Goiko Grill. The best burgers in Madrid.

Goiko Grill is a very popular chain of restaurants in Madrid. They are famous for their hamburgers, which take like 90% of their menu so I guess we could say they are burger masters haha. Consequently, they deserve a place in this post. Let’s see why!


Goiko Grill restaurants are spreaded all over Madrid so you will probably find one of them if you start wondering around the city. However, just in case you are curious, we went to the one located in Glorieta de Bilbao (metro line 1) and the one at Las Tablas and we get out of there with a big smile in our faces.

Aita burger

Idiazabal cheese, Piquillo peppers and truffled oil.

This is a brand new burger at Goiko’s restaurants and I believe it’s also a special one because it’s inspired in Basque country’s cuisine and the founders belong to this region in Spain. The two reasons I found for this statement would be that “Aita” means daddy in Basque language and that the Idiazábal cheese is originally from this region as well.

Aita hamburger at Goiko Grill restaurant (Madrid)

As it was my friend Mariam who enjoyed this burger I guess we’ll had to trust her when she says it was absoultely amazing and that it got the podium position in her Goiko Grill ranking, even over the M-30 (also in their menu), which was her favourite till that day. I didn’t get to try it but I must admit it looks incredibly yummie!

Puchi burger

American cheese, bacnon and mushrooms in sauce.

Pay attention to this one guys because Puchi was my choice and I can’t tell you from my own experience that it was, for sure, one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had in my entire life! According to the menu, it’s the Goiko’s version of the American Bacon-Cheeseburger. I guess I was feeling American that night hehe.

Puchi hamburger at Goiko Grill restaurant (Madrid)

The meat was just perfectly done; medium, as I like it and the combination with the mushrooms was very very interesting. I would have never thought mushrooms could go so well with a hamburger but you know what they say: we never stop learning.

As for the “fries”, we should not take them for granted because they were special. They were not fried so we should better call them “side potatoes”?? haha. I don’t know, but I just loved the fact that they were a lighter version of the typical fries and also that they came with their skin. I just think they are fresher this way. And crumchier!

Pigma burger

Fried egg, bacon, American cheese and their delicious Mayo Goiko sauce.

If you love egg in your burger then this is probably your Goiko burger. It was Georgia who decided to try this one out and she was pretty happy with it. She had the best last dinner in Spain right? Despite ending up being pretty full, I am sure it was worth it.

Pigma hamburger at Goiko Grill restaurant (Madrid)

This burger is pretty much the same as the Puchi burger but with the egg on top and the Mayo Goiko sauce of course! Mine came with BBQ sauce.

Kevin Bacon burger

Minced meat on the grill and mixed with chunks of bacon, crunchy onion and American cheese

At my second Goiko experience, this time at their restaurante in Las Tablas, I decided I had to try their bestseller: the Kevin Bacon burger.

Kevin Bacon hamburger at Goiko Grill Las Tablas (Madrid)

As you can tell by the picture, it could not possibly look more yummi and delicious, but trust me guys, it was even better than it looks. The burger it self was all juicy and crunchy at the same time thanks to the crunchy bacon and let’s not forget about bread and potatoes. Both looking goldy and toasty, being the perfect match for this special burger.

I wanted to try how was it to eat a burger with the meat still minced and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. No layers but a perfect mixture of everything and let me tell you the outcome was impressive. Well done Goiko Grill, again! This is happiness!

We all were very pleased with our dinners and with the service we received as well. They were very very nice with us, very fast with the food and they spoke English! That’s a plus! Specially in Spain, so well done Goiko Grill!

Well guys, after so much deliciousness I bet you are quite hungry right now so I’ll let you go and eat something. Hopefully you’re craving a Goiko Grill burger because that would mean you really liked my post and that it really got through you. But, given that Goiko restaurants are always quite busy I recommend you go and make your reservation and eat something else in the mean time haha. However, book that table! You won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post. Bye bye!


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