Loads of fun and food in Edinburgh

Hi folks!!! Guess who is been traveling lately!?…Yes! You gotta it right! Me! And I’ve been to a very very special place this time and that’s because I went to visit a very very special little person. I’m sure many of you know her already: Maria, Mery or however you wanna call her. She is the #1 fan of my blog right from the very beginning and I think I could say she’s mu co-worker now haha.

Oh! And by the way, she’s the author of this amazing pic.


Thanks a lot for it and for hosting me in your new home during these past days 😉 It was an unforgettable experience!

And after this “brief” introduction let’s get in with the actual post:

It all started with grey skies, a tour guide wearing the typically Scottish Kilt and a ladies toilet dedicated to J.K.Rowling. Could it be any more Scottish?? We were getting the genuine experience don’t you think? Yeah! or even better: “Aye”

Of course, after so much walking and so much excitement we were quite a bit hungry, so we met Eli in the cutest café for brunch. Let’s see how it went:

Kilimanjaro Coffee

This cute little coffee place is conveniently located at 104 Nicolson Street and is one of those places you instantly want to get in when you go past them. It smells amazing and the food looks this wonderful:

Egss Benedict at Kilimanjaro Coffee (Edinburgh)
Toast with poached eggs and mushrooms at Kilimanjaro Cofee (Edinburgh)
Hummus, chicken and spinach sandwitch at Kilimanjaro Coffee (Edinburgh)

Everything was delicious and we ate all up within a few minutes. Although we shared them all, for me the best option was the Eggs Benedict. However, the mushrooms toastS seasoned with vinegar were also an interesting combination.

And of course! We had to try their Coffee. I mean that’s why it’s called coffee place right? Beutifully served and with the nicest flavor, it is, according to many, the best coffe in Edinburgh. 

Large Cafe Latte and Capuccino at Kilimanjaro Coffee (Edinburgh)

My heart is already taken when it comes to UK coffee but I won’t tell you why just yet. You’ll have to keep reading.

Later on, we went on with our touristic sightseeing and we found some amazing spots before night time. Do you like them? I do very much!

Next day arrived and Scottish food with it!

The Standing Order

This pub is very well located behind one of the busiest streets in Edinburg, more specifically its address is 62–66 George Street. The Standing Order offers a wide variety of typically Scottish dishes for a fair price. Also, they have so much space in their restaurant so you want find any problem getting a table quickly.

Let’s see what we’ve got so that you can go and have it yourselves 😉

Eli was feeling very Scottish that Friday so se had this amazing and huge burger with Haggis on it. For those who don’t know Haggis, is a savory pudding containing sheep’s pluck; minced with onion, oatmeal, spices, and salt mixed with stock and traditionally encased in the animal’s stomach. Yes, sounds pretty disgusting but it’s actually quite good and looks very similar to Black Pudding actually.

Hamburger with Haggis, onion rings and chips at The Standing Order (Edinbugrh)

Maria and Luis stayed more classical and decided they wanted fish and chips that day. However, Maria chose the mushy peas instead of the classic ones and as I had never seen them before I thought I should show you both.

Oh! And by the way, did you know that Fish and Chips is not actually an English dish? It was invented in Edinburgh by Irish folks who lived at the Leith neighborhood, or at least that’s was Maria told as our tourist guide for the day hehe.

Classic version of Fish and Chips at The Standing Order (Edinburgh)
Fish and chips with mushy peas at The Standing Order (Edinburgh)

I went for the British beef & Doom Bar® ale pie – with mash, gravy and mushy peas. I love British Pies! They are my favorite! So, when I so this I just couldn’t resist. I mean come on! It even comes with the Gravy, mashed potatoes and mushy peas! It’s perfect!

British beef & Doom Bar® ale pie at the Standing Order Pub (Edinburgh)

Everything vanished from our dished in a few seconds. It was more than delicious, it was next level! So so lovely and tasty! And Scottish! Yummiii!

Costa Cafe

Here it is. Finally, the love of my life, the one that stole my heart. Costa is from about almost two years ago my favorite coffee in the United Kingdom and probably in the entire world. And since I haven’t been back to UK for a long time now I could not wait to have my big cup of Costa Cappuccino.

Medium Cappuccino at Costa Cafe (Edinburgh)

Following my wise advise, Maria has also become a regular costumer of Costa and she’s been enjoying their Latte Machiatto which is also quite good. However, it was not until my recent visit that she discovered their cappuccino, falling instantly in love with it and its magnificent foam with chocolate on top. Right Mery?

With a bit of caffeine in our system we were ready for a bit more of sightseeing and to start preparing our next day in Edinburgh together.


Our last whole day in Edinburgh together started with a brief visit to the National Museum of Scotland and then we finally went to Nando’s for the best meal ever. There are a few Nando’s restaurants in Edinburgh and this one was a 5-minutes walk away from the Museum (32A Chambers Street). Perfect!

Same way as Costa coffee, I’m in love with Nando’s ever since I lived in Cambridge and I wanted Maria to feel the same way. They have the best chicken, and so much more!

1/4 chicken leg + 2 regular sides at Nando’s Edinburgh

I always go for the 1/4 chicken leg because it’s not very filling and I can add 2 sides, which I love. I absolutely adore their garlic bread; trust me, it’s the best I’ve ever tried. As for the second side, I wanted to try something new and I went for the Supergrain (Grains, greens and full of beans with an avocado & buttermilk dressing). I actually enjoyed it a lot although I must say it’s not for everyone’s taste.

Sunset burger + 2 regular sides at Nando’s Edinburgh

Maria suggested we could try one of their burgers and thank God she did because it was amazing!! The Sunset burger comes with two chicken thighs, melting cheddar cheese, smoky red pepper chutney and baby spinach in a bolo do caco – a soft, sweet roll. I’d never had smoked pepper in a burger before but…it will not be my last time, that’s for sure!

For the sides we chose the garlic bread again (of course) and de Peri Peri fries. They can be too spicy so be careful with them or you’ll end up like a dragon hahaha.

I was so so happy after this Nando’s lunch that I thought the day could not get any better but..it did!! Totally unexpected but I ended up having the best dinner thanks to Maria and more specifically to their lovely friends who cooked this amazing Salmon dish. So so lovely!

Home-made Scottish Salmon with mashed potatoes and veggies

It was for sure the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. And let’s don’t forget about the mussels she cooked as well. I have no picture of them because they smelled so nicely that they lasted just a few minutes over the table. Such a great chef! Thanks a lot for the amazing evening and dinner! Next one is on me 😉

I think that was it for my Edinburgh’s trip. It was great getting to see Maria’s new life up there and to meet all these amazing people who is accompanying her in this adventure. I hope I can be back there soon.

Thanks a lot and see you again soon!



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