see more pics or find out about its location. Or you can check their instagram profile.

And if you are also a coffee lover, I’ll tell you that their cappuccino was at least as nice as their ice-cream. And you can enjoy it in the Main Square of Madrid as I did!

Chocolate cappuccino from Mistura in “Plaza Mayor de Madrid”

Almost a “relaxing cup of coffee in Plaza Mayor” by Mistura. Such a pleasure!


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