Eat like the angels at Urban Angel Cafe

Hello hello everyone! And welcome to the blog! As you might probably know from my instagram stories (you should definitely check them out if you missed them) I have been having a bit of a rest during Christmas, enjoying loads of good food and spending time with friends I had not seen in a long time. But since Christmas break it’s over and I am back at Edinburgh I thought it would be a good idea to start the semester with a nice and healthy brunch/lunch at Urban Angel Cafe.

Street view of Urban Angel Cafe (Hanover St, Edinburgh)

Visiting this beautiful coffee place had been in my to-do list for a long time so it was hight time we went there to enjoy their delicious meals. I had heard wonders about them and trust me they are all true! All the food was fantastic and extremely good-looking; perfect for your instagram feed haha.

Lunch at Urban Angel Cafe (Edinburgh)

Just so that you can see what I am talking about, this is how our table looked when our food arrived. Well, mine took a little longer to arrive because, you know, I am the lucky one haha, but it’s all right. It gave me time to take a lot of pictures haha.

Hot like you, cold like Edinburgh

At Urban Angel you’ll find all kind of drinks. From comforting hot drinks like this cute flat white to cold drinks like this gorgeous raw chocolate smoothie and much more!

Flat white and raw chocolate smoothie at Urban Angel Cafe (Edinburgh, UK)

They are the perfect complement to your meal or you can also have it on their own and spend a chilled afternoon at the cafe doing some job on your computer for example. I have a feeling I’ll be having a lot of those in a few weeks time haha.

Because brunch is fancier

For all the brunch lovers out there, this is one of those places you gotta try. They have such a large and varied breakfast-brunch menu that I am sure will suit most of you. Sweet or salty, healthy or not-so-much, you’ll find something you like almost certainly.

And what is more brunch-like than a good dish of Eggs Benedict? You can have them with bacon, smoked salmon or spinach. Difficult choice right?

Eggs Benedict with spinach at Urban Angel Cafe (Edinburgh, UK)

Alexandra here was feeling healthy and went for the spinach version of this cutie, breaky dish we all looooove so much. Just by looking at it you can tell it was delicious, don`t you? I absolutely love how clean and simple the presentation is, just inviting you to give them a bite. So so good!

Now it’s the turn of all the avocado lovers that, like me, cannot help ordering anything with avocado on the menu every time they eat out haha. Urban Angel has two avocado-on-toast options: roasted tomatoes and smoked salmon. Like you because you are gonna be able to see both of them!

Avocado on toast with roasted tomatoes and fete cheese at Unban Angel Cafe ( Edinburgh, UK)

Let’s begin with the lighter version of these toast which is the roasted tomatoes one. Kiki and Sooji had no doubt about it and went for this amazing dish and I think they took the right decision. That greasy, fatty texture of avocados mixed with that juicy touch of the tomatoes and the strong flavour of fete is definitely a nice combination in your mouth. NO doubts about that. Prove of it is that neither of them left anything on their plates haha. Good job girls!

On the other side of this avocado-love we have the smoked salmon version of these trendy toast. And yes, this was my choice. Hadn’t you guess?? I am a huge fun of salmon, specially in this country. Padi-advice: when in Edinburgh, eats loads of salmon because it’s fresh, cheap and soooo so good. haha

Avocado on toast with smoked salmon and feta cheese at Urban Angel Cafe (Edinburgh, UK)

And this salmon was not an exception. Although it was not the thin, juicy smoked salmon we are all used to get, it was still such a good bite. It was more of the regular cooked-in-the-oven salmon but with a smoky taste that made it very very interesting. Not to mention that mixing it with avocado is always always a good idea, of course!

Lunch for brunch

And last but not least, in the lunch menu we find this great-looking pizzeta with nduja, tomato and rocket that Ailbhe discovered and I believe it was also absolutely delicious. I mean, judge be yourselves, doesn’t it look perfect?

Pizzeta with nduja and tomato at Urban Angel Cafe (Edinburgh, UK)

I guess we can confirm after this last dish that Urban Angel has a thing for rocket and that it goes with anything you can think of right? It does definitely goes well with all these dishes but you can always put it aside if you don`t manage to eat that much haha.

All in all, it was a great brunch-lunch experience at quite a fair price and in a very chilled and quite atmosphere. Urban Angel is definitely a good place to take your friends or couple for breakfast or to go on your own for a relaxed cup of coffee so no excuses for not giving this place a chance if you live in Edinburgh or happen to visit this beautiful city any time in your life.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you had an amazing christmas break and beginning of 2018. See you guys in the next one! 😉


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