Best Breakfast/Brunch places in Edinburgh.

Merry Christmas everyone!! And welcome back to the blog!!

First of all I must apologise for being absent the past two months. I know it’s not an excuse but I have been very busy in Edinburgh. Loads of work to do and not much time to write anything outside Uni. But that does not mean I haven´t had time to keep eating right? I still have been collecting cute places to treat your stomach and here I am gonna share with you some of them.


Let’s start from the beginning. In this post I want to tell you about my best breakfast/brunch experiences so far in Edinburgh. Every once in a while I did have time to do some exploring and have an early breakfast or a not-so-early brunch and I have found some wonderful places so let’s get started!

Fieldwork Cafe, that cute little place

I want to begin this post with this cute little cafe that it’s probably not very popular yet but I am sure it will be not very far from now. You´ll find it in 105 Fountainbridge. I have to say it is not the easiest place to spot so look for the word” Fieldwork” carefully haha.

Once you have made it, you´ll start getting the most amazing coffee smell and you can ask for your favourite breakfast choice. I recommend you try their toast with jam and butter. Specially if you are a bread lover as I am, you will be so so please to have found this place.

Toast with Jam and Butter at Fieldwork Cafe (Edinburgh)

It is so hard to find good bread in this country that I almost cried when I discovered Fieldwork. And I was even more happy when I tried their chocolate cake/brownie. My god!! That was heaven! Come on! Just by looking at it you can tell it is gonna be good. Isn´t that true?

Chocolate and nuts cake at Fieldwork Cafe (Edinburgh)

And finally! Here you have it! The queen of the place, the world´s favourite drink: coffee! It is not a regular coffee, it`s an outstanding coffee, so so much better than average! And trust me! I know what I am talking about haha.

Café Latte at Fieldwork Cafe (Edinburgh)

The only thing about Fieldwork is that is more of small place to go on your own or just with one or two other foodies so bear that in mind. It´s an ideal quite place to open your laptop and finish some of your work but if you need a bigger place to take your family or friends, keep reading.

Loudons Cafe & Bakery, the best brunch

Just across the street you`ll find the most popular brunch place in Edinburgh. Loudons Cafe is located in 94b Fountainbridge. This time you won´t have any trouble finding it as there´s usually a long queue outside, specially during the weekends. So you might wanna wake up a bit earlier if you want to get a table. Just saying!

French toast with bacon and maple syrup at Loudons Cafe (Edinburgh)

I am sure that by looking at this fantastic french toast with bacon and maple syrup you perfectly understand about the long queues right? I mean they were by far the best french toast I have ever had! Soo sooo yummy!

But there’s more! You can also get great smoothies and coffee like the colourful Red Velvet cake Alvaro had! I mean, to me a cake feels like a 5/10 next to a 10/10 french toast but you know. You can choose haha.And when I say you can choose I say so because of this! haha.


I doubt there are many other place with so many different cakes in Edinburgh! So close to paradise right? Although like any other paradise, it is quite expensive haha. But it is so so worth it! Just treat yourself!

Cairngorm Coffee, beautiful food

The most instagram-friendly place in Edinburgh! That is Cairngorm Coffee! Very well-placed in the city centre in 41a Frederick St, so no excuses! You need to go and pay these guys a visit! They definitely deserve it! You won´t regret! That’s for sure! You will be able to have the best cappuccino and most importantly, take the best pictures haha.

Cappuccino for two at Cairngorm Cafe (Edinburgh)

I was so happy when we got these amazingly good-looking cappuccinos! It had to be here on the blog. And we had a lot of time to take pictures! Maybe a little too much haha. Look how bored we looked while waiting (just kidding).

Food arrived! Omg! Again such a pleasant surprise! I always have great expectations when I order avocado on toast but this! This was next-level! My goodness! I enjoyed it like a child (not that I had avocados when I was a child haha). Look!

Avocado, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds on toast at Cairngorm Cafe (Edinburgh)

We also had (yes, we swapped dishes) this incredible cheesy sandwich. It was so warm and creamy and tasty and mmmm just great! I don´t want to take all the credit from Maria. She was the one who had the idea of ordering it so…forever grateful haha.

Cheese sandwich at Cairngorm Cafe (Edinburgh)

Here I have proof of how cheeeeeeeeesy this sandwich was haha. It was hilarious! It wouldn´t stop stretching haha. It was even better than having a pizza slice haha.

Padi fighting against the sandwich haha

Don´t laugh too much at me please! haha. Just trying to show you guys my experience the best way I can haha (you know I don´t mind you laughing but just be nice haha).

With this fantastic meal I am gonna close up this blog. But just for now! I have more delicious meals in store! Coming up soon don´t you worry! Next time I ´ll be back with lunch and dinner places at Edinburgh so stay tuned!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you didn´t miss me too much haha.

My best wishes for you all! 😉


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