As tourists at home: Papercup Cafe, Bon Papillon Coffee&Framing and more.

After reading this title you might be thinking. “a tourist at home? How is that possible?”. The answer is simple: move abroad and then get your friends to come and live with you there and when you have enough of them ask the rest to come and visit. That’s exactly what happened here; almost all the Gochis (Marta, Saris, we’ve missed you) spent five days together in Scotland. And yes we ate a lot of delicious stuff so we’d better get started.

All the Pals together in Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Discovery of the month: Bon Papillon Cafe and framing.

This quaint cafe is a different story, a peculiar experience, a quiet little corner in the busy city of Edinburgh. If you want to enjoy a pleasant afternoon tea with friends or just on your own relaxing you should definitely pay Bon Papillon a visit.

I don’t even know where to start to describe this magical place. For starters, the owner is the nicest man you could imagine. He kindly repeated the whole menu to us more than us (yes we don’t listen that much, just hear haha) and then he even remembered what each of us had ordered. And we were a lot of women there! And fan fact, the place is full of beautiful pictures but he is not the painter but the framer! Isn’t that odd and lovely at the same time?


Moving on to food, Bon Papillon has the best scones in Edinburgh almost certainly. They are not the typical scones. The owner added his own touch to them and they look larger and flatter but OMG! They are delicious!! You can choose among a wide variety of flavours such us blueberry, cheese, ginger. sultana…although I believe blueberry were the winners! And you can get them with cream (only cream, not clotted cream) or jam.

Scone with cream and jam at Bon Papillon Edinburgh.

But that it is not it. Of course you need some tea or coffee to accompany this amazing scones or if you prefer so, a nice piece of cake also freshly cooked as the scones were. Because…have I mentioned that they were warm and fresh¿? Oh yes they were!

To conclude, we all fell in love with this cute little Cafe that reminded me of France but located in the Newtown in Edinburgh (15 Howe Street, Edinburgh EH3 6TE); in love with the owner, with the cakes and tea and above all, over the freshest scones my mouth ever encountered. I cannot wait to go back to Bon Papillon.

Papercup: the cutest coffee place in Glasgow.

The last day of our adventure around this cold and green land was spent in Glasgow. Against all the odds, I actually loved this city. Mainly for its university but much more importantly for all the lovely cafes that we saw along our long walks around the city.

Two models and two attempts(guess who is who) at Glasgow

Papercup was already in my mind before setting a foot in Glasgow and when I found out that it was conveniently located 6 minutes away from the University building I took it as a sign. We had to go there! 

Since I had already checked this place more than once thanks to their amazing instagram I kind of knew what I wanted and what it looks like. That is the magic of instagram!!! Fortunately for you guys, my lovely friends differed from my taste a bit and as a consequence I am able to show you a lot of their wonderfully looking dishes.

My ultimate favourites, although it all looked and tasted amazingly, were the two dishes that I left for the last part. First, this amazing sandwich  made with a perfect bread perfectly toasted and hummus, Halloumi cheese and mushroom. OMG! it was the perfect bite after a morning of long walks!

Halloumi sandwich at Papercup cafe in Glasgow

And tightly even with the sandwich, this amazing bagel decorated with a cone of avocado. Perfectly ripened avocado with the best smoked salmon and the most cheese scrambled eggs ever. Really really you gotta try this!

Avocado, salmon and scrambled eggs bagel at Papercup Cafe in Glasgow.

But if course, this did not finish just like that. It is the Gochis we are talking about here. We wanted dessert! of course we did! And we got all of them haha. (No, not really). A salted caramel brownie as the star of the dessert and the most tasty latte ever really got my heart. However, I am sure the rest of the drinks and cakes were equally good!

Nicely decorated, that is how I like my coffee. I am sure you all know that by now haha. No but really it is in my TOP3 coffees in Scotland! Really really the perfect roast and balance of flavours. Impressive! Good job Papercup!

But there was more! More food of course!

In  the post I wanted to highlight this two places for foodies that were new for me and I really enjoyed but of course we went to more delicious places in Edinburgh that I knew about but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a place here.


I will just mention again Urban Angel and their avocado toasts because they are the best! Or the fish and chips and the Haggis of Beehive Inn that I already mentioned in previous blogs (links here and here respectively).

And of course, I would also like to inform you that we had a great time and we had a lot of laugh and created a lot of nice memories as well.


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