Chicken and veggies pasty

it’s pretty obvious by now that I’m such a big fan of all kind of pasties. I think I made that clear in my previous posts. However, they have all been about the classic version of this meal and I am not a classic girl. Oh no! I’m always trying to innovate and cook new things. And that’s how I came out with this new recipe that I made up from scratch. Well, not exactly from scratch, more exactly from some ingredients that were in the fridge that day haha. So typical! Let’s see how it turned out!



Basically, everything you’ll need for this pasty is in the picture bellow. But there are some others ingredients such as salt, olive oil, etc, that we cannot forget about.


  • 1 small chicken breast
  • 1oo-150 g. of mushrooms
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • 1 leek
  • 100 g. of spinach
  • 1 pie dough sheet
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • 1 egg
  • 3-4 full spoons of flour
  • 2-4 glasses of milk


The bechamel filling

Once we have all the ingredients with us,  you wanna go and wash all of them properly.

Having everything nice and clean, you can start cutting all the ingredients in not-so-small chunks. You don’t need to chop the spinach as it shrinks a lot once is cooked. Then, go on and heat up a pan with a bit of olive oil on it. What we are gonna do is cooking the veggies in the first place and then the chicken only for the last 2-4 minutes as we only want it to go a bit brown. Add salt and pepper when needed.


I should warn you that it’ll start smelling like heaving once you get to this point but, be patient my friend! We are not there yet!

Next step is giving this feeling a good consistency. And ain’t nothing for that than a good bechamel! Oh yes!! Let’s do it! It’s easy!. All you need to do is adding around 3 full spoons flour on top of everything we have in our pan and stir for 2-4 minutes till the flour is toasted. Then grab some milk and add it little by little while you keep stirring. That way you’ll get a very creamy bechamel. But, yes! Your arms are going to get tired. I’m sorry! haha. Life is hard sometimes!


And there we have our bechamel filling ready! It wasn’t that hard. Wasn’t it?? I’r recommend you add a bit more salt, pepper and a bit of nutmeg to give it even a better taste. Nice!!


Let’s bake it!

This step is kind of the lazy one because the majority of it consists on letting it cook in the oven. However, we do need to get our pasty ready for that heat!

Firstly, we are going to extend our pasty dough a bit to make it larger with a rolling pin or another cylindric object we can find at home. It doesn’t really matter.


Then, we just need to feel it in. But remember! Use only half of the sheet because we’ll need to close it once it’s all stuffed.

Before closing it up, you wanna go and preheat the oven for around 15 minutes at 200ºC because otherwise you’ll have to wait afterwards. While we get it hot, we just need to coat our pasty with a bit of egg. Use a kitchen brush for this step. This will give it that amazing golden tone that looks so nice!


This is how your pasty should look like right before going in the oven. It looks quite promising I think. Doesn’t it?

And the moment is here. Put it in the even for around 45 minutes till it’s all nice and toasted. If it looks more or less like the one you can see in the picture bellow you did a good job. Congrats!!


Your pasty is ready to enjoy!! I think pictures do not do justice to how amazing it was but I will leave you here some pictures so that you can at least imagine its amazing flavor!! oh god!!! It was absolutely delicious! I promise!

I hope you guys liked this brand new recipe and that you go ahead and do it at home. I’d love to know what do you think about it. I think the bechamel was the perfect option to make it creamy and tasty and I promise you it tasted more than spectacular!

Thank you all for passing by and have fun! Eat loads! 😉


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