The best Italian food in Milan and Venice


The sun is shining and we are finally enjoying this summery weather we’ve all been waiting for! And what happens when nice weather arrives? People travel and get out to see the world and so does “Padigastroblog”!!!

Apart from Spain, one of the most popular countries known by their great food and weather is Italy and that’s where we headed for our best adventure of this “summer”. More specifically, we visited Milan and Venice, two cities not far away from each other in the North of Italy but very different from each other as well. Let’s see why!

Milan; a city full of TOPs.

Milan is very well-known for the insane amount of TOP models that you can find in this city but it is also full of other TOPs: TOP food, TOP monuments, TOP streets, TOP parks, TOP people…..And I am gonna show you all!

The cathedral is probably the landmark of this city and it makes all the sense in the world because it’s amazing! The Duomo is in the TOP 3 of the biggest cathedrals in Europe, and it is also one of the prettiest for sure. Isn’t it?


In this very square, apart from the cathedral, you can also find the beautiful Emmanuel II Galleries, the Royal Palace, you can go up on the roof of the Duomo and so much more. Even Zara is located in one of its corners there. Crucial information ladies (and gentlemen too)!

Well guys! Enough sightseeing! Let’s get into the real issue here! There are plenty of typical dishes you must eat when you go to Milan and that’s what I came to show you.

THE Ice-Creams

The first thing we did just when we set foot on Milan was having some ice cream because there’s nothing more Italian than that right? In our way to Doumo’s square from our Airbnb, close to Ticine (Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 4), we found this great Gelatteria called Vanilla Gelatti Italiani.  

Later we discovered that it’s pretty popular in the city, probably because their ice-cream is unbeatable! Never had such a good ice-cream. If you want my advice, ask for the flavor called Penguin. It is the one you see on the pic, which is full of nutella. Yeaaaah! You heard right. You cannot miss it!

Apperitive next to the DaVinci Canals

After our first walk around the city, it was dinner time and given that our appartment was next to the famous Canals, we decided it was a good idea to try the apperitive. This Apperitive is quite popular in the city and consists on paying for your drink and getting free food. How does that sound so far?

Milan Canals at night after the funniest Apperitive

Italian buffet paying only for your beer, mojito, glass of wine…whatever you wanna drink and free wonderful food for you! Even dessert was free!

Early morning, a brand new day starting, sun’s shinning and we were ready for our first free tour in Italy and for the most touristic of the days in Milano. But first we needed some energy so “first coffee (and some chocolate croissants too)”.


Next to our appartment (Corso S. Gottardo, 51), we found this wonderful coffee place called Bonomi Bistrot and I am not lying if I say this might be the best place we found in our trip. Just looking at their croissants you can tell why.

At Bonomi Bistrot you can find croissants stuffed with almost any kind of filling you can imagine: chocolate, cream, hazelnut, coffee, caramel… Despite this wide variety, once we saw the white and dark chocolate ones, we did not care much about the rest. We had two winners!

All together with two coffees full of taste and foam (ask for the cappuccinno), we paid the small amount of 4.80 euros (TOTAL). Isn’t that great? Milan can be cheap and we I am gonna show you how.

Panzerotti at Luini

Luini is very famous place in Milan, specially for tourists but also for locals. Their most popular product is the Panzerotti, which is that kind of pastry you see on the first pic. If I had to describe it I would say is not a pastry, not a pizza, but something in between.

Hard to explain but easy to eat and to buy. It costs around two euros, the place is two minutes away from the Duomo and you can take it away and eat it wherever you want. Is that their key to success? We don’t know that but what we know is that the place was very busy and the Panzerotti was amazing (just look at my face)! You cannot not have one if you ever go to Milan”.

Feeling now a bit hungry, we decided to have dinner in a typical Milanese restaurant called Trattoria Milanese, very nicely located next to the beautiful canals we mentioned earlier (Viale Gorizia 30).

Risotto alla milanese

It looks like such a simple recipe by looking at it right? When I first saw it I thought it reminded me of a Paella but with no sea food or anything in it. And it was not that far from the truth.


