Cornucopia. Modern-traditional food in Madrid

Hellooo my foodies!! How are you all doing? I hope your summer is going great and your enjoying it as much as me at least. Given the fact that I won’t be going on holidays until september I’m trying to make the best out of my time in Madrid and that’s, of course, what I’m about to share with you.

Recently, I discovered this new restaurant called Cornucopia in Las Navas de Tolosa Street (next to Callao) in Madrid and I loved it so much that making this post was more than compulsory; I had to share it with you guys, with the world!


If you pay them a visit, apart from having such a nice meal you’ll be surrounded by such an artistic atmosphere. Actually, I believe you can buy and take home some of the pictures hanging on the walls. Amazing right?

But this is not an art blog, isn’t it? So let’s focus in our main interest: food! Let’s have a look at our choices from the menu and see what you think about them.

Perfect start: Home-made hummus

I was not expecting this but it was the best of the surprises!! Home-made hummus looking this good is just irresisitible! Mmmmm it was so so nice!

Home-made hummus in Cornucopia (Madrid)

Perfect start for a better dinner. Keep reading and you’ll see!

Only for cheese lovers

Timbal de crema de queso de cabra y cebolleta tierna envuelto en jamón serrano a la plancha con mermelada de tomate/ Goat cheese cream and soft spring onion timbal wrapped with grilled cured ham with tomato jam.

It took me less than two seconds to decide I wanted to have this amazing dish. Just right after opening the menu and reading the first few words I knew it! And OMG what a great choice. It was reeeeally good and creamy.

Goat cheese cream and spring onion timbal at Cornucopia (Madrid)

Another detail I loved about this creation was that the fact that the waiter came to us and explained how to eat the dish properly. He told us to mix everything together because you get the sourness of the apple, the sweetness of the tomato jam and the saltiness of the ham and the cheese blended in your mouth and it’s such an interesting experience. Highly recommended!

Traditional but non-traditional

Pulpo a la plancha sobre crema de azafrán y aceite especiado con pimentón de la Vera y comino/ Grilled octopus over a saffron cream and olive oil spiced up with Pimentón de la Vera and cumin

This spectacular dish is kind of modern version of the traditional Spanish dish Pulpo a la Gallega and it was pretty well-performed I must say. 

Grilled octopus over saffron cream at Cornucopia (Madrid)

I liked it a lot althought in my opinion the octopus was just a little bit hard. However the potato and saffron cream under the octopus was amazing! Potatos will always be a perfect match for the octopus don’t you think?

Tasty and full of flavor

Arroz meloso con chipirones y gambones/ Cuttlefish and big prawns rice

It might sound like the simpliest dish and maybe it was but it was by far my favorite of the night. You cannot imagine how tasty it was. Just the fist full-spoon in my mouth and I started groaning. Mmmmm delicious!!

Cuttlefish and prawns rice at Cornucopia (Madrid)

And what about the see food!?The prawns were huge and it had plenty of cuttlefish which is very nice of them given it’s more common to find only a few of them because they are pricy compared to the rice. In conclusion,  it was perfection!! 1o/1o for this dish! You definitely need to try it!

Not the regular hamburger

Hamburguesa de ternera y presa ibérica sobre pan a la parrilla con mermelada de bacon, mayonesa de queso, confitura de tomate y gajos de patatas al tomillo/ Beef and iberian prey hamburger over grilled bread, bacon jam, cheese mayonnaise, tomato confiture and sliced potatoes with thyme.

We got instantly gripped by the name of this hamburger meaning we ordered it just out of curiosity but it was such a great change of heart because we did not have in mind having a burger in this place. At least I did not.

Beef and iberian prey hamburger at Cornucopia (Madrid)

The most interesting part about this innovation was the different sauces. They were similar to the typical sauces you’ll find in a hamburger but not quite the same: the ketchup was not ketchup for example; it was tomato confiture and the bacon jam was really really bizarre but delicious at the same time. Great idea Cornucopia!

Abou the hamburger itself I’d say it was OK. In my opinion was a bit dry and overcooked but I guess that depends on one’s preferences so..not a big deal! But all in all was a great dish!! Maybe 9/10 so well done again!

Too full for dessert? Never!!

Tarta de zanahoria, nueces y pasas con crema de queso/Carrot cake with wallnuts, raisins and cheese cream.

I think it’s more than obvious than after so much food we were completly full up! However we could not resist temptation because…well…some people just have sweet teeth and cannot help it ejem ejem haha and carrot cake is always a big tempation.

Carrot cake at Cornucopia (Madrid)

I must admit even though we were not able to finish it, not even close to that, it was one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever had. I liked the idea of the wallnuts in it, just like a brownie. Very nice! The cheese cream was very soft and gentle as as well and as you can see it was a pretty generous portion so…it was not such a bad idea after all!

Well guys I hope you understand that’s all, because… OH MY! We were so so full up after so much delicious and creative food! It was a very pleasant experience having dinner in this artistic restaurant. So come on! Drop by and pay them a visit!

Have a nice summer and see you in my next post guys! Thanks a lot! 😉


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