A trendy and yet traditional dinner at Teckel Madrid

Who doesn’t like a nice summery dinner in a cute terrace?? What if you also the best dishes and even a better company?? Sounds great right?? Well, if that is what you are looking for you should keep reading because this post is for you.

Not long ago, my friend Silvia and I discovered this magical restaurant called Teckel. We checked its instagram page and its location and it suited as so we went for it and made a reservation. We just wanted a good start for a great night out.


Unfortunately, it was late and therefore it was too dark to take any proper pictures so…what a pity! I had to go back and take with me the #1 foodie.

Just so you can imagine how the dinner went, I leave you here with a “before” and “after” picture so that you can tell for yourselves haha.

As you can appreciate, it started with a perfectly poured and fresh beer that felt great in the terrace and we finished dinner with the best dessert in the history of desserts. You’ll see! But don’t get so impatient! First things first.

A refreshing and Spanish starter

While we were hungry and waiting for our food to arrive, our waiter surprised us with this fabulous gazpacho and, its best part, this fresh and still warm basket of bread that smelled…mmmm so so deliciously! 

Glass of gazpacho with fresh bread at Teckel Madrid

We were supposed to drink the gazpacho from the glass. However, that’s not exactly what happened. We dipped in so much bread that we barely had anything left when we wanted to drink it as we had been told. But it was amazing anyway haha. Just do it your own way and enjoy!

Flavor explosion; best Bao bun in town

Bao preñao por uno de Asturias

I have yet not tried the whole menu of this restaurant but if there’s one thing I am sure of is that this dish is for sure one of their top three plates because it’s unbearable how much flavor is hidden inside of it.

Bao preñao por uno de Asturias at Teckel Madrid

I would explain the Bao preñao as a fusion of the Asian and the Spanish cuisine. The bun would be the Asian side of it and then the chorizo that works as the filling, the fried egg on top and the Cabrales cheese sauce all over it would be of course the Spanish side. For those who know a little bit more about the Spanish geography, it’s in Asturias where you would find this flavors.

This Bao Preñao is my definite favorite dish of all times. It’s perfect in flavor, texture, quality and quantity. What’s more, I think the idea of mixing all this together is a plate is simply genius!! And I like genius so that’s probably why haha.

Mixing Spanish traditional cuisines

Again the chef mixed two different traditional dishes but this time we are staying is Spanish territory. Asturias and La Rioja join forces to create this wonderful dish. I was so so amazed with the result. Good job Teckel!

Cachopo como decía Herminia with patatas a la riojana at Teckel Madrid

The Cachopo is a traditional dish from Asturias made of two thin steaks filled with ham and cheese and then covered with a solid layer of batter as it is pan-fried and then it goes in the even to finish it. On the other hand, the “patatas a la riojana” are a typical preparation from La Rioja and it is basically a stew of peppers and potatoes with loads of flavor.

So so tasteful and filling, so I would say we made the right choice for our main this. Yeah!

It will change your sweet life for ever

The time has come. Now I am gonna finally talk you about this wonderful, exquisite, tasty, yummi, sweet, addictive cheesecake that we ordered luckily almost by chance. We were doubtful about whether to get a dessert or not, and which one to choose if so but our heart told us to get the Nutella cheesecake in the last second and what a great idea.

Nutella cheesecake at Teckel Madrid

For starters, the Nutella was home-made which, in this case, means it was even better than the real Nutella we all now. It was more liquid and sweet and warm!! And we were able to see how they poured all of it down our noses. What a mouth-watering moment!

The cake itself was also perfect because not only the cheese layer was delicious but the cookie layer was almost big and so so buttery. Can you imagine?? I would say it was my ideal and dreamt cheesecake come true. Thank you!!


I was not the only one who loooooved this cake. My favorite foodie was also having a happy moment here! And I’m so grateful for that as well.

Well, after all this being said, I think now you have something to do and it’s very simple. Book a table at Teckel and tell me about your experience! Come on! What are you waiting for??

Thank you guys for all the love and support and see you in the next one 😉


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