MÜR Café. Coffee Shop & Cocktail Bar in Madrid.

“But first, coffee”. If you are having one of those days, all you need is a good, big cup of coffee to safe the day and MÜR Café is the perfect place to get this desired coffee you are all picturing in your heads right now.

MÜR Café is perfectly located in the city centre of Madrid, next to Plaza España or Debod Temple so it won’t be hard for you to get there if you are ever in Madrid or if you happen to live in this amazing city. What’s going to be hard is leaving this place once you are in there because look how cosy this café-bar is.

MÜR Café in Madrid

I have to warn you about that couch you see over there because it can be too comfy, till the point it won’t let you go haha for hours! But that won’t be the only reason why you won’t be able to leave this marvellous place. Just have a look at their products and you’ll be instantly falling in love with them.

Afternoon coffee is a piece of cake

That huge cup of coffee I was talking about above is about to make its appearance and I am sure is going to get a standing ovation because it’s not just a very good-and- instagram-looking cup of coffee, it’s also one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. And that’s a lot coming from me! Trust me!

Cup of Cappuccinno at MÜR Café in Madrid

As almost everytime I fancy a coffee and I am in a “fancy” café, I went for the cappuccinno. I just can’t help it! I love its foamy texture and the chocolate on top!! What’s more! I love it even more when they do this trendy drawings with the foam. Doesn’t it look super cute? I think it does!!

But I am not a superficial or shallow girl! Don’t you dare thinking that for a second! What made me fall in love with this coffee was its inside, its flavour! OMG! It was just perfect for me! Strong coffee but not too bitter you need a lot of sugar. Just on point!

Cup of Café Latte at MÜR Café in Madrid

 I bet Maria felt more or less the same for her café Latte because she was also speaking wonders about it and we both left the place very very happy to have chosen MÚR Café for our afternoon together.

You might be thinking just with the coffee you could be absolutely pleased to have visited the place and we were, indeed. However, there was something else. Yes, we were too weak when we were standing next to the counter with all those cakes staring at us haha.

New York Cheesecake with Oreos from MÚR Café in Madrid.

Despite all the sugar and all the downsides of eating cake,( yes I know there are plenty) it also gives you a good moment of happiness and if all the ingredients used are organic is even less of a sin, isn’t it? And that’s exactly the case with MÚR cakes so why not sharing a piece? haha that was our excuse and thank god because it was such an amazing piece of cake!

To sum up, I’d say it was such a great experience at a quite fair price so, of course, I strongly recommend this place to take someone special with you and spend the afternoon together, for sure!

Relaxing organic breakfast

If you are more of a morning person and you enjoy the pleasure of having breakfast out with some friends or just on your own, MÜR Café is also your place. Maria and I absolutely love meeting for breakfast so we had to try this one! It could not be any other way, so here we were, waiting for their cheerful waitress to tell us if we could sit down in their spare table. (yes, I’m being ironic, she was quite slow) But anyway, we got our table and (after a while) our breakfast.

Breakfast at MÜR Café (Madrid)

Being such traditional girls as we are haha (again, I’m being ironic) we went for the Traditional Breakfast. However, you have a lot of different interesting option to choose from in their menu so have a look at all of them. They might interest you and you can have brunch as well!

Of course, we needed a good cup of coffee with this traditional breakfast and we had a Café Latte and a Hazelnut Mocca, both of them amazing. If you are into hazelnuts you are gonna love their Mocca. It was so so tasty! and with chocolate on top! Maria’s favourite!

Mocca Avellana/Hazelnut Mocca at MÜR Café (Madrid)

About the breakfast itself I have nothing to say but wonders again. Two magnificent bread slices slightly toasted, one of them was white bread and the other one wholemeal bread. Both of them were amazing, I could not choose only one.

Traditional Breakfast at MÜR Café (Madrid)

What I can say is that both, butther and strawberry jam were incredibly delicious and matched both types of breads perfectly. Mmmm so so yummy! Great bread and great spreadables on top!

All in all, it was a pleasant morning out with a good-quality breakfast in a very nice place with kind of a slow and annoying waitress, so be patient just because of that and everything else will be perfect! No doubts about that.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and see you again very soon! 😉


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