Last dinner of 2016, a year full of gastrohappiness :)

Hello everyone and Happy New Year for all of you too!! I hope you all had an amazing start of 2017 and that you enjoyed some very nice New Year’s Eve dinners!

I thought as we are still going through Christmas, at least here in Spain, it might make sense for me to share with you my New Year’s Eve dinner  which, by the way, was so much fun and delicious.

Our glamorous-looking dinner table right before food arrived

But before getting into loads and loads of food (yes, in Spain we eat a lot and very late haha) let me talk you about the San Silvestre race. It is a huge tradition for us Spaniards to run this popular race the afternoon before New Year’s Eve dinner. We usually run it with our friends and family and it’s a fun and perfect way to balance a little bit the excess of food and alcohol from all these huge Christmas meals, isn’t it? 

Me ready for the San Silvestre race.

And of course I could not miss it out. You know how much I love running, even if it is -2ºC outside (yes, not kidding you). We literally run for the cake that night. You are gonna see in a minute why haha.

Our fancy menu

You know I like to get fancy every once in a while and on December 31st I was so so ready for the glitter and the glamour that I had to go fancy with the menu as well:

Glamourous Christmas Menu at Padilla Capa’s NYE dinner

Spread it like… paté with jelly

You night be thinking: “What? Paté with jam?Is this girl crazy?”. Well, guess what!? Yes! I am! haha but paté with jam is actually an exquisite combination of flavours: sweet and salty at the same time, both of them spread over these crackers.

We do it at home quite often since my father was introduced to it a few years ago. I believe it was in France where he discovered it, and now I am here to get it through you.

Octopus. Have it your way.

I can be quite annoying sometimes and thanks to that we had the Octopus cooked in two different ways haha. The thing is I thought I did not like it in vinaigrette (first pic) so I decided I would get half of it done the traditional way: “a la gallega”.

Surprisingly enough, I ended up liking it both ways. I still prefer it with some potetoes, olive oil and some cayenne (a la gallega) but I ought to admit it was quite good my mum’s way as well.

Christmas sea food soup

I am definnitely not a soup girl but there’s only one day of the year in which I become one of them: Christmas haha. My mums fish and sea food is so so good and tasteful that I cannot help it. Mmmmmmm I want more!!

It does look good, doesn’t it? I love its intense color and even more its intense flavour! So so tasty! And comforting. Thanks mum!

Whiting with mushrooms

Again my mum, who is surprisingly becoming quite a good chef, cooked us this amazing dish of whiting with loads of sauce and mushrooms.


It’s a new recipe she just tried out this year for the first time. However, it came out quite well. I think you might be seeing it around this blog again very soon.

A bit of help for our digestion

As you guys might now, thanks to its proteolytic properties, pineapple is a very digestive fruit and helps a lot with that full stomach feeling after so much food.

We needed some help before the actual dessert, which was for me the best part of this dinner. Get ready for it.

The famous Tiramisú

My already-mentioned mother was also the creator of this sweet masterpiece. She “baked” this for the second time this Christmas and I just can’t get enough!


And I’m quite sure I am not the only one with this problem right now. It was so so delicious that we finished it up within a few minutes. It looked like quite a lot at first but…

here you have the proof: it was too good to leave anything on the plate.

Did we really need more sugar?

Stupid as it may sound, it is also a tradition here in Spain to finish every Christmas dinner with a bit of champaign and the famous Turron and all its variations.

Also the “polvorones” and the Ferrero Rocher chocolates are quite popular.

The 12 grapes

The most popular tradition among all the others I have already mentioned would be the twelve grapes. What we do here in Spain is having 12 grapes one per each of the last twelve seconds of the year.When the clock hits 00.00 we all have our mouths full of grapes and try hard not to chocke with them haha.


This way we say Hello to the brand new year, in this case 2017!!

That was all for this post! The first of this year 2017. Hopefully there will be too many more and even better than the one in 2016.

My crazy family and I wish you all have a very happy new year! 😉



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