Best Pizza in Madrid at Pizzeria 2 Amigos


Any food lovers out there?? I’m sure there are plenty of you right there because let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good pizza every once in a while??

However, sometimes I do find pizza a little bit too filling. Specially if I’m going to be out that night, which is usually when I have this kind of food (you know I like to stay healthy during the rest of the week).  Fortunately, this is not the case when it comes to having dinner at Pizzeria 2 amigas. Their pizzas are quite thin, which means you won’t get as full as usual, but their thick enough to get crispy and to hold all the ingredients into place perfectly. 

 Large Pizza 4 quesos (4 cheeses) at Pizzeria 2 amigos in Madrid
Large boloñesa (bolognese) deluxe pizza at Pizzeria 2 amigos in Madrid

We went for two large pizzas for three and it was more than enough, that you can be sure of. Although we didn’t get this feeling of being too full. Not at all!! And they were absolutely delicious!! Most probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had in my entire life!! Amazing!!

I cannot decide between the 4 cheeses pizza or the bolognese deluxe one. They were both really really tasty and crispy and you could tell all they ingredients used were of such a good quality. You cannot imagine how intense was the taste of the cheese! Just how I like it. Well done Pizzeria 2 amigos!! 10/10

On top of being so so yummy, the service we got from their staff was great! They were so nice to us and I would say they were pretty fast as well. That always means extra points, specially if you are as hungry as we were. You just need to look at the picture bellow.haha. Maria could not wait any longer haha.

Two impatient and hungry pretty girls at 2 amigos Pizzeria in Madrid

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and you found it useful for your Saturday dinner nights or for your daily “not-so-healthy” meals haha.

Just let me tell you Pizeria 2 amigos is available through the JUST EAT service so you can also get it at home if you leave in their area. Check their website to see if you can get it delivered at home.

Have a nice week and eat loads!! 😉



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