Canalla Bistro Madrid. Fair-priced haute cuisine inside Platea.

If you are looking for a good definition of the word “delightful” or “exquisite“, this is stop. Stop searching because you just found it. Canalla Bistro Madrid offers you that perfectly fancy dinner you wanted at such a fair price. Just keep reading!

For starters, the place is just magical. Probably one of the most beautiful spots in Madrid. It is known as Platea and it is just in the city centre waiting for you! (location here). You’ll find Canallla Bistro in the first floor. Hence, its great views.

Restaurante Canalla Bistro en Platea Madrid

The strongest reason that brought us to this restaurant was probably its chef: Ricard Camarena. He’s been awarded with 3 Michellin starts and 3 Repsol starts already so you can imagine a little bit better now the quality of the dinner you are about to receive. Such an honour!

Ricard Camarena, Canalla Bistro Madrid’s Chef

After all that being said, I think without further do we should get into the real issue here: dinner! Pay attention very carefully because there are so many details hiden inside this wonderful dishes!

Slim start

Cod brandade on-the-house starter

Does anyone else love it when you go out for dinner and get free starters? Because I do, I think it’s a very nice gesture that really makes a difference. However, this starter was much more than a nice gesture.

Smashed Cod brandade starter at Canalla Bistro Madrid

The thinnest, slimmest crakers that you are supposed to dip in this smashed brandade cod which was the most savorious mashed thing ever. The perfect kick-off strategy I would say!

Just the other way around

Stuffed Mozzarella

Such a game of words, textures and flavors on this wooden plate don’t you think? Instead of feeling the veggies with Mozzarella, is the very Mozzarella that’s gonna get stuffed this time.

Stuffed Mozzarella at Canalla Bistro Madrid

Besides, the way they play with the different textures of the cheese; hard on the bottom and foamy on top is very interesting. Otherwise, it could not stand still.

Anyway guys, despite all this playing and gaming with the mozzarella, this dish turned out to be amazingly delicious and very very soft to your mouth. Just great!

The cutest starters

Nigiri-Pekin duck sandwich

Stop looking for the regular sandwich on the picture because you are not gonna find it. Better move your eyes to your left and stare at that weird cute little cube of rice decored with some long veggie straps on top. That’s your Nigiri sandwitch.

Nigiri(left) and pesto(centre) and chicken croquettes (right) at Canalla Bistro Madrid

Weird as it might look, it was actually delightful and it is actually one of the most popular preparations of Ricard. So different from anything you’ve tried before and very very flavory even thought it might seem just rice with a bit terijaki sauce in it.

About the croquettes, I was very taken aback when I read “Pesto Croquette”. So much I could not not order it. I am even thinking about making some myself.

Both of them were very tasty and delicious but I have always been into “different” so I choose pesto! Sorry chicken, I hope you can understand. Although you two would be so nice together. Should we try it in a recipe post? Comment down below.

Half Bao Bun, half Coulant

Pekingese pork stuffed steamed bread

If you have read my previous posts, you might already know by now that I have become a huge fan of Baos, Buns, steamed breads or however you wanna call them. Surprisingly enough, this one was different (again) than my other Baos.

Pekingese pork stuffed steamed bread at Canalla Bistro Madrid (before)

Why? Because the filling was trapped inside the bun. It was screaming help to get out and we are veery nice when it comes to food so that’s what we did.

Pekingese pork stuffed steamed bread at Canalla Bistro Madrid (after)

Understand now why I found resemblance with a Coulant? That creamy sauce jumping out the second I stabbed the Bun with my knife was such a moment haha. But tasting it wa another one as well because OMG, it really tasted like Pekin. Not that I have been in Pekin in my life but I know, trust me haha.

Taking sandwiches to the next level

Pastrami sandwich

You might be wondering if I was feeling ok the moment I decided to order a sandwich in a haute-cuisine restaurant but actually it was our waiter recommendation. Apparently it is the most popular item on the menu and now, after tasting it myself, I get why.

Pastrami Sandwich at Canalla Bistro Madrid

Such a good wholemeal bread, toasted in the grilled for a bit for sure, which made it so much juicy and tasty. About the meat, it could not have a more appropriate flavor. Full of spices and very very rich, perfectly matched with some crunchy veggies. OMG! Having this Pastrami sandwich was such an experience.

Surprising and cosy dessert

Tipsy cake

Yes, yes, I have not gone crazy. Yes, it is a dessert and yes, it is a cake. Well…kind of a cake at least haha. What it surely was, was the icing on the cake bacause it was my favorite dish even though they were all just perfect!

Tipsy Cake at Canalla Bistro Madrid

Let me explain to you how this dessert works because, thank god it comes with a waiter otherwise we’d need a manual hah.

First of all, the brioche bread inside the casserole. It is a very very warm because it is keeping all the heat inside so becareful when you slice it.

After you have your brioche piece on your plate, place one chunck of caramel ice-cream inside so that it starts melting. You can check the outcome in the right picture.

Now, you managed to do all this without getting yourself burnt, enjoy!! Enjoy the juicy bread full of cinnamon taste and the very sweet sweet ice-cream melting slowly. To me, it felt like such a cosy, wintery dessert because it was warm, very feeling and of course, because of all the cinnamon. I just loved it!

That was all for Canalla Bistro Madrid dinner. In my view, it was one of my best gastronomic experiences in the city so far. Everything was perfectly cooked, with so much love and detailing that I just can say “congratulations” to the whole team. Amazing!!

And a big thank you to Belen for this amazing dinner! Unforgettable!

See you soon in my next post! Bye! 😉







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