Best breakfasts in Madrid

Hello everyone!! Today I am here with a hopefully useful post for you guys. I am always looking for recommendations when it comes to eating out so I put together a guide with, in my view, the best places to have breakfast in Madrid. Hope you guys enjoy!

La Rollerie Coffee-Bread-Food

La Rollerie is a cute bakery place conveniently located in the very centre of Madrid. Very close to Plaza del Sol, at Atocha Street,20 (metro line 1). You’ll find some other places from this chain scattered from Madrid where you can also have luch or a snack.

What you guys can see here it’s the breakfast for two called “La Rollerie”, which comes with:

A basket of varied jams and butter or olive oil and smashed tomato, for items of bakery (croissant, pain au chocolat, napolitana or roll), 2 orange juices and two hot drinks (coffee,tea or milk).

Breakfast “La Rollerie” at La Rollerie (Madrid)

No need to say it looks absolutely irresistible and that with this breakfast you will not be hungry again for a very loong time because OMG. They brought us a lot of food! Don’t you think? haha. But I’m not gonna complain about that. Never! It was quite a good breakfast all in all, although it was not probably the best bakery I’ve ever had it was good enough for it’s price and quantity.

Miga Bakery

This is the cutest litlle bread-coffee I’ve ever found uninentintionally. Just when we were coming out of the metro (line 1, Bilbao) we came across with this pretty bakery called Miga. We could’t help it! We had to get in! And what I nice surprise when we got our breakfast! Such a lovely meal.

Spanish breakfast at Miga Bakery (Madrid)

We kept it classic and got our wholegrain bread with olive oil and smashed tomato. We love this combination here in Spain. It’s very tasty and healthy as well. So I highly highly recommend it. Two interest aspects of this breakfast: its price (2.90 euros) and its optional orange juice for only one extra euro. That’s almost a gift. So so chip! And again fresh and healthy. A light and healthy start of the day at a very fair price at Miga Bakery.

Petit Appetit

Another delicious Spanish breakfast is waiting for you in Petit Appetit, a cute little Parisian café next to Colon metro stop line 4 and Recoletos Renfe station, Esquinza Street 1. It has such a calmed atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing cup of coffee in an early morning of computer work for example.

Spanish breakfast at Petit Appetit (Madrid)

How cute does this look in this little tray? What do you think about the pan-toasted bread? It was delicious that I can tell you for sure and also all the products were really of a very high quality. I think you can even tell from the picture right? In addition, I think it was very fair-priced; only 3 euros.

Whitby 614

This modernly decorated coffee-after-work place called Whitby 614 appeared in my life by chance and it was a very nice finding. It is also located in a very nice area of Madrid (Alonso Martinez subway stop lines 4,5 and 10) at Almagro Street,22.

Classic breakfast at Whitby 614 (Madrid)

Appart from receiving quite generous portions of freshly toasted bread (with butter and jam this time), I was nicely surprised with the price of it: only 2.50 euros with one hot drink, either coffee or hot chocolate. Such a good deal a would say!

Pum Pum Café

Pum Pum Café is by far among my favourite breakfast places in Madrid. Not only because it is in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of this city, Lavapies, but also because its breakfast menu offers a wide variety of fresh, organic and original options to choose from. Its adress would be Tribulete Street,6, where you can easily get on foot from the city center.

Breakfast for 3 at Pum Pum Café (Madrid)

At Pum Pum Café you can enjoy a good time next to your coffee and some friends in a very nice setting. I loved the place so so much! And it was all delicious! My friends went for Brioche Bread with Greek Yoghurt and wholemeal bread with smashed tomato whereas I went for this amazing break with home-made smoked butter. I told you you had a lot of different original options , didn’t I?

Organic Bread with home-made butter at Pum Pum Café (Madrid)

And no! I am not forgetting about coffee. They take care of it pretty well; good quality and beatifully served with the trendy drawings on the foam. All perfect (and a bit expensive but worth it) at Pum Pum Café (link to instagram).

Federal Café

If you are into all the #foodie #foodporn world you definitely need to check this Federal Café out. For starters, you are gonna love its location because its at one of the most typical areas of Madrid (Malasaña), at Plaza de las Comendadoras 9. It’s such a nice place with a chilled but clean and healthy athmosphere that I absolutely loved!

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon at Federal Café (Madrid)

Each one of Federal Café(instagram link) infinite breakfast options are made with fresh and organic products and let me tell you they have a lot! Save a few minutes for this because it’s a looong menu haha. We tried out the Eggs Benedict and the Croissant as well and it was absolutely amazing and very very yummi! Look!

Breakfast among friends at Federal Café (Madrid)

As always say, Coffee always needs to pass the test for a breakfast to be among my favourites and this coffee definetely did! Same as at PumPumCafé, it was beautifully served and it had a very soft pure flavour. Just the way I like it! Also a quite pricy option but definitely worth the chance.

Two “Cafés con leche”(back) and one Latte Macchiatto (front) at Federal Café (Madrid)

All in all, Federal Café was a very pleasant experience. Sharing this awesome food and drinks with some friends really made my day, the service was impeccable and the place was very cosy so I recommend you all to pay Federal Café a visit if you are ever in Madrid.


If you are a follower of my blog, Perrachica Restaurant might ring some bells. I have mentioned it twice already: once about its lunch and the other time because of its brunch. As I enjoyed the latter (both actually) so so much, it was compulsory for me to include Perrachica in this Breakfast Ranking. Located in Eloy Gonzalo Street,10 (Quevedo Stop Metro Line 2), it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Madrid.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon at Perrachica (Madrid)

As I was saying, I went for brunch to Perrachica with my friends and we all loved it so much. Some of us went for the salty options and had the Eggs Benedict and the ones who have sweet teeth decided to try their crepes. Either dish was so good-looking and yummi that we could not fall in love. 

Crepes with chocolate and blue berries at Perrachica (Madrid)

Aren’t this Crepes the most gorgeous Crepes you’ve ever seen? I still haven’t seen anything betther and I seriously doubt I ever will.

Everything was perfect but I do have to say that Perrachica is also in the pricy side. And bear in mind it’s usually fully booked as well so do not hesitate and make your reservations now! hehe.

Mür Café

And last but not least my very very favorite among all the cafés and breakfasts in Madrid had to be Múr Café. I have been to the café several times already since I live here in Madrid and it has never let me down, ever! You’ll find it at Plaza Cristino Martos 2, (Plaza España stop Metro lines 3 and 10).

Traditional breakfast at Múr Café (Madrid)

I like to get the simplest breakfast whenever I go to Múr Café: the Traditional Breakfast. You can either get it with butter and jam (as in the picture) or with olive oil and smashed tomato. Both go perfectly with the two types of bread that you’ll get: white bread and wholegrain bread.

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best things right?

Café Latte at Mür Café (Madrid)

Although I find they have the best fresh bread, what really made me fall in love with this place was its coffee. Its flavor it’s for me unbeatable, the best I’ve ever tried and the size its perfect; the coffee mug it comes in just makes it the perfect match for my tastes. So so beautiful, warm and delicious!

Another thing about Múr Café that you’re gonna love is that is not expensive at all. They offer very fair prices for their products so.What are we waiting for? Let’s go to Mür Café right now!

Well well well guys, that was it! I think here you’ll find very different and interesting options to choose from whenever you feel like having your “breaky” out in Madrid, or at least I hope so. Tell me what were your favorites, if you have tried any of them or which other places you’d include here. I am all ears!

Thanks a lot for your support and see you soon! Byee 😉


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