The Milanese Risotto is mainly rice with loads of cheese (so far a regular risotto) but it owes its characteristic colour to Saffron, the same spice used in the Paella!

I gotta say it was a good dishes but nothing more than a risotto, which is always delicious of course!

Cotoletta alla milanese

Although in the picture you can only see half of the Cotoletta, I gotta warm you that’s because it is usally extremely big so we chose to split it instaed of ending up overloaded with food.


This dish consists on a veal breaded cutlet, which is also a simple one. I guess that’s the base of Italian cuisine: “simple but goooooood”. The same way as the Risotto, it was pleasant to eat but not an outstading meal in my life. But you know, you have to have it if you go to Milan. That’s what we, tourists, do! haha.

Venice, ain’t nothing like it

After two days in Milan, it was time to visit Venice, that city everyone gotta visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s such an incredible place. Very very impractical but very beautiful as well. That’s why is the perfect place for tourists, and instagram pictures! Yes! hahaha.

But appart from pictures, there are a lot of great places full of great food and sugar. Let’s get with them!

Pizza al Volo

Pizza al Volo (Dorsoduro, 2944) is apparently a very famous place for locals because it is very cheap, which is kind of difficult to find in this city. Pizza and drink together was around 3 euros.

The truth is it was quite good, specially for its low price so I highly recommend it if you don’t want to expend too much in food.

Magnum Pleasure Store Venezia

I had been wanting to have one of these ice-creams for such a long time. Being an instagram addict as I am, I had seen them everywhere but I did not seem to find any of the stores. But suddenly, it happened, right before my eyes! There it was!(Fondamenta S. Simeone Piccolo, 715)


My dream came true in the shape of a vanilla Magnum covered in dark chocolate and topped with cookies, brownie and a colourful topping  that I don’t really know what it is but looked good in pictures haha. 

As you can see, you can also go for the white chocolate option or a chocolate base and so many different toppings and combinations. Such a delicious DIY right?

Proper pasta at Trattoria Ai Do Fradei

La Trattoria Ai do Fradeu is located very close to Santa Lucia Railway Station (Rio Terà Farsetti, 1836-1837) and given that that’s how we arrived and left the city, it was the perfect place for us to endulge ourselves for the last time in Venice.

We were feeling like having some proper pasta for dinner and hell, we did get it!

Tortelloni with porcini mushroom cream and Spaghetti with beaf ragout, that’s what we got in the end and at least in my case, the tortelloni were incredible! All creamy and cheesy! Just as Venice is! Cheeeeesy haha.

Back to Milan

More than 100 pizzas at PIZZA OK!

It was in our last day in Milan that we decided to finally have a proper pizza. You cannot go back home from Italy with having done so.

As we are very educated people, specially when it comes to food, we did our research and found this place: Pizza OK! They have a great location (Piazza Sempione, 8) and so many different types of pizzas that it gets really hard to decide.

However, we had to make up our minds and that up here is what we got. Looks awesome right? Well, trust me, it was! They also seem huuuge and…well that’s also because they were but, in my defence, I gotta say the dough was the thinnest I’ve ever seen. And yes, I need to make this veeery clear because I ate it all up! Sorry….not sorry!hahahahhahaha.

And the winner is…COFFEE!

In Milan, in Venice, we had a loooot of cappuccinos, of course we did. Why do you think I went to Italy?? Wasn’t that obvious? haha.

One of many delicious cappuccinos in Italy

We had so many cups of coffee, and all of them where very tasty and surprisingly cheap that I could’t help it. Except the one we had in Venice, of course, but it was not ridiculously expensive as everything is this cute little city.

My final advice then, if you go to Italy, would be:”have as many cappuccinos as you can” because you never know which one would be the last one.

And for an adequate ending to this post, I leave you here with my brief book from Milan. In a city of Models, I wanted to be one as well. Short girls deserve it as well! haha. I hope you have some fun with it at least and see you around soon 😉


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