Zuchinni and quinoa hamburgers

Good  morning everyone!!! Autumn is finally here!! The summer is over and the unbearable heat with it so it’s time for me to get back in the kitchen and start doing some warm new recipes for you guys.

Some of you have told me you’ve missed then during the summer but just the idea of turning on the cooker in the kitchen meant making the heat even worse so I that’s why I haven’t been cooking that much lately.But I’m back on track and now that it’s getting chilly again I will be cooking so much more, like this superhealthy burgers I’ve been doing lately. I’m sure you are gonna love them so…let’s get into it!


  • 150g of quinoa
  • 2 zuchinnis
  • 1/2 glass of cheese powder
  • 1/2 glass of bread crumbs
  • 1 egg (L size)                                                  You are also gonna need the
  • 1 garlic clove                                                   following cookware:
  • Olive oil                                                                 1 food grater
  • Sea salt                                                                  2 strainers (1 big/1 small size)
  • Black pepper, oregano                                     1 big bowl or container

But first, Quinoa

You should all be very familiar with this superfood by now because I’ve mentioned it plenty of times on the blog. However, for those of you who haven’t paid much attention I will remind you that the first thing you need to do when cooking quinoa is rinsing it using a small strainer. Just a few minutes down the kitchen tap will do.

Once you’ve washed it properly you can proceed and cook it for around 10-15 minutes the exact same way as if it would be rice you are cooking. This means pouring the same volume of water over the quinoa, bringing it to a boil and cooking it until all the water is gone. Don’t forget to sprinkle some sea salt or it will be tasteless.

Don’t let zuchinni grate on you

While the quinoa is cooking you can start taking care of the zuchinnis. Firstly, you wanna go and wash them very well before grating them over a big bowl. Place the grater just on top of the bowl and start pressing the zuchinnis in a left-to-right motion until you get both of the zuchinnis perfectly grated.

Lastly, transfer the grated zuchinni into a big strainer and add a full spoon of salt over it. Mix it a little bit with you hand and leave it there for about minimum 10 minutes. This step will help most of the water in the zuchinnis to come out and you’ll see it’s a lot of water we’re talking about here. It’s crazy!

The egg does come first

When you have the zuchinni nicely grated and strained and the quinoa has cooled down a bit you can go ahead and mix them all together in a pretty big bowl. Then, we are gonna add a big egg (use two if they are small-sized ones) in order to make sure both ingredients stay together.


Stir everything properly until the egg is evenly distributed in the mixture. You’ll see how it starts coming all together thanks to the consistency of the egg.

Cheese and bread; playing safe

Because these two ingredients match perfectly with almost everything, they had to be here as well. However, apart from their exceptionally delicious flavor, they are gonna help the egg keeping everything together so that when we are cooking the hamburgers they don’t get scattered all over the place.

As an international unit of volume or measurement, we are gonna use a glass of water. So we’ll pour 1/2 glass of bread crumbs over the mixture and we’ll mix everything together. Then we’ll do the same with 1/2 glass of cheese powder until the mixture starts having the appearance of a dough. Or at least it does to me. However, it should look similar to the one you have on the picture above on your wright.

Let’s get our hands dirty

Here it comes the funniest part among all. Shaping the dough, getting the real hamburgers ready. In order to do so, yes, you are gonna be using your hands so make sure you wash them properly before this step.


All you need to do is take small portions of the dough we got and shape it with your hands until you get something that looks more or less like the burgers you can see on the picture. Of course I did not use all the mixture; I froze half of it for another occasion but you can use it all if you are feeling brave that day, or really really hungry haha.

And now let’s get that tan

The last step of this recipe is very simple. Heat up a big pan with a bit of olive oil on it and cook the hamburgers on both sides until they get this brownie color we all like.


Once you see they’ve gone darker and they look crunchy you’ll have you burgers ready to enjoy. Bear in mind that it takes some time to get them this brown so be patient and wait. Otherwise they will only be cooked on the surface and we are not that superficial, are we?

Get that sauce and enjoy!

I strongly recommend you have your zuchinni and quinoa burgers with a little bit of yoghurt sauce because they go perfectly together.


I’m sure any other sauce will do as well so don’t be put off by this picture and try your favourite sauce. You’ll enjoy it! I’m positive about it!

And that’s all for today’s recipe guys! I hope you enjoyed it and that you find it very appetising. At least appetising enough to give it a try and share it with your friends or family. They are gonna love you after this. Trust me!

Thank you very much and enjoy this Autumn! See you in the next post 😉


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