Welcome to Edinburgh!!

The title of this post might surprise some of you but if you follow me on social media you might already now that I have recently moved to Edinburgh! So don’t go crazy if you read some Scottish words around here from now on haha!

I am so excited to be in this magical city and I wanted to share it with all of you and introduce you to this wonderful place the proper way. First, I want you to take a quick glimpse of what walking around Edinburgh feels like (it’s not always this sunny but…)


Now that you had your first taste of it, let’s grab a bite! Shall we?

The Beehive Inn

The Beehive Inn is a quite popular restaurant located in the heart of Edinburgh. If you come to Edinburgh, there’s no way you are not gonna walk by the Grass Market and that’s exactly where you’ll find the Beehive so you have no excuse to miss it!

Although it is a very well-known place around the city, not everybody knows about its “secret” biergarten. It is such a very tranquil and peaceful spot right in the middle city. You can even see the Castle from it so I’d highly recommend paying it a visit.

Even if you are only gonna get a beer, as we first did, you can sit in its garden (or inside if it’s raining) and enjoy an Innis & Gunn Beer, whichever it is your favourite type. Or any other beer of your preference of course, just ask the waiter.

Then, if you start to feel a bit hungry (a lot would be more advisable, you’ll find out why soon) you can ask for their menu and try some of their dishes.

The dishes you’ll find in The Beehive are quite traditional, mostly those you’d find in any pub around Edinburg so it’s a good opportunity to experience the Scottish cuisine. Let’s see what this means exactly.

Taste of Haggis

I think it’s safe to say that Haggis are the most traditional dish from Edinburgh and they are probably very different from anything you’ve had before. Although I did mention them in my Edinburgh’s post a few months ago, this is a much more proper version of it so pay attention to it.

Taste of Haggis in the Beehive Inn (Edinburgh)

From left to right, what you are seeing in this picture is whiskey sauce, mashed potatoes, the actual Haggis and neeps, which is actually like a mashed veggies paste. It is definitely not a dish for vegetarians, although you can ask for a vegetarian version of them. The reason for this is that Haggis are basically made of sheep’s pluck so it can be a little bit disgusting even for a regular eater if you think about it too much.

However, they tasted actually pretty good and mixed with the mashed potatoes they were even better. Not so much with the neeps; they didn’t match the haggis that well in my opinion.

And of course…Fish and chips!

Apart from the Haggis, if you are in Scotland (or anywhere around UK) you have to get fish and chips. Everyone knows that right? In this case, they call it “Our award winning freshly hand buttered Haddock & chips” but it is basically a proper dish of fish and chips.

Haddock & chips at The Beehive Inn (Edinburgh)

I bet you can tell by it’s amazing appearance, but this fish was actually impressively delicious. It was extremely crunchy and buttered. You could perfectly taste it while you were biting it. The chips and the tartare sauce were also quite good. Not so much the peas. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they were fine but…compared to the rest of the meal they were “just peas” haha.

To conclude this post, let me just say that even though it might look like it was not that much food, it actually was. At least I was full for the rest of the afternoon. It is not the easiest meal to digest. Just saying! So do think about that before going for it, specially if you have some “active” activities scheduled for later. Otherwise I’d just say: ” Enjoy your meal!”, because I did, I enjoyed it very very much, and I know Maria and Michael did as well so I’d say it was a big success! Thank you Michael for that!

Thanks a lot to you guys for coming along with me to Edinburgh. I really hope you liked it because you’ll probably be getting more of this during the coming year. So be ready for that! Other than that, see you guys soon in my next post! Bye! 😉


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