La Mordida. Best Mexican food in Madrid

Hello my foodies!! Or should I say: “Ándale…cómo andan mis chavos?!” because today we are travelling to Mexico without getting out from Madrid. How is that possible?? Well, yes, it’s simple: we are going to La Mordida for dinner. I promise, you are gonna love it!!!

La Mordida is a chain of restaurants which are all spread around Madrid and where you will get, in my experience, the best Mexican food available in Madrid.

We went to the one located in the Retiro’s area and we highly recommend it. Service was awesome, fast and the food was amazing. Oh! And don’t forget about the beer; right when we were seated in our table we had a fresh Corona. Such a great start to a wonderful meal. Let’s see the rest of it!

Nachos with Guacamole and loads and loads of cheese

Los Imprescindibles: Nachos con Guacamole.

As I absolutely loved the design of their Menu I am gonna leave you here the parts where you can find each dish we had. This way, if you are not a Spanish speaker you’ll be ablo to spot them easily.


Nachos are a must if you go to La Mordida so don’t forget to get your portion. I’d recommend to get 1/2 portion so that you can try other dishes as well. Actually, that’s what we did and as you can appreciate in the pic, it is quite big already.

Nachos with Guacamole at La Mordida (Madrid)

I swear this Nachos could not be more authentic. They tasted like Mexico. Probably because of the beans we found at the bottom of all the Nachos. Or maybe because of the amazing guacamole they came with. However it is, the best aspect of this dish is, no doubts, the huuuge amount of cheese they have on top. LOOK!


It’s amazing!! It even got spilled everytime the waiters came out from the kitchen with them. It’s raining cheesee, Aleluya! (so much better than men hahaha)

Alambres, even better than Fajitas.

Alambres mixtos 

Right next to the Fajitas, you’ll find the Alambres which are a bettered version of Fajitas because they incorporate cheese and bacon in their ingredients. I mean come on! It had to be good!


You can get Chicken Alambres, Arrachera Alambres or the mixed ones. We always want it all so we chose the mixed Alambres because… why not?

Mixed Alambres at La Mordida (Madrid)

If you are not very into strong or spicy flavors, this is denitely your dish (besides the Nachos, of course) because it was quite soft and gentle. So easy to eat. They also came with mashed beans and rice to soften it even more.

The Alambres are supposed to be eaten the same way as fajitas. Fill in the tortilla, roll it up and give it a big bite. So so good! You’ll love it if you like fajitas.

Cochinita Pibil, we got intense here!

On my favourite part of the Menu you’ll find the Cochinita Pibil which is with no doubts the strongest dish we’ve got. It doesn’t mean it is the strongest in the Menu, as they’ve got plenty of hot dished we didn’t dare to try. We are cowards yes!


This would be the most special and genuine plate we got as it is something you don’t usually get in a regular restaurant and it is so tipically Mexican. The waitress warned us it was quite intense but we went for it anyway. However, we have no regrets about that. It was so good! Yummiiiiii!

Cochinita Pibil at La Mordida (Madrid)

Now it is my turn to warn you that the little onions on top of the meat are the spicy evil of the dish so be careful with that if you don’t want to get burn haha. It was probably not that hot but, I am very sensitive when it comes to spiciness haha.

Same way as the Alambres, you eat this plate with the tortillas and the mashed beans and rice if you fill like it. One thing is clear, you got to enjoy it and feel its intensity. That is the real way to do it!

By this point of the night we were very very full even though we got halves of all the dishes. Nevertheless, we had to to try their Piñacolada, didn’t we?


It was actually pretty good, and not expensive at all so…if you still got some space in your stomachs I guess you could go for it as well. You choose!

I think that’s all for today and La Mordida restaurants. I really hope you guys like it and do not hesitate and share it with all Mexican food lovers you know. They’ll thank you for it. You can be sure of that! 😉

Thanks a lot and see you in my next post. Bye bye!


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