As tourists at home (part 2). Mimi’s Bakehouse, Howies Scottish restaurant and more.

Hello everyone, I am back in the blog with another episode of “as tourists at home”. This time you won’t be seeing my friends here, but my parents and a good friend of the family, Belen who, by the way, celebrates her birthday today so: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Birthday girl about to have the best breakfast she ever had

In this blog I m gonna show you a bunch of good foodie places that either we discovered or I took my parents to. Most of them are in Edinburgh, although we also visited St Andrews, so something delicious might pop up around this little town as well. Just keep reading to find out.

Mimi’s Bakehouse. Best Scottish bakery 2018.

I have many reasons to open up this post with Mimi’s Bakehouse. For starters, it was recently awarded with the price to the best Scottish bakery 2018, and I am positive it is not the first time this happened. Not only that but also many of their muffins and cakes were awarded as well so I though it was about time I checked them for myself.


I also wanted to surprise my guests with some really good British treats and I was right to think this would be the perfect place to do so. We went to the Mimi’s Little Bakehouse, located in the Royal Mile(they own three other places in Edinburgh). As you can tell from the name, it is pretty small place so I was scared we would not find a table but we did. So  lucky!


As you can see in the picture above, the table was quite full of delicious goodies. Let me tell you a little bit about all of them. First, scones! You have to have scones every time you come to Britain, I mean we all know that is a must. So we had to try Mimi’s as well. They were really really good, warm and fresh!

Mimi’s offers a wide variety of scones. If I remember well, they were: blue berry and white chocolate, cheese, plain and fruity scones. You could also choose whether you wanted them with butter and jam or butter and clotted cream. If you wanna follow traditions, you should definitely stay with clotted cream but both are just delicious so it is really up to you! But please, please, you gotta try them.


Now I am gonna introduce you to the King of the Bakery, to the star of the breakfast, to the winner among all vegan treats you could ever imagine: this vegan fudge chocolate brownie. Words cannot explain how amazingly insanely good this cutie tasted. It was just incredible! A mean look at it! Are you not in love already?

Howies restaurant. Good quality and Scottish.

Howies is another of those hundreds of places that had been on my list for a while now. It caugth my eye because it is always packed and also, always smells delicious. This restaurant is in the most beautiful street in Edinburgh, Victoria Street, so there you go; another reason to come.

Since I knew it is basically Scottish food what you find in Howies Menu, I thought it might be a good place to try “the Scottish dish”: Haggis.


I had never been served with such a good-looking dish of Haggis. But they are not just that, they are not only pretty. Yes, everyone liked them but it was not only because of that, they were also pretty in the inside. Don’t be so superficial! haha.


Apart from the Haggis, another really good Scottish product is the Salmon. I would dare to say it is the best salmon in the world (sorry to those Norwegian or Canadian reading) and, it is quite cheap here so…I cannot have enough of it. And of course, I wanted my parents to try it. Luckily my mother listened to me for once haha and she got this amazing dish of salmon, lentils and pistachos.


Fish was also the choice of Belen, who had this dreamy and creamy dish that was just incredible. So so good!

My father and I, on the other hand, showed some love for chicken which, although it is not a Scottish speciality, it was also freaking amazing! My father’s was with mashed potatoes and veggies (quite British) and mine was in a “super” salad with spinach, quinoa and a really memorable dressing that I cannot remember what it was exactly.

Janettas Gelateria. Best ice-cream in St Andrews.

I had heard amazing things about St Andrews, many people telling me how beautiful it was so…guess what! Yes, I had to go there!!

We had a really good lunch at Nandos’s there but I have already told you about this chain of Portuguese restaurant before so I won’t be bothering you with it again. Instead, I am gonna talk about this amazing Gelateria that we came across in St Andrews: Janettas Gelateria. It is probably one of the prettiest and sweetest places in St Andrews.

They have the store divided in two spaces, something that I did not really appreciate because you cannot have the ice-creams bought in the “ice-cream area” in the cafe area. We almost go kicked out because of that so bear that in mind, specially if you are a big group and you want different things.

Anyway, the ice-cream was really good and they had many many different flavours (it took me a while to decide which one I wanted). I went for cookie dough and chocolate brownie in a cone decorated with chocolate and colourful sprinkles. Very “instagramy”  which is what we want right? haha. And not that it matters but, it was also really tasty.



Mia’s Italian Kitchen. My ultimate favourite.

Mia’s is  a very special place for me since it is my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh so of course my parents had heard about it and asked me to take them there. They wanted to try their Tiramisu. I believe my mum is a bit jealous (she thinks it is best than hers).

Although I am gonna show you what we had this time I won’t say much about this place for now because I am preparing a separate post about it. It definitely deserves it! 

This time they surprised me with the best tomatoes and bread and they did not surprise me but please me with their staples: pizza and pasta. Just looking at this food again makes me wanna go back right now! Ooooh Mia!


I will keep in store the tiramisu for the next post. Sorry about that haha.

Of course my parents had more delicious and typical dishes like fish and cheap in many pubs but I could not fit everything in here so I selected my most favourites for you guys so I hope you guys liked it.

For more visits like this and for more posts full of good food and foodie places!




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