Breakfast around Madrid

Good morning everyone!! Would you fancy a good breakfast?? If you ever happen to wake up in Madrid this post might be of some help.

Of course, in such a huge city like Madrid, you will find plenty of excellent places to have a great breakfast but sometimes it can be hard to take a decision and chose just one. That’s why I wanted to show you some cafés where I had the chance to have breakfast so that this task becomes a little bit easier for you.

In this post I’m gonna talk to you guys about four different places and you can compare and choose your favourite among them. Let’s do this!


Granier is a very popular bakery chain right now in Spain, which means you’ll be able to find one of their cafés almost everywhere you go in Madrid. Hence, the necessity of having their breakfast on this post.

As I always do when I have breakfast out, I went for “the Spanish breakfast” which consists of toast (I always try to go for the wholemeal version) with some olive oil on top and smashed tomato on top of it. And of course a good coffee!

Breakfast at Granier in Madrid

For those of you who are not from Spain, this might look a bit weird for a breakfast but don’t be picky and give it a chance! I’m sure you’ll be delighted and you’ll absolutely love it!

I have to say the wholegrain bread I was served with in Granier was really tasty and fresh and also the portion was quite generous and very well toasted. Right on point! So well done Granier! The smashed potato was also fresh so that’s good too. But the olive oil portion was not as generous as the bread as you can see so…try to distribute it equally between both toasts. Don’t get to excited with the first one or you’ll end up with nothing left for the second one! haha

Coffee wise, it was not the best breakfast I’ve ever had. I’d say it’s a bit watery but it was not that bad. At least the flavor was ok!

All in all, I  would say for a 2.60-euros breakfast is quite a good deal, specially for its delicious wholemeal bread! Not bad!


Panaria is another well-spread bakery chain here in Spain. Maybe not as much as Granier but still you’ll come across a couple of them in your stay in Madrid, that’s for sure.

This was my first time in this chain, although I was looking forward to it because everything looks spectacular when go past one of their cafés.

Again I ordered a Spanish breakfast. However, I got white bread just for this time. 

Breakfast at Panaria in Madrid

I’m gonna start by saying that being superficial, this breakfast looks so much better than the Granier one. For starters, the coffee is much more foamy, which always means extra points. They ever drew a heart in it. Always a nice gesture! In addition to that, it was much less watery than the previous coffee so we are doing great so far!

Regarding the bread, even though the bread was not my usual, I liked it a lot! However, I have to say I was expecting much more from a place called Panaria (“Pan” means bread in Spanish) but the portion was also generous and crunchy so I won’t complain. Fresh smashed tomato and the whole bottle of olive oil for you. That’s also extra points!

To sum up, I’d say the quality of this breakfast was a bit higher than the one I had in Granier, and also the price was a bit lower: 2.35 euros. But of course, it’s up to you!

La Fabrica

La Fábrica is an alternative café located in La Calle Alameda in Madrid. Such a nice location, given it’s less than five minutes away from El Museo del Prado or Atocha Station. In addition to that, it such an artistic place full of photography books and few pieces of art on the walls. It’s the perfect place for those enjoy a quiet early morning; not a busy place at all and a very relaxed atmosphere.

So far so good, my friend Maria and I went for the yogurt cake with white chocolate on top and our already traditional toasts with olive oil and smashed tomato. When it came to the drinks, Maria stayed safe and chose a Cola Coa. However, I was feeling kind of British that morning I guess and I ordered an English Breakfast tea with a bit of milk.

Cute breakfast at La Fabrica in Madrid

All of it sounded really promising and the cake was actually amazing. Not too sweet and very gentle on the mouth. The toasts and the Cola Cao were OK. However, the tea was kind of a failure. I’ll explain myself: the amount of leaves I found in the tea pot was mostly scarce. Hence its watery color and its lack of taste. On top of that, it was cold! Come on! It’s not that difficult! However, I have to say the little flavor that I was hardly able to appreciate was pretty genuine. If only they had been a bit more generous with the portion of tea leaves…

In conclusion, the general quality of the service and the breakfast itself did not keep up with the price we got surprised with when we asked for the receipt. Almost 5 euros each for a quite poor meal in my opinion. The only outstanding piece was the cake; hand-made and delicious!

La Roda Café Bar

I shouldn’t probably start by saying this but this is by far my favourite place to have a good breakfast in Madrid. It’s also perfectly located very close to El Paseo del Prado street, more exactly in Las Huertas Street, 8.

What I liked the most about this café is that you can enjoy a quiet breakfast in their cute terrace while you feel the scarce fresh air that we sometimes have in Madrid in the early hours. This well-valued pleasure in conjunction with the wide variety of breakfasts they offer and the large size of most of them make of this place a highly recommendable café in your visit or stay in Madrid.

Spanish breakfast at La Roda in Madrid

As you can surely tell from the picture, the toasts were massive and you can be sure both bread and smashed tomato were fresh. I wasn’t even able to finish them up. Well, to be honest, I am able to eat that much but I didn’t want to end up with a very full stomach so I made use of my willpower, just for this time.

The coffee was kind of a strong one so If you are not a big fan of coffee try to ask them for the light version of it. Otherwise, you’ll got a pretty bitter coffee, just how I like it!

Lastly, the price. In my opinion, 2.90 is more than a reasonable price for a huge breakfast in the city center. Remember the terrace service is included so I would say it’s even cheap compared to the other three breakfast above.

Toasts at La Roda café bar in Madrid

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and you find it useful in one way or another. Now it’s up to you; choose wisely and report me about it. I want to know your opinions and also I would be delighted to try some other places you know about around Madrid, just comment down bellow. I’m more than happy to hear your recommendations.

Thank you all for your support and see you soon in my next post! 😉


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