Perrachica, the trendiest restaurant in Madrid.

Hello my foodies!! How are you enjoying your holidays? Hopefully you are having some good rest and some nice meals as well. That’s what summer is for after all isn’t it? In these lines, Perrachica restaurant could fit perfectly in one of those special summer days we are feeling a little bit fancier because look how beautiful this place is!


On top of that, you’ll get nice food and original dishes for a reasonable price so…what are you waiting for? OK OK, maybe you want to see how their dishes look like?? No problem!! Leave that to me haha 😉

A fresh start

Salad’s full name: Pimientos asados, tomate rosa, ventresca de atún y lascas de parmesano/ Roasted red peppers, pink tomato, tuna belly and cheese slices

Hot summer days always start with something fresh, don’t they? That’s we head directly to their salads section of the menu and we stop reading right when we got to this tuna and tomato salad. We are tuna lovers in my family so it was not a hard decision to make haha

Roasted peppers, pink tomato, tuna belly and parmesan slices salad at Perrachica (Madrid)

Plus, it’s always a safe choice because come on, who has ever had a tuna salad wich wasn’t good? Although this one leveled up our background on this field. What a great salad! The cheese was just a perfect fit and we did not know about that!

Looks can be deceiving

Puntalette con rabo de toro y crujiente de parmesano/ Puntalette with oxtail and parmesan crackers

By just looking at it, you might easily think of this cute little pot as being full of amazing risotto. In reality, there’s not even one grain of rice in this dish. Instead of rice, it’s Puntalette, a special type of pasta with the shape of rice. It’s such a great invention! Quicker to cook, softer in your mouth and lighter in your stomach.

Puntalette with oxtail and parmesan cracker at Perrachica (Madrid)

However, it does have some things in common with a risotto because it was mixed with plenty of parmesan cheese. Mmmmmm! So so nice!! My favourite among all the dishes you are about to see, which means of course I highly recommend it.

Fancy Kebab

Kebab de jarrete a 60 grados marinado en hierbas, salsa de yogur y toque de menta/ Jarrete Kebab cooked at 60 degrees, marinated with herbs, yogurt suace and a touche of mint

My choice for the second course was this special and very fancy kebab which was actually recommended by the chef on Perrachica’s menu. However, no matter how appettising it looked, it was more of a disappointment. Well, maybe it was more of a not-so-pleasant surprise because it was spicy as hell. haha. Not for me! nop

Jarrete Kebab cooked at 60 degrees, marinated, with yoghurt sauce and mint at Perrachica (Madrid)

he fries were quite nice though. Crispy and juicy but they didn’t help with the spiciness that much!haha. Nor did the wine or the water either haha. However, I guess it would be the perfect choice for those who love that heat feeling in their mouths!

It was massive!

Lomo de cebón a la brasa con tximitxurri y patatas risoladas/  Grilled loin of pork with tximitxurri sauce and potatoes

I don’t know if my father was very very hungry or he had absolutely no idea what he was ordering but this is what he got after ordering the grilled porker loin from Perrachica’s menu. I started laughing, I just couldn’t help it!

Grilled porker loin with tximitxurri sauce and potatoes at Perrachica (Madrid)

But you know what they say: “he who laughs last, laughs best”. Because he ate it all. haha. Those who know my father (he’s quite thin) will know that seems quite impossible, but he did it so I guess he liked it a lot haha. It was really I must say, although the meat was a bit hard in my opinion. It was one of those steaks you’ll need to take your time to chew it properly haha.And the potatoes where really nice as weel. The perfect match with grilled spicy meat!

Sea bass disguised as Salmon

Lubina al pibil con cebolla encurtida y chile habanero/ Pibil Sea Bass with pickled onion and habanero pepper

As almost every mother in this world, my mun chose a lighter option from the menu and she decided to have Sea Bass. But you should have seen her face when he saw her plate. She was thinking: “Salmon!? but…I ordered a different fish!”haha.

Pibil Sea Bass with pickled onions and habanero pepper at Perrachica (Madrid)

Indeed, it did look like Salmon, didn’t it? But it was Sea Bass I swear haha. I tried it myself and it was actually quite nice and soft although the habaneros were quite spicy as well.I guess they like it spicy in Perrachica haha.

Personally, I also believe the portion was a bit small and I’m sure my father would say the same haha.

A very merry unbirthday to you!

Tarta ¡Feliz cumpleaños de Larrumba!/ Happy Larrumba’s Birthday cake

This cake was the perfect end for this amazing although sometimes too spicy meal at Perrachica. OMG! The cake was quite simple: cookies, chocolate and Lacasitos (Spanish M&M’s). Now you can imagine how addictive this cake was?

Happy Larrumba’s Birthday cake at Perrachica (Madrid))

Best cake ever! Seriously! I want the whole cake for my birthday please!!! 

I think I should start thinking about booking a table then because there’s a waiting list in this restaurant if you were wondering hehe. But don’t worry, at leasy you can book onlilne. No phone calls required.

I could not finish this post without talking about coffee. More exactly about the cups in which our coffee came. I absolutely fall in love them with them. Despite the fact that the coffe came a bit ealier than the cake so it got a bit cold, it was perfect!


Beautiful Perrachica’s coffee cups

All in all, it was quite a nice and fain-priced  meal full of original recipes and different flavors from all over the world (most of them spicies) and with the perfect ending so…Congrstulations to Perrachica on their very very good work! We had a very pleasant lunch! Thank you!

And that is all for today’s post. I hope it was helpful for those of you who had heard about Perrachica and were thinking about booking a table and also for those who didn’t know about it because now you do!

Have a nice summer and see you in my next post! Gooodbye!


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