Oven restaurants. Italian cuisine in Madrid.

Hello my foodies!! How are you doing? How are your Christmas going?? I hope you are eating loads as we always do and that you are having a lovely time with your friends and family. Because that’s what Christmas are for in the end, isn’t it?

Even though you are all still full of so many Christmas meals, I am here with an amazing italian restaurant I discovered recently. Whenever you are ready, feel free to pay them a visit hehe. Let’s what is it that made it so amazing!

Oven restaurant in Las Tablas (Madrid)

First of all, the amazing atmosphere of these restaurants will make the experience so much magical as they all look as pretty as you can see in the pic above. For now, , there are three Oven restaurants in Madrid, two of them in the city centre and the third one in Las Tablas. This last one is the one I am gonna talk you guys about.

From Monday to Friday, at Oven Las Tablas you can enjoy a quite affordable menu for 12.90 which includes first and second course as well as drinks and dessert. And of course, that’s what we went for! More food for the same prize?! Hell yes! haha

The starters/ first courses

I guess we could say that size, the same way as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, that’s exactly what happens with this dishes. Call them starters if you see them small or first course if you think oppositely. However it is, they were all delicious!

Cream of the day: Zucchini’s cream

I must confess I am not a cream girl but my company this day it is apparently so they decided to start of the meal with this cute little zucchini cream with some bits of cheese.

Zucchini’s cream at Oven Las Tablas (Madrid)

I must also admit that it did look good and that it was probably pretty delicious. However, I am sure mine was even better although it was, for sure, not the lightest starter haha.

 Grilled Parmigiana di Melanzane

My choice was more of the suculent, fatty, appealing type haha. Not the lightest but yet the yummiest and also the freshest as the bread it had as a side was still warm from the “Oven”.

Grilled Parmigiana di Melanzane at Oven Las Tablas (Madrid)

If I were to describe it I’d say it is kind of a mini lasagna made out of slices of eggplat with loads of cheese and tomato sauce. Absolutely delicious and very tasty!! The perfect combination to that fresh bread!

The main courses

Now here we go with big big course. Embraced yourselves for it because you are gonna need a big stomach, specially for the pizzas.

Mezzi Rigatoni: gongonzola, parmesan and basil oil.

The least fatty option, if you want to put it this way, was this mezzi rigatini pasta dish. Its secret was definitely loads of cheese and spices.

Mezzi Rigatoni at Oven Las Tablas (Madrid)

I apologise for the poor lighting of the picture but I promise I did my best. However, I heard it was really creamy and yummi and nothing was left on the plate so I assume it was trully delicious.

Pizza “The farm”: tomato, mozzarella, tomato slices and Italian bacon.

This was my pizza and oooh lord! Just by remembering it I wanna eat it again. It was perfectly and freshly toasted, crunchy and very tasty. 

“The Farm”Pizza at Oven Las Tablas (Madrid)

The tomato slices gave it the perfect fresh and veggie touch and then the bacon was a bit salty but not too much so it mached the rest of the ingredeints amazingly.

As you may have imagined, it was a bit huuuge for me so I asked for a box to take the last slices home and the waiters were very kind and give it to me, no problem at all. Next day it was my dinner, and oooh god! It tasted as good or even better at home!

Four Cheeses Pizza: Roquefort soft cream, mozzarella, parmesan and emmental chips.

Paqui regards herself as a pizza lover and also as a classic woman when it comes to chosing a pizza so she didn’t take many risks and asked for the four cheeses pizza.


Four Cheeses Pizza at Oven Las Tablas (Madrid)

It looked almost as good as mine and I bet it was crunchier and much more creamy. That’s for sure because the huge amount of cheese this pizza comes with should be forbidden. My god!! It was overboarded by so many delicious and different cheeses. Sounds great right?

Paqui was bravier than me and ate it all up! She hides a big big stomach and her small body haha. Such a deceiving appereance! 😉

That Italian dessert: the Tiramisú.

There was no doubt when it came to choosing dessert: “Tiramisú it is!”-we said. And suddenly it appeared under our noses haha.

Piece of Tiramisú at Oven Las Tablas (Madrid)

It was, without a shadow of doubt, the best Tiramisú I’ve ever tried in my entire life (apart from my mum’s, of course) so I highly recommend that you go and try it! Now! Today! Hurry up! You are wasting your time if you don’t!

And with this unbeatable dessert I close up this post. Probably the last post of this year 2016!! It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?? Hopefully, we’ll have lots more! Thanks to you guys! Of course! 😉







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