Chef’s Table review: new section for a fresh start

Christina Tosi (Episode 1)

This first episode of the season takes us to the most genuine America. It can definitely be stated that Christina is the living example of the American dream, telling us to follow our dreams, our intuition, even if that means breaking with everything you planned before. One one requisite: you need to be willing to work you ass for it.

Christina is a good example of how hard work combined with serendipity is the key recipe to success. Not forgetting about being weirdly curious, stubborn and constantly taking risks as well as opportunities. Most will say that he got fame thanks to a luck strike in the shape of free publicity on American TV but I say that she definitely earned it and that she payed it with years and years of hard work because yes, hard works pays off! That she can tell us about.


In the short time of an hour, she teaches us how to not just be comforted with the world as it is but to be critical and go beyond the standards. Her rule is being different and definitely not superficial. Specially when it comes to cakes, what is the point on having the best-looking cake if it is gonna end up being only that? She really shows us how to be truthful with ourselves, with who we really are. Her current business, Milk Bar, could not be further from being a fancy restaurant that serves the highest cuisine in town. On the contrary, it is simply definitely what Christine always wanted it to be: a place for people to experience happiness, even if it only lasts a cookie.

Corrado Assenza (Episode 2)

Jordi Roca (Episode 3)

This piece of audio-visual art is particularly special for me given the fact that introduces to an Spanish Chef, my country of birth. Jordi Roca is by far one of the most well-known chefs in Spain, but is not only him the is incredible popular; it is his whole family that is known for offering the best high-cuisine in Spain. And this is exactly what this episode explains right at the beginning, the importance of being born in a family of kitchen geniuses: the Roca family.

Jordi is the youngest of the three Roca brothers. He came a little late to the family but this didn’t stop him from being as good as their brothers when it comes to cooking. He always felt left apart, different, until he found, in the most difficult moments, the strength to be one of the best pâtissières in the whole world.


Jordi’s story is about not giving up, about finding your passion, your place in this world, even if it takes you longer than you expected, even if it is for difficulties you never wished you had had to overcome. This tale is about finding the good in the wrong, about looking to things up-side-down and about how creativity requires breaking rules than no one has ever broken before.

All this reasons and some more that I cannot reveal here are actually the reason why I actually decided to start this new section of the blog. I found it so inspirational, it was the motivation that I had been missing this past months and it reminded me of this passion that I forgotten about: writing about food and cuisine and sharing it with the world.


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