Sweet mornings with the best chocolate croissants

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I shared my last recipe with you but the wait is over because I am here with this delicious chocolate croissants and I am gonna show you how to bake them. I promise it is very easy and very quick recipe and it will lead you to the best-looking croissants ever 😉


Of course, croissants are not my every-day breakfast choice but everyone like a sweet morning every now and then right?

Now, are you ready to learn how to bake this gorgeous croissants? Then keep reading:


  • Buff pastry (with butter if possible)
  • Butter (the baking butter would be my #1 choice)
  • Chocolate or any filling of your choice (you can get creative here)
  • Sugar
  • Any decoration stuff you want to top them with


And we are also gonna need…

  • A grater (optional)
  • A kitchen brush (highly recommended)
  • Baking parchment (and the Oven of course)

It all stars with a triangle

First, we are going to open and lay out our buff pastry over the table. Then with a knife we are going to divide it in triangles. You can probably understand it so much better looking at this picture.


As we don’t like any food going to waste, we used the outer corners of the pastry to do those mini-croissants you can see on the left. Aren’t they the cutest thing ever?

Always better when stuffed

To get that soft and melted chocolate filling, we first need to place one or two ounces of chocolate in the base of our triangle. Although they should not be in the very bottom of it. You’ll see why just now.


As I mentioned in the ingredients section, you can get creative with the filling and mix different chocolates, jams, or even choose a salty filling as ham and cheese or anything of your preference.

Not for the clumsy bakers

This might be the most difficult step and it requires a bit of detail but it’s still pretty easy to do. Watch carefully.

Step 1. Make a small cut at the base of the triangle and then split the two halves a little bit.

Step 2. Start rolling both halves until you reach the chocolate ounces.

Step 3. Keep rolling the pastry so that the chocolate ounces get perfectly enclosed inside the croissant and the peak of the triangle is on top of it.


Step 4. Twist the horns inwards for the curvy version of the croissant or skip this step for the straight one haha. You choose!

Step 5. Place the croissants over the baking tray leaving some space between them as they are going to grow in the even. If you can, use some baking parchment to cover it first.

Glowing and stunning!

Just like a Hollywood star, our croissants are gonna be shining thanks to this magical trick: melt some butter in the microwave and then mix it with a spoon or two of sugar. 


Then with a brush, spread it all over the croissants. Be generous with the brush. The more buttery the more glowing they will be so don’t be shy with the brush!

Time to get creative

The same way I told you to use your imagination for the filling, you can get all artistic with the toppings and decorate your croissants the way you like. We went for the chocolate chips for the first round of croissants.


In order to do this, we grated some of the chocolate over the croissants. As simple as that!


As for the second round, we got a little bit carried away and did an actual chocolate coating melting some more chocolate and mixing it with the butter leftovers. It does not look bad either, does it?

Satisfying results

Both rounds were delicious and even though we obviously ate the first round much more anxiously, the coated croissants were amazing as well! Or so I’ve heard because I didn’t get to try them myself hehe.


It all depends on how you like them best: either tunned or sun-burnt haha.


And as I tend to be very honest with the results of my own recipes, let me leave you here proof of the happiness these croissants brought me. Now you get to judge it for yourelves! haha

See you guys in my next post with much more deliciousness 😉


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