Lush lunch at Pointer Madrid

Hello again my food lovers!

Not long ago I shared with you one of my now favourite restaurants and therefore, one of my best discoveries in town so far. Yes, I am talking abour Teckel Madrid, a cute and modern restaurant that belongs to the RanTanPlan group. Since we liked it so so much, we could’t wait to try another restaurant of the group and that’s how we ended up here, in Pointer!

Panoramic view of Pointer restaurant in Madrid

As you can see, it has a very luxury and fancy image. The best part for me was definitely the rounded table and the rounded sofa! So so cool!

Well, of course the best part was not the sofa if we take food into account. Let’s find out why!

Amazed from the very beginning

Fried nachos with cheese sauce

The best way to start a great meal is always a good on-the-house starter and in this case Pointer pretty much nailed it! These fried nachos and cheese was just what we needed. So juicy and creamy. Just great!

Nachos with cheese and fresh bread at Pointer Madrid

And guys! Let’s not forget about bread. In Spain you cannot forget about it, ever. And this bread!This bread was just amazing!! So spongy and still warm! I could not believe my eyes! And we were not even started yet haha.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Squid in its own ink with AliOli Bao/ Bao de chipirones en su tinta con Alioli

I remember when I was little I used to think that the ink sauce looked just disgusting and I swore I would never eat that. If only had I known how amazing it tastes!! I guess it’s never too late to take it back right?

Squid in its own ink with Alioli Bao at Pointer Madrid

After the Bao ban we tried at Teckel, which was magnificent, I couldn’t help it. I needed to get another one. I was doubtful about which one to choose but I prefered this one in the end. I was very happy with my final choice. So so delighted with its intense sea-like flavor and the quality of the product. 

Don’t need much to be great!

Little roasted potatoes stuffed with bull’s tail / Patatitas asadas rellenas de rabo de toro

Is there anything simplier than a roasted potato? I mean there are potatoes everywhere nowadays but none as good as these ones. Again, it may sound weird to eat the tail of the bull but here in Spain is pretty common.

Roasted potatoes stuffed with bull’s tail at Pointer Madrid

The explanation for this, let’s say, tradition is that bull’s tail is a very rich meat! It’s usually cooked in a stew with sweet onion and a wine sauce but I had never seen it as the filling of a potato. However, I must say it was surprisingly great! So rich in flavour and soft in texture at the same time. Good job Pointer!

Strogo-what??Is that Russian or what?

Strogonoff sirloin with rice / Solomillo Strogonoff con arroz

Yes yes guys, it is actually a Russian dish which used to be served in the very San Petersburg before the second world war. The only difference is that the sirloin meat would come in chunks and here you’ll get the whole sirloin.

Strogonoff sirloin with rice at Pointer Madrid

Although the pork was perfectly cooked and delicious, in my view it was not the best part of this dish. Undoubtly, the sauce was the ice of the cake. I believe it was made out of cream and mushrooms and it was absolutely over the top. The perfect wife for the perfect siroin.

For the healthy and fancy eaters

Tuna loin with guacamole and spiced caramelized onion / Lomo de atún con guacamole y cebolla caramelizada a las finas hierbas

Probably the trendiest dish among all, this tuna loin was also probably the healthist choice in a very long and varied menu. You know I am a tuna lover and that I always try to keep it healty but just for once, this was not my dish! haha.

Tuna loin with guacamole and caramelized onion at Pointer Madrid.

According to the actual “owner” of this course (and to me as well because I did taste it), tuna was just right on point. It had this reddy, fleshy tone on the inside that every tuna lover would appreciate. And of course guacamole and onions are just the perfect match. A very fresh and summery main course I’d say!

Curry + risotto = absolut heaven

Fake curry risotto with fine herbs spiced turkey / Falso risotto al curry con solomillo de pavo a las finas hierbas

The moment I read the name of this dish I just knew it was gonna be the one! I am crazyly in love with risotto, I have always been since the moment we met. But all together with my favorite spice: curry!? I just could not resist!

Fake curry risotto with spice turkey at Pointer Madrid

Looking back at it I think I am falling in love again! It was insane! The moment I got the first bite in my mouth and I felt all that intense flavor at once it was memorable. Unforgetable! I just enjoyed like a child with a new toy!

Let me also mention the funny texture of the “rice”. It’s made out of pasta dough so it’s much softer. So so nice to eat it.

We were all waiting for this

Yes, you guessed right! Dessert! You might be thinkig we have sweet-teeth and well…we probably do but the main reason for this is again our memories from Teckel.

Kinder Bueno cake / Tarta de Kinder Bueno

We decided to get a piece of this cake just out of curiosuty because it is very intriguing, isn’t it? I guess you could do a lot of different cakes with this famous sweet.

Kinder Bueno Cake at Pointer Madrid

When I read its name though, I did not picture this in my head. I would have never imagined it was gonna be a white chocolate Kinder Bueno with even more white chocolate on top but…I am sure someone got very very happy about it haha.

I must admit there was nothing very special about this cake. It was not disappointing because, of course, it was tasty ans sweet but not very unique in my opinion. Nothing very surprising about it.

Nutella cheesecake / Tarta de queso con Nutella

Finally, this is the only reason why we were so anxious about dessert. We had the best Nutella cheesecake at Teckel and we could’t wait to eat it again.

However, it was not exactly the same. It came set in a different way. For starters, the Nutella was not as liquid and it came in a side for you to spread it over the cake. Second, the cake itself was not at Teckel’s level.

Nutella cheesecake at Pointer Madrid

I mean, don’t get me wrong. It was still an amazing pleasure to have this cake again but it did not meet up our expectations. The cookie base was not as thick, neither as buttery and for us that’s the key to a great cheese cake. Don’t you agree? 

To conclude this amazing post I would like to add that we enjoyed ourselves very much at Pointer and the food was incredible but you have to bare in mind that’ it’s a pricey restaurant, specially if you get a good-quality product in your main course. So be careful with that or you’ll get a big surprised in a form of a check haha. Just as we did haha! yeeey!


But it was a great experience anyway and you have to treat yourself every now and then right? 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this special meal and feel free to comment and share this post if you liked it. See you guys very soon! 😉


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