Fancy Brunch at Perrachica (Madrid)

Not long ago I was talking to you guys about this great restaurant, Perrachica, which I had found out about in Madrid. I told you everything about our lunch there in one of my posts. Remember? Well, don’t worry if you don’t because you can still read it here.

The thing is it was such an amazing lunch we had there and such a pleasant experience that I could not wait to take my friends with me to this incredible place. As I was feeling like doing something different with them (it was a special ocassion because we were reunited in Madrid) I thought it might be a good idea having brunch all together in the cosy couches of this resaurant.

Brunch at Perrachica (Madrid)

I know we all look amazing and irresistable haha but given the fact that the food was even better (yes, I know, it looks impossible) I think we should get started with the real issue here right? Let’s begin with the actual brunch!

Perrachica Eggs Benedict

Brioche bread, poached eggs, spinach, hollandese sauce and smoked salmon

This one was by far my favourite dish among all their bruch options but I gotta say that’s probably because it’s the one I ordered. It doesn’t mean necessarily mean it’s the best one because you’ll see they are all amazing.

Perrachica Eggs Benedict at Perachica (Madrid)

Just by looking at it, it’s highly likely your intuition will tell you it’s going to be veeery nice. However, it will go beyond expectations because it has a great surprise perfectly concealed. Over the brioche bread and covered by that big coat of hollandese sauce you’ll find a delicious poached egg that will break with your first cut to the preparation revealing the big surprise haha Ins’t that nice? Well, actually it was me who just spoiled the surprise. hehe. Sorry about that! 😉

The salmon was of course delicious (you know how much I love salmon) and I was quite happy both with its quality and quantity so congratulations to Perrachica for this creative brunch idea!

Latin Eggs Benedict

Arepa base, poached eggs, avocado, iberic ham and hollandese sauce

If you are thinking this might be the latin version fo the previous dish you are right! Well done! But don’t worry! It will not start singing reggeaton or anything like that haha. It’s all because due to the iberic ham and the arepas that come with it I believe.

Latin Eggs Benedict at Perrachica (Madrid)

It’s probably because of the ham that I did not go for this bruch dish. I guess I am not latin enough haha but I am a much bigger fan of salmon that I am of ham. Nevertheless, I know that’s not the case for the mayority of you guys reading this so you’ll probably enjoy this one better.

In any case, it was also delicious and it came with avocado which is always playing safe apart from healthy. All in all, I would recommend this dish as much as I would recommend the salmon one so It’s up to you now!

Nutella Crepes

Crepes are also another safe option when it comes to breakfast. However, these are not a regular, ordinary crepes with nutella. These are THE crepes. Look at them for just one second! Look!

Nutella crepes at Perrachica (Madrid)

OK, now that you have all fallen in love, specially those with sweet teeth, we can start talking about them. These are the biggest, yummiest, sweetest crepes I’ve ever had. The were stuffed with tans of nutella and they even came with different berries. Isn’t that cute? Maybe irresistable would be a better description of it right?

Given their huge size, we all had the chance to have a bite and I can tell you they were as great as they look! What a sweet pleasure my god! Just incredible! 10/10 again! 

I would like to go on writing because that would mean there was more food on our table but that’s not the case haha. But I think that was enough and that you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed our Brunch. I want to encourage you all to visit this amazing restaurant and give it a try because you won’t regret it. Trust me!

Thanks a lot to all of you guys who keep dropping by 😉



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