Sanissimo. Eating healthy in the center of Madrid.

I’m so excited for today’s post guys! There’re plenty of reasons why I absolutely love this place. Sanissimo is a vegetarian restaurant you’ll find in Opera in Madrid.

The first thing that made me fall in love with this place is its name: Sanissimo, which means “superhealthy” in Spanish. Just by reading its name you’ll know a lot about this awesome restaurant because everythimg in their menu is actually very healthy. Not just because it will not make you go fat or anything like that but because they use only fresh and great quality products. Most of them will be vegetables because its a vegetarian chain but this doesn’t mean their courses are boring at all!

Another detail we found lovely about this place is how they brought us the water. Yes! You read correctly. You might be thinking: “Come on!” It’s just water! But hey! I think this fresh water with a bit of cucumber totally makes a difference, doesn’t it?

Jar of water with ice and cucumber at Sanissimo Opera (Madrid)

Anyway, if I’m going to keep talking about every little thing that I liked about Sanissimo I think it’s high time we talked about the food, don’t you think?

Gossip Girl Hamburger

If I’m being honest I have no clue why this burger is called Gossip Girl. What I do know is that it was spectacular!! I don’t even know where should I start describing it.

As you may have imagined, this is a free-meat hamburger. Instead of animal meat, soy protein is used to compose the actual burger. I have to confess I was a bit sceptic when it comes to this vegetarian invention. To me it sounded like a “fake burger”. However, after having this burger I’ve changed my mind: “It seems fake stuff is not always that bad”haha. It was really nice actually!

Gossip Girl hamburger at Sanissimo Opera (Madrid)

On top of this discovery, another great idea this vegetarian people had was using focaccia bread for this hamburger. What a great idea! It combines perfectly with the rest of the ingredients. Well, let’s face it: Focaccia is always good! No matter what.

But there’s more! Instead of fries, their burgers come with boiled broccoli dressed with soy sauce and sesame. Healthy and delicious! I couldn’t ask for more!

Malasañero Bagel

I’ve been craving a Bagel for so long and that was just the perfect opportunity! By the time we got to the restaurant, they were running out of avocado so we had to go for this one, which is made with hummus, Parmesan cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Bagel Malasañero at Sanissimo (Madrid)

 I must say it was not the perfect Bagel we were waiting for. The Parmessan cheese together with the hummus left the mixture a bit dry so I’d suggest using a creamy cheese to improve this problem. Nevertheless, it was still a great Bagel! Come on! There was hummus on it! Everybody loves hummus! haha

Buenorro Wrap

Again, the name of this dish is totally describing it perfectly. For those who don’t know the meaning of Buenorro, I guess it could be translated as Sexy, great, amazing, awesome. It would depend on the context. But almost every words fits in the definition of this wrap.

Buenorro Wrap at Sanissimo Opera (Madrid)

The wrap is filled in with tomato, parsley, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, veganesa sauce and lemon. The most important ingredient here is the veganesa sauce. The question is: “what’s that?” “What is it made of?”.

Well, I cannot answer to the second question because I do not remember. What I do remember is that the waiter told us it was more or less like the mayonesse of the wrap but it was made with healthy ingredients and it was green. And more importantly, it was delicious! Not a flavour I could easily describe, but nice!Very nice! 

Of course, this was our favourite dish of the night. It doesn’t mean it will continue being our favourite forever because, as Terminator would say:”We’ll be back”haha.

And that was it!! Oh wait no!! Sanissimo didn’t want us to leave without a sweet aftertaste so look what they brought us with the check!! Isn’t it just perfect?

Sweet receipt at Sanissimo Opera (Madrid)

All in all, dining out at Sanissimo was a great experience we’d highly recommend to all of you! The service couldn’t have been better, the food was amazing and the place was beautiful. Look at this wall! We couldn’t leave without an instapic and the waiter kindly took it for us. Thank you for your patience!

Three happy cutties at Sanissimo (Madrid)

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this post and you are all having a lovely summer whenever you are in the world!

Thanks a lot and remember, eat loads! 😉


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