StreetXO Madrid: ain’t nothing like it!

If you are into cooking, cuisine or just eating properly you most probably have heard about David Muñoz and his restaurant called StreetXO in Madrid. He has opened another StreetXO in London recently and he also owns a much more expensive and fully-booked restaurant in Madrid called DiverXO.

I am sure the three of them are amazing places to get an amazing and modern meal. However, for now, I can only talk about StreetXO Madrid so that’s what I am gonna do along this post. I hope you guys like it! Let’s get into it!

Rocambolesc Ice-Creams and don’t worry about waiting

Giving that it is not possible to make any reservations for StreetXO (although you can do so to Diverxo), what we did is getting there around one hour before the opening hour (8.30 p.m.) to make sure we got our seats for the first serving.

One hour can feel veeeery long if you are hungry so we got a Panet from the Ice-Cream place opposite to StreetXO callad Rocambolesc. Both places are located in the upper floor of the Corte Inglés Building at Serrano Street in Madrid.

As for the “ice-cream” itself I’d say it’s probably something you’ve never seen or tried before. Warm brioche bread filled in with the ice-cream you choose and the toppings you choose as well. Warm on the outside but cold on the inside. So weird and so so good!

StreetXO: we finally got in!

I was very happy just being the first ones on the queue as you can appreciate on the picture bellow, but of course I was even happier when they offered us a pleasant wait on their terrace.


And of course, while sitting on their sunny terrace you had to try one of their cocktails and so we did. We went for a red-berry flavored cocktail with vozka and Peta Zetas. If you are into citric flavors this is might be the right choice.

It was a very funny sensation to feel the Peta Zetas jumping inside our mouths. So sweet and so so fresh! You gotta try it!

How to drink this cocktail: eat the blueberries on top so that the Peta Zetas fall to the bottom of the glass. Then drink throw the straw and enjoy the sip together with the sweet Peta Zetas exploding in your mouth.

The actual restaurant, the real StreetXO experience

After finishing our drinks, we got our seats inside the actual restaurant. You can choose to have your meal at a table but I undoubtedly recommend you to choose the bar because you will get to see the chefs cooking while you are eating.

For me that is the real way to get the StreetXO experience! So so genuine and intense!

Pekingese Dumplin, candied pork ear and strawberry hoisin. Alioli and pickle.

Dumplin Pekinés, oreja confitada y hoisin de fresas. Ali-oli y pepinillo.

Not only are these dumplins the best dumplins I have ever had in my entire life, but also they are the most uncommon ones regarding the combination of flavors you get on your mouth whilst eating them. Impressive!

Pekingese Dumplin at StreetXO restaurant in Madrid.

I know it’s very soon in the post to say this but this was my favourite dish amog the five plates we had. So different and tasty! But I was as impressed with the others as I was with this one so keep reading!

How to eat this dish: grab the dumplin, the pork ear and the pickle together and rub them all around the “canvas” to get that strawberry taste given by the red sauce. Enjoy!

Express Stew in Wok. Silk … silky rice and red, semi-cured and marinated Galician Beef. Tamarind, emulsion of toasted butter. Silky textures …

Estofado Express en Wok. Seda… arroz sedoso y vaca roja gallega semicurada y adobada. Tamarindo, emulsión de mantequilla tostada. Texturas sedosas…

This weird-looking dish is probably the tastier one although StreetXO is full of strong flavors and surprises. That strange appearance is due to the silky rice sheet that covers the stew. It gives the plate a toasty taste that enhances the strong taste of the stew.

Express Stew in Wok at StreetXO restaurant in Madrid.

As any other good stew, it comes with a good and strong sauce and it is compulsory to deep in some good bread in it right? But don’t worry! StreetXO thinks about your needs before hand and offers you this beautiful brioche bread.

Brioche Singapore XO at StreetXO restaurant in Madrid

A bit sweet and very very spongy, perfect to get that proper dipping. Never thought that brioche bread could combine so nicely with a beef stew but it definitely does!

How to eat this dish: with the knife, split it in 4 pieces and then eat one by one. After that, pick up the sauce that is left with that delicious brioche bread until there’s nothing left on your plate.

Steamed Sandwich Club. Ricotta, fried quail egg. Sichimi-Togarashi.

Sandwich club al vapor. Ricota, huevo frito de codorniz. Sichimi-Togarashi.

This is definitely not a regular sandwich but I guess we could say it is the most familiar flavor I found during my StreetXO experience. For sure, it will remind you of the well-known sandwich club but to a very special one.

Sandwich Club at StreetXO restaurant in Madrid

It was my least favorite from the five plates we ordered but it doesn’t mean I did not enjoy it. Furthermore, it is some of my friends’ favorite StreetXO creations so I guess it depends on your own preferences. However it is, you won’t regret choosing it so go ahead and do it!

How to eat this dish: flip the egg so that the yolk faces down and try to do your best not to get a stain over your shirt when biting the sandwich. Good luck!

Grilled squids with “chili jam”, fried trumpets of death, mango juice seasoning and butter foam.

Chipirones braseados con “chili jam”, trompetas de los muertos fritas, jugo de mango aliñado y mantequilla aireada.

The most beautiful creation among the five we got was probably this one. It looks so balanced and colorful, and perfectly set that it was hard to grab the first bite. However, beauty is not everything so we dare to deep in our spoon.

Grilled squids with “chili jam” at StreetXO restaurant in Madrid

I felt it like a very creative combination of flavors; a taste of sea food thanks to the squids and a taste of ground from the fungi. It was very interesting also to get all that different textures together, mixed with the butter foam and the freshness of the mango juice. Such a professional job from the Chef!

How to eat this dish: grab your spoon and fill it with a little bit of everything on the plate. Make sure to get that mango juice as well. They go perfectly together!

Balinese Saté with marinated and lacquered rabbit shoulder … peanut butter crumbs

Saté balinés de paletilla de conejo adobada y lacada… migas de cacahuete especiadas.

With our already full stomachs, we decided to have another extra dish and this deliciousness was our choice. I am a rabbit lover so I had to try it!

Rabbit should at StreetXO restaurant in Madrid

We avoided spicy dishes during the whole dinner but we made a mistake with this one on these terms because it was actually quite hot. Not unbearable but enough to conceal some of the other flavors on the dish. But it was great anyway! The rabbit was on point and the 4 sauces (coco, vanilla, peanut…) were all amazing. So so worth the try!

How to eat this dish: grab the rabbit shoulder, rub it along the 4 sauces and then stick it over the peanut crumbs. Once everything is mixed together just eat it up!

And this is the end of our StreetXO experience, at least for now! Because we will be back! I didn’t had enough. I want to go back and try the rest of the dishes on their menu because I am sure there s a lot of surprises to discover.

I hope you guys enjoyed this put and see you around soon! 😉


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