Eating like true CHAMPIONS in MADRID

Any Real Madrid fans reading this? Any fan of a good meal there? Because trust me, you are gonna love this post if you are. The reason I’m saying this is that I spent the last weekend in Madrid with my friends and, apart from watching the football match and going to celebrate Real Madrid 11th Champions League Victory, we ate a lot as well. What a surprise right?haha.

Celebrating at Cibeles fountain after Real Madrid victory

It was such a unique experience to live this moment in Madrid. The bustling atmosphere was just amazing  and ain’t nothing like a good party when everybody is in high spirits. And that’s exactly what happened last Saturday. On top of that, we ate in some new places, at least they were for me, that I wanted to share with you. Let’s get with it!


Cute little lunch at El Lateral restaurant

When I say cute little lunch I’m not saying it like this just because it’s sounds nice, I really mean it. You’ll say in a few minutes why. Just keep reading.

El Lateral is quite well-know and pretty popular restaurant in Madrid. You can find several of their restaurants as you walk along some of Madrid’s streets or neighbourhoods. Even though it’s pretty famous for the quality of their dishes, from now on it will also be known for the tiny amount of food you receive in comparison with the pretty generous amount of money you’ll have to pay for it.

We ordered a few dishes to share and some others as the “main course” which ended up  being not the main one. I mean come on! You are suppose to get your stomach pretty much full with a main course right?

I don’t think you can apreciate from the pictures how little they were. However, I have to say they looked and tasted pretty amazing. Didn’t they?

In case you are wondering, these are the tapas you can see on the pics above:

  • Arroz meloso con gambas al ajillo
  • Lasaña de verduras
  • Quesadilla de pollo, queso emmental, salsa de tomate verde, pico de gallo y Dip de crema agria de jalapeño.
  • Rabo de toro con cremoso de patata
  • Ensalada de queso de cabra a la plancha, tomates, pipas de calabaza y vinagreta de tomates secos, miel y jerez.
  • Croquetas de jamón y croquetas de boletus.

I’m gonna mention tWo plates separately because they are definitely worth the mention.

Firstly, this solomillo con foie tapa which you’d probably think it has a fair size right?


Well, that’s exactly what our friend Dani thought when he got it in front of him. Right before he ate our friend Patri’s tapa as well. Yes! Exactly, he got two tapas in the same dish and though that the restaurant was propably being generous with him and he ate both. He was quite happy with his order. It didn’t happen the same to Patry. haha. But we had a good laugh.

A special mention to these Raviolis de pato con escabeche de miel y soja: a filling, enormous, huge, dish of pasta right??


This ridiculous portion of raviolis is what our loving friend Victor got as his main course. Pretty generous I would say haha three raviolis for six euros is such a fair price. Obviously!! At least fair if what you want to leave the place still being hungry haha.

The bright side of our small lunch in El Lateral was being still hungry for this wonders.

You cannot go all the way to Madrid from Burgos and not have a coffee in Starbucks! And if you have it with this triple chocolate muffing, it’s obviously even better. It was memorable! hehe


La Tagliatella Italian restaurant

La Tagliatella is a pretty popular Italian restaurants chain. You can find its restaurants all over Spain. However, there are still cities like Burgos where there isn’t any of them so I think I should mention how good its food was!

We went for a couple of salad in the first place, and I’m so grateful we did. Both of them were amazing. I’d say the best part of the whole meal. Check them out.

Insalata cremoso di rullo di capra
Insalata affumicata

Opposite to the dishes we got in the Lateral, these two salad were huge!! Fortunately, we shared them! Otherwise it’d had been impossible to try the rest of the wonderful plates we had.

Let’s get in with the pasta. Of course, you cannot go to an Italian restaurant and turn the cold shoulder to the amazing pasta combinations you can get in them. You might think a dish of pasta is a quite simple preparation and, consequently, you can do it yourself at home. However, I don not think you can get this dishes, not as they look in these pictures at least.

The first three are all taglietelle with different sauces and they were all pretty good. But not as great as the last one, Mezza luna di rullo de cabra y bacon con salsa 4 formaggi. They were addictive, you just could not stop eating them. So so so recomendable. Seriously! Don’t miss them out if you are ever in this restaurant.

Finally, we wanted to check their risottos. We had to different ones and I’m gonna say they were not bad but not even close to the taste of the ones you can get in La Mafia. Check my post about them in my blog as well! Anyway, let’s see how they looked!

Risotto ibérico
Risotto Mare Monte

In my opinion, they rice was undercooked and they were kind of salty but not as tasty as the ones in La Mafia. However, I’d say the Risotto ibérico was much much better than the Mare Monti in case you wanna give them a try.

And last but not least, a cappuccino! It’s a must whenever I’m in an Italian place. And in this case was far from a disappointment. It was quite a high-quality coffee!

All in all, La Tagliatella is such a nice place to get a filling meal and a tasty one. Specially their salad and their pasta are pretty outstanding so definitely check them out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a nice week!!



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