La Hummusería, vegetarian restaurant in Madrid

Hummusaholics, may I have your attention please? haha If you really love hummus, I think you should read this post because your life is about to change. 

I wanna talk you guys about this fabulous vegetarian restaurant located in the middle of Madrid(Hernán Cortés Street, 8). It’s awesome, isn’t it? And look how cute it is!


I’ve been meaning to go to La Hummusería for a while and yesterday I finally lured my friend Silvia into this perfect plan: eating hummus non-stop haha. I had seen some of their dishes in their instagram and so on and I got inmediatly attracted to them. Love at first sight, so I didn’t stop until I managed to go and try their menu. Yess!!

I think Silvia will be forever in debt with me for taking her to this magical place full of hummus haha because how happy she looks! I’m such a good friend haha.

Truth being said, we both loved everything we ate and we were more than delighted with all of their dishes. It definitely exceded our expectations because it was more than amazing. Just perfect! And so so cute-looking, don’t you think?


And without further do, let’s get into the actual issue here. Food!

The mysterious starter

First of all, I feel the need to share with all of you this weird starter we were introduced to just before the actual food arrived. I have been doing some research but I haven’t been able to find what it is made of. No idea at all! What do you guys guess?

Starter on the house in La Hummusería restaurant in Madrid

Silvia thinks it might be cabbage and I  believe it may be lettuce with a kind of citric sauce and some seeds on top but we are not sure at all. However, we were not very worried about it because we didn’t like it that much. Actually, it’s the only dish we did not finish.

Season Tapa/ Tapa of the day

Apart from being a vegetarian restaurant, La Hummuseria is well-known by its great-quality and season products. And it’s with these products that they put together their “Tapas of the day”.

We decided to have the roasted potatoes over coarse salt with yogur and zaatar and I think we nailed it because it was delicious!

Roasted potatoes with yogurt and zaatar at La Hummusería restaurant in Madrid.

I absolutely love greek yogurt sauce so I enjoyed this dish very very much. Although it was a bit spicy, which you guys know I don’t love that much, you could easily avoid the spicy bits so for me it was a 9 out of 10.

Finally, the Hummus!

Although the menu in this restaurant is quite short; only 5 varieties of Hummus, it is more than enough because everything was great! We went for “El tímido”(the shy one in Spanish) and look how amazing it was!

Hummus El Tímido at La Hummusería restaurant in Madrid.

Silvia and I we both love Fungi Kingdom (obviously, we are pharmacists) so this was the perfect choice for us.

These were without any doubt the most tasty and delicious mushrooms I’ve ever had in my entire live. So just imagine that with a creamy and warm hummus. The best combination we could have never imagined!

Well, in fact, there is a better combination: Pita Bread served nice and warm. Oh looord! That was the closest I have been to heaven in so long haha.

There is also one additional option, although we were not very into it. Chilli pepers and onion to deep in the hummus. We prefered the hummus, but you know…Why not?

We’re not done yet

Dishes in La Hummuseria are not very large, although it might look like it in the pics. That’s why we decided to endulged ourselves with a little bit of sugar and chocolate. This home-made chocolate and banana cake was definitely worth it!

Home-made chocolate cake at La Hummusería restaurant in Madrid

It was very juicy and tasteful. The flavor of the dark was very intense, just how we like it! And also the straberries and the berries were very tasty. Mmmm so yummi!

Silvia had a coffee as well with the cake and let me just mention it was from sustainable coffee farms which is always nice. People should do that more often.

And if you still want more…

As I am a very resourceful woman I got for you guys also some pics of some of the others dishes in the menu so you can see which one you like the most (just by being superficial haha) and get yourself a bit more hummus educated haha. These are the dishes in the pic:

  • El Hummus Irresistible (the irresistible one) with almonds and pinions.
  • El Hummus Ambiguo (the ambiguous one) with green tahini.
  • Ensalada Primavera (spring salad) with green leaves, citric vinaigrette and seasom fruits.


According to my flat mate, who si the one who took this pic (yes, she loves hummus as well) everything was delicious and they left nothing to waste so that’s alsways a good sign. Don’t you think? I think they three look gorgeous!!

Macera Workshop Bar

Just when everything was going great, we made it even better with this Gin Home-made Drinks we got at Macera. Macera is a workshop bar where they themselves brew or macerate their own spirits such as gin, vozka...

Apple and citric Gins at Macera Bar in Madrid

It is conviniently located in the centre of Madrid, 5 mins away from La Hummuseria in Saint Mateo Street,21 and I highly recommend this place for a few drinks with friends. Such a nice atmosphere in there!

And that’s it for today guys. I hope you guys enjoyed the post and that you share this with all hummus fans out there who, I know, there are plenty of them. 

Have a nice week and see you soon in my next post! 😉


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