One-day trip to beautiful Toledo

Everyone who lives in Madrid or has visited it lately knows that Madrid is too busy during December. Therefore, it is the perfect time of the year for those one-day trips to those cute little cities which are just a few kilometers away from Madrid.


Maria and I chose to visit Toledo because neither of has had been there before, or at least not properly, so we took a 45 min bus from Madrid (Plaza Elíptica) and arrived there before midday. It was cold and foggy when got there but it was night to have that wintery shivers for a change.


First of all, it is compulsory for me to mention that Toledo is 2016 gastronomy capital so it had to be in this blog, don’t you think? And also look what we found up in the top of the city because of it! This cute “little” spoons which were perfect to make a fool of ourselves in front of the camera jaja.

Having mentioned this, I think we can go on and talk about the rest of the trip. After finding a map, we had time to go for a nice strol and visit some of Toledo’s treasures such as its cathedral or its jewish neighborhood. Then, we were ready for our first gastronomic stop:

Manchego Cheese Museum

Queso Manchego or Manchego Cheese in English is the typical cheese of this region of Spain in which Toledo is located in (Castilla y la Mancha). In this “museum” you are invited to learn everything about its production process as well as its history. And what’s more important, you get to try the cheese with some of your favourite wine.

Manchego Cheese tasting at Manchego Cheese Museum (Toledo)

I believe this is the perfect spot to have a break, have a bit of rest and get a boost of energy to continue with the rest of the trip. Trust me, you’ll need it because Toledo must be the steepest city in Spain haha. My god, is full of hills!

Alfileritos 24

A few steep hills after we were hungry again (we are never not hungry haha) so we decided it was time for a proper lunch. We had been told a few places so we showed up in one of them doubtlessly.

We went to Alfileritos 24, conviniently located en Alfileritos street, close to the City Hall Square. We were only capable of finding a small table in the bar, as it was quite busy. However, we had such a great meal. Let’s see!

Chicken salad with cheese and mustard sauce/Ensalada de pollo con queso y salsa de mostaza

Thanks to the people from the table next to us (and to envy), we were lucky enough to enjoy this gorgeous salad. We had a light start for this great meal! Look.

Chicken salad with cheese and mustard sauce at Alfileritos 24(Toledo)

A fresh starter for a fresh start to embrace ourselves for what’s next: Pica-Pica. Which is a sharing huge dish with four different types of tapas from this restaurant:

Pica-Pica at Alfileritos 24(Toledo)

These are the four tapas:

  • Kumato tomato with mozzarella cheese and basil vinaigrette
  • Creamy boletus croquettes
  • Roasted potatoes with mojo and ali oli sauce
  • Grilled stag with mushroom sauce

Very cosy and nice place with a great atmosphere and more importantly, great quality food so we highly recommend it!

La Pepa Café

We needed something warm in our stomach us it was quite cold outside and we are not that much use to it now that we live in Madrid so we went to La Pepa for some hot drinks: a latte machiato and a colorful hot chocolate.

Latte Machiato and hot chocolate at La Pepa (Toledo)

It was Nespresso coffee but quite pricy. Although it was good and laaarge so it was OK just for once. The place was quite cosy as well so we had a nice time getting warm.

It was almost dark when we finished our drinks so we took advantage of it and got some nice shots thanks to the Christmas Lights that were hanging everywhere.

And that was it for the short trip to Toledo. I really hope you guys enjoyed it and that you find it useful for your futures one-day trip considerations haha.

Have a nice almost-Christmas days and see you in the next post. Byeee! 😉


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