Three crazy ladies in Berlin

Berlin, yes, that city that was halved for 28 years by a 45-kilometre wall has been our home for the past 5 days and it was just amazing. If you haven’t been there you should do it right now!! You can’t miss it out.


As our adventure was five days long we had more than enough time to explore almost every corner of it (not even close, it’s huge), this including of course its typical cuisine and snacks. Even though German people are not famous for their food, there are a few dishes worth trying so let’s check them out!!

Brauhaus Georg Braeu

One of the most popular breweries in Berlin, it stands right next to the Spree river so apart from its tasty dishes you will be able to enjoy a nice view from their terrace.

However, bare in mind you will have to fight for your food with some of the bees that might be around. Yes! That’s Germany guys.

Brauhaus plate with ham, ground seasoned pork, Harzer cheese, butter and bun

You’ll probably agree with me that ordering this dish was an absolute failure. I mean, you can imagine our faces when we discovered it was raw pork what we had right under our noses. Of course we left almost the entire dish but I just wanted to warn you so that you don’t make the same mistake.


Or maybe you find it very appealing and want to give it a go. That’s up to you of course. If so, you just need to spread it over the bread with a bit of butter and a bit of onion. And by the way it is called Mett in German, just in case!

Braised leg of pork with sauerkraut and fried potatoes (Knucke)

Unlike the previous dish, this knucle of pork was amazing! One of the best I’ve ever had seriously and I did have some others when I travelled around Germany last summer so trust me when I say it was a good one!


On top of that, I really liked the sauerkraut, which I hadn’t found so tasty in other previous ocassions, and the potatoes were very tasty as well. It was a delicious combination of tradicionally German food so we enjoyed it so so much! I bet the bees that were bothering us constantly did as well! haha.

The well-know Currywurst

This might look like a simple sausage, maybe because it is haha. However, I actually really like the currywurst better than other sausages. I mean, let’s face it: German people are good at this stuff. Their cuisine doesn’t have much to offer but they are the sausage champions, that’s a fact haha.


I also like the combination of the curry with the tomato sauce. It’s a pretty simple mixture but it works! So if you happen to visit Berlin please pleasy you need to give it a chance. At least you can share it with your friends just like we did.

A Kebab at the Turkish Neighborhood

Did you know that Kebabs were actually invented in Berlin and not in Turkey as everyone might think? For this reason, it is compulsory to have a Kebab when you are in Berlin, even if you are not a big fan of them.


No excuses will do because they are a very cheap meal (3 euros for a huge portion) that you can get almost in every corner of the turkish neighborhood called Kreuzberg. If you are not very hungry you’d better share it because it’ll be more than enough. They are quite big and filling. Such a good deal!

Our beloved Pretzels

What a discovery Pretzels were! I mean, they are just salty bread in the shape of a bow or a heart or a bow tied like a heart haha I don’t even know. The thing is that we got a liiittle bit addicted to them. haha.

They made us very happy as you can see in the pics above so it was worth all the calories haha.” We like good bread and we cannot lie! “haha. And as bread lovers we ought to tell you all that German bread is actually pretty good. We were very surprised!

Thai Food in Germany. Why not!

Even though Thailand is a bit more far away than Germany, it is possible to get some nice Thai Food in the middle of Berlin.

We three went for the chicken curry although we did not know it was going to be that spicy. We asked the waitress and she said: “Oh no, no problem, not spicy. Sweet, sweet” So we trust her just to learn this new lesson: “Never trust a Thai waitres haha”. Just kidding haha. It didn’t really matter because the noodles we had before were so so hot our tongues were numb by the time our dishes arrived haha. Dangerous food! haha

When we stopped eating haha

Apart from filling our stomachs with some nice food we also explored the city quite a lot during our five days in Berlin so here you have some of our favourite place in Berlin like Alexander Platz, the Dom or Cathedral, the FloghMarktz…

And that’s all for Berlin’s post. I hope you all have fallen a little bit in love with this city as we did and you consider paying it a visit. Bear in mind that the sooner you do it the better because most of its street art is desappearing little by little and it’s a pitty!

Danke schön and auf wiedersehen!!!


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