Get the most out of your Halloween pumpkin

Hello my beautiful friends and happy Halloween to everybody!!! Today is October 31st, a very special date in many places around the world. Even though here in Spain is not such a big deal, it’s starting to get bigger and bigger and more and more people celebrate every year. Maybe it’s just one more excuse to party but who cares?? Let’s party and…LET’S COOK! Of course!

What is traditional in Halloween is, of course, curving pumpkins. However, it didn’t feel like enough so I decided to go a little bit further and get something else out of this entertaining tradition. But I did curve some pumpkins, don’t get me wrong!



As I hate throwing away food, I though it was a great idea to make a pumpkin cream with the inner parts of our pumpkin, except the seeds of course. Although you can also toast them and have them as a very healthy snack! Just saying hehe.

But I am gonna focus this time in the cream so…let’s start with the ingredients.


  •  Inner flesh of 1 pumpkin
  • 1 big-sized potato
  • 3-4 carrots
  • 1-1 + 1/2 onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Cured ham (optional)

Let’s behead that pumpkin

In order to empty our pumpkin and get the flesh inside of it, you are gonna need a big and sharpy knife. Around 2 cm below the top of the pumpkin, cut strongly with your knife until you chop off the top of the pumpkin.

Be very careful with this step because pumpkins have a very hard skin and it can be dangerous if you are not strong enough. Ask for some help if you need so.

Get rid of that brain for once

Once you have beheaded the pumpkin, you’ll find yourself looking into a kind of disgusting net of entangled seeds and pumpking threads or fibres. Get rid of it and keep only the flesh. That’s what will be using for our cream.


Let me warn you that this is a difficult step and my recommendation is using a spoon to scoop out everything and then try to scrape a little bit of flesh with it as well. You should end up with something similar to what you can see in the pic above.

We want more!

Apart from pumpkin, our delicious cream is made of some other veggies. You can choose the ones that you like of course but I strongly recommend using potatoes if you like your creams to be thick as I do.

Another recommendation of mine would be sauting the onion and the carrots a little before incorporating the rest of ingredients to your pot. This will add extra flavour to the cream. Adding salt every time you add a new veggie will also help.

Close up your pot or pressure cooker and let it cook for about 6 minutes.

The actual curving

Most of you probably know better than me how to do this but for those who have never curved a pumpkin, my advice will be drawing the face previously on the pumpkin so that you don’t screw it up haha.

You can make a sad pumpkin, a scary pumpkin or a friendly one instead. It’s up to you, but whatever you do, do it carefully!

The 6 minutes are over! Our veggies are ready!

Mash it up baby!

Open up your pot and you’ll find something like this in the pic bellow. Take your mixer and mashed it all up.

As I mentioned previously, I like my creams thick so I took out a bit of water but you can leave it all if you want.

A Spanish touch and we’re done!

This step is optional but I think you should all give it a go because it takes the cream to a higher level. Just chop a few pieces of cured ham and fry them until they get crispy.


Then, sprinkle them over the cream with a little bit of parsley and it’s done! You’ll see how much better this looks! and tastes!

Don’t get scared!

Back to our pumpkin, you can get a small candle, light up and make your house look a bit more terrifying. However, while you wait for the darkness to arrive you can also have fun with your pumpkin as my beloved father did. He’s looking great, isn’t he?

Yes, I was quite scared when I saw him as you can tell haha.

Anyway, I hope you guys liked the cream and the curving and you have some time to do any of them, or both! Who knows!! Send me your pics please!!


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