Restaurant dinner at home

Let me just warn you that this dinner you are about to see is just next level. And by that I mean that it’s not me who is cooking this time: a proper chef is going to show us how to cook a nice and filling dinner at home. Just wait and you’ll see!

The funny thing about these three awesome dishes is that they are incredibly easy to do and everyone can do it home with the right ingredients and tricks. But don’t worry because you’ll know them all by the end of this post.

Put on some nice clothes because today we are dining in! haha

Elvers and prawns warm salad

Even though it’s a pretty big course itself, this amazing salad works only as a starter in this menu. You’ll get why a bit later.

But who am I to complain? The bigger the better, isn’t that right?


Salads are usually a light dish, I know, I know…but this is definitely not the case. There’s a treasure hiden behind all these healthy and nice-looking ingredients and that is goat cheese. Yeah!!!

You just need to add a few slices while you are sauting the elvers with the prawns and it will slowly melt and blend perfectly so that you can only taste it, not see it.haha Interesting right? And of course, delicious!

Best Risotto ever

Now it is time for the first course, and given we had cheese from the salad…what could we do?? Of course! Always risotto, always the best options. But this is not a regular risotto. OMG! This is the most tasteful and intense risotto I have ever tried!


All you need to do is sautè some mushroom and pour some soy sauce over it. After a few minutes, start adding the liquid cream and some goat cheese while you keep stiring so that it mixes all together. In the meantime, incorporate little by little the rice (previously cooked) and cook it for a few more minutes ultil everything is nicely blended. Don’t forget to stir it up every minute!

If you are into cooking, you may have some moulds at home. In that case, use them to shape the rice more nicely and then sprinkle some more cheese on top. But don’t worry if you cannot get it look that rounded because everyone will forget about it the moment they take their first bite. Promised!

Pork tataki

Not much space in my stomach after so much rice but I had to go for the second course. It was definitely worth it!

It was my first time having tataki but I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s so quick and easy to do that I’m sure I will do it myself soon. So practical!


Two steps are needed to get a good tataki on your plate. Firstly, marinate the beef in soy sauce for an hour. Secondly, griddle it in a very hot pan for less than two minutes. You just want the surface to be cooked. The inside has tyo be raw; that’s what tataki si after all.

If you are feeling fancy, place some salmorejo on the sides and sprinkle some cherry chunks on top and…shorted! Your tataki is ready! 


That’s all for todays guys!! All I have left to do is thanking our Chef Carlos for his amazing cooking skills and for sharing with us all these useful tricks.

Have fun and eat loads! 😉


